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EEMTV98 * *Empirical Evaluation Techniques in Computer Vision
* Analysis of PCA-based Face Recognition Algorithms
* Analytical and Empirical Performance Evaluation of Subpixel Line and Edge Detection
* Benchmark for Graphics Recognition Systems, A
* Blinded Evaluation and Comparison of Image Registration Methods, A
* Empirical Evaluation of Automatically Extracted Road Axes
* Empirical Evaluation of Laser Radar Recognition Algorithms Using Synthetic and Real Data
* Fingerprint Image Enhancement: Algorithm and Performance Evaluation
* Objective Comparison Methodology of Edge Detection Algorithms Using a Structure from Motion Task, An
* Objective Evaluation of Edge Detectors Using a Formally Defined Framework
* Overview of Work in Empirical Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithms
* Performance Assessment by Resampling: Rigid Motion Estimators
* Performance Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms for Scalable Image Retrieval
* Sensor Errors and the Uncertainties in Stereo Reconstruction
* Shape of Motion and the Perception of Human Gaits
* WWW-Accessible 3D Image and Model Database for Computer Vision Research, A
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