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LPCV19 * *Low Power Computer Vision
* 512KiB RAM Is Enough! Live Camera Face Recognition DNN on MCU
* Automated Multi-Stage Compression of Neural Networks
* Direct Feedback Alignment Based Convolutional Neural Network Training for Low-Power Online Learning Processor
* Efficient Single Image Super-Resolution via Hybrid Residual Feature Learning with Compact Back-Projection Network
* Enriching Variety of Layer-Wise Learning Information by Gradient Combination
* Low-Power Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images
* On-Device Image Classification with Proxyless Neural Architecture Search and Quantization-Aware Fine-Tuning
* Real-Time Object Detection On Low Power Embedded Platforms
* System-Level Solution for Low-Power Object Detection, A
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LPCV20 * *Low Power Computer Vision
* Challenges in Energy-Efficient Deep Neural Network Training with FPGA
* CSPNet: A New Backbone that can Enhance Learning Capability of CNN
* Effective Deep-Learning-Based Depth Data Analysis on Low-Power Hardware for Supporting Elderly Care
* Enabling Incremental Knowledge Transfer for Object Detection at the Edge
* Enabling monocular depth perception at the very edge
* Hardware Prototype Targeting Distributed Deep Learning for On-device Inference, A
* Recursive Hybrid Fusion Pyramid Network for Real-Time Small Object Detection on Embedded Devices
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LPCV21 * *Low Power Computer Vision
* Exploring the power of lightweight YOLOv4
* FOX-NAS: Fast, On-device and Explainable Neural Architecture Search
* Knowledge Distillation for Low-Power Object Detection: A Simple Technique and Its Extensions for Training Compact Models Using Unlabeled Data
* Post-training deep neural network pruning via layer-wise calibration

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