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Zabaglia, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * SIT-REM: An Interoperable and Interactive Web Geographic Information System for Fauna, Flora and Plant Landscape Data Management

Zabala, A. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and Thematic Classification of Color Orthophotos Over Non-Compressed And JPEG 2000 Compressed Images

Zabalza, J. Co Author Listing * Effective Denoising and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Curvelet Transform and Singular Spectrum Analysis
* Effective Feature Extraction and Data Reduction in Remote Sensing Using Hyperspectral Imaging
* Hyperspectral band selection using crossover-based gravitational search algorithm
* Novel Folded-PCA for improved feature extraction and data reduction with hyperspectral imaging and SAR in remote sensing
* Novel Two-Dimensional Singular Spectrum Analysis for Effective Feature Extraction and Data Classification in Hyperspectral Imaging
* Spatial-spectral classification of hyperspectral images: A deep learning framework with Markov Random fields based modelling
* Superpixel based Feature Specific Sparse Representation for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Zabalza, J. Zabalza, J.[Jaime]
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Zabatani, A.[Aviad] Co Author Listing * Parallelized Algorithms For Rigid Surface Alignment On GPU

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