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IML20 * *International Workshop on Industrial Machine Learning
* 3-D Deep Learning-based Item Classification for Belt Conveyors Targeting Packaging and Logistics
* Automatic Viewpoint Estimation for Inspection Planning Purposes
* Bias from the Wild Industry 4.0: Are We Really Classifying the Quality or Shotgun Series?
* Blendtorch: A Real-time, Adaptive Domain Randomization Library
* Deep Learning Based Dimple Segmentation for Quantitative Fractography
* Deep Learning-based Approach for Automatic Leather Classification in Industry 4.0, A
* Development of Fast Refinement Detectors on AI Edge Platforms
* Evaluation of Edge Platforms for Deep Learning in Computer Vision
* Fault Detection in Uni-directional Tape Production Using Image Processing
* Heterogeneous Feature Fusion Based Machine Learning on Shallow-wide and Heterogeneous-sparse Industrial Datasets
* Hybrid Machine Learning Approach for Energy Consumption Prediction in Additive Manufacturing, A
* Image Anomaly Detection by Aggregating Deep Pyramidal Representations
* Localisation of Defects in Volumetric Computed Tomography Scans of Valuable Wood Logs
* Machine Learning for Storage Location Prediction in Industrial High Bay Warehouses
* Online Deep Learning Based System for Defects Detection in Glass Panels, An
* Padim: A Patch Distribution Modeling Framework for Anomaly Detection and Localization
* Real-time Cross-dataset Quality Production Assessment in Industrial Laser Cutting Machines
* Saffire: System for Autonomous Feature Filtering and Intelligent ROI Estimation
* Selecting Algorithms Without Meta-features
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