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CVPM19 * *Computer Vision for Physiological Measurement
* A-MAL: Automatic Motion Assessment Learning from Properly Performed Motions in 3D Skeleton Videos
* Architectural Tricks for Deep Learning in Remote Photoplethysmography
* Camera-Based On-Line Short Cessation of Breathing Detection
* Clinical Scene Segmentation with Tiny Datasets
* Combating the Impact of Video Compression on Non-Contact Vital Sign Measurement Using Supervised Learning
* Contact-Free Monitoring of Physiological Parameters in People With Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities
* Dynamic Facial Models for Video-Based Dimensional Affect Estimation
* Efficient Real-Time Camera Based Estimation of Heart Rate and Its Variability
* Impact of Sympathetic Activation in Imaging Photoplethysmography
* Micro Expression Classification using Facial Color and Deep Learning Methods
* Modeling on the Feasibility of Camera-Based Blood Glucose Measurement
* Multimodal Deep Models for Predicting Affective Responses Evoked by Movies
* On the Vector Space in Photoplethysmography Imaging
* Performance Evaluation of Visual Object Detection and Tracking Algorithms Used in Remote Photoplethysmography
* Predicting Heart Rate Variations of Deepfake Videos using Neural ODE
* Single-Image Facial Expression Recognition Using Deep 3D Re-Centralization
* Thermal Camera Based Continuous Body Temperature Measurement System, A
* Who Goes There? Exploiting Silhouettes and Wearable Signals for Subject Identification in Multi-Person Environments
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