Journals starting with fuzz

Fuzzy Sets and Systems(80) * Noisy Fingerprint Classification Using Multilayer Perceptron with Fuzzy Geometrical and Textural Features

Fuzzy( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems

Fuzzy(1) * Possibilistic Approach to Clustering, A
* Quantative Analysis of Properties and Spatial Relations of Fuzzy Image Regions

Fuzzy(3) * Comparison of Crisp and Fuzzy Character Neural Networks in Handwritten Word Recognition
* Fuzzy Logic System for the Detection and Recognition of Street Number Fields on Handwritten Postal Addresses, A

Fuzzy(4) * Fuzzy Logic = Computing with Words

Fuzzy(5) * Fuzzy-Controlled Perceptual Coding of Videophone Sequences

Fuzzy(6) * Fuzzy-Based Rate Control For Real-Time MPEG Video

Fuzzy(9) * Graph Matching by Relaxation of Fuzzy Assignments

FuzzyOpt( Vol No. ) * *Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making

FuzzyOpt(4) * Mountain Clustering on Non-Uniform Grids Using P-Trees

FuzzySets( Vol No. ) * *Fuzzy Sets and Systems

FuzzySets(65) * Spatial Organization in 2D Segmented Images: Representation and Recognition of Primitive Spatial Relations

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