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Yanulevskaya, V. Co Author Listing * Emotional valence categorization using holistic image features
* Emotional Valence Recognition, Analysis of Salience and Eye Movements
* Learning to Group Objects
* Salient object detection: From pixels to segments
Includes: Yanulevskaya, V. Yanulevskaya, V.[Victoria]

Yanushkevich, S.[Svetlana] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Data Learning for Facial Pose and Illumination Normalization
* Diagnosis/Prognosis of COVID-19 Chest Images via Machine Learning and Hypersignal Processing: Challenges, opportunities, and applications
* Relatable Clothing: Detecting Visual Relationships between People and Clothing
* Situational Awareness through Biometrics
Includes: Yanushkevich, S.[Svetlana] Yanushkevich, S.

Yanushkevich, S.N. Co Author Listing * Biometric Inverse Problems
* Biometric-Enabled Authentication Machines: A Survey of Open-Set Real-World Applications
* Capturing causality and bias in human action recognition
* CNN+RNN Depth and Skeleton based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition
* Facial biometrics for situational awareness systems
* Gauss-Laguerre wavelet textural feature fusion with geometrical information for facial expression identification
* Image Pattern Recognition: Synthesis and Analysis in biometrics
* Mass Evidence Accumulation and Traveler Risk Scoring Engine in e-Border Infrastructure
* Multi-Scale histogram tone mapping algorithm enables better object detection in wide dynamic range images
Includes: Yanushkevich, S.N. Yanushkevich, S.N.[Svetlana N.] Yanushkevich, S.N.[Svetlana N]
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