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Yuce, A. Co Author Listing * Action Units and Their Cross-Correlations for Prediction of Cognitive Load during Driving
* Detecting emotional stress from facial expressions for driving safety
* Improved local binary pattern based action unit detection using morphological and bilateral filters
* Prediction of asynchronous dimensional emotion ratings from audiovisual and physiological data
Includes: Yuce, A. Yüce, A. Yuce, A.[Anil]

Yucebilgin, A.[Alp] Co Author Listing * Real-time feature-based image morphing for memory-efficient impostor rendering and animation on GPU

Yuceer, C. Co Author Listing * Rotation, Scaling, and Translation Invariant Pattern Classification System, A

Yucel, M.K. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Efficient Moving Object Detection for Low-Altitude Aerial Platforms

Yucel, Z. Co Author Listing * Joint Attention by Gaze Interpolation and Saliency
* Robustifying eye center localization by head pose cues
Includes: Yucel, Z. Yucel, Z.[Zeynep]

Yucer, E. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Population Number Via Light Activities On Night-time Satellite Images
Includes: Yucer, E. Yücer, E.

Yucer, K.[Kaan] Co Author Listing * Depth from Gradients in Dense Light Fields for Object Reconstruction
* Reconstruction of Articulated Objects from a Moving Camera

Yucesoy, V.[Veysel] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a DMD Based Volumetric 3D Display
* MARVEL: A Large-Scale Image Dataset for Maritime Vessels
Includes: Yucesoy, V.[Veysel] Yücesoy, V.[Veysel]

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