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Yassa, F.[Fathy] Co Author Listing * Device for estimation of movement
* Video tracking using block matching
Includes: Yassa, F.[Fathy] Yassa, F.

Yasseen, Z.[Zahraa] Co Author Listing * Shape matching by part alignment using extended chordal axis transform
* View selection for sketch-based 3D model retrieval using visual part shape description

Yasser, Z.[Ziad] Co Author Listing * Personalized k-fold Cross-validation Analysis with Transfer from Phasic to Tonic Pain Recognition on X-ITE Pain Database

Yassin, I. Co Author Listing * Visualisation of exudates in fundus images using radar chart and color auto correlogram technique

Yassin, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Land Degradation States and Trends in the Northwestern Maghreb Drylands, 1998-2008

Yassine, A.[Abdulsalam] Co Author Listing * DASH-based HEVC multi-view video streaming system, A
* Determination of the Pose of an Articulated Object from a Single Perspective View
* Efficient 3D mesh salient region detection using local homogeneity measure
* Feature selection based on pairwise evalution
* FooDD: Food Detection Dataset for Calorie Measurement Using Food Images
* Human Body Tracking by Monocular Vision
* Hybrid ARQ error control for broadcast or multicast in wireless networks
* Object Pose from 2-D to 3-D Point and Line Correspondences
* Optimal Estimation of Object Pose from a Single Perspective View
* Video Encoding Acceleration in Cloud Gaming
Includes: Yassine, A.[Abdulsalam] Yassine, A.[Ali] Yassine, A.[Adnan] Yassine, A.
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Yassine, I.[Inas] Co Author Listing * New Scalar Measures for Diffusion-Weighted MRI Visualization

Yassine, I.A.[Inas A.] Co Author Listing * Novel features for microcalcification detection in digital mammogram images based on wavelet and statistical analysis

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