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SDL-CV19 * *Statistical Deep Learning in Computer Vision
* Attack Agnostic Statistical Method for Adversarial Detection
* Direct Validation of the Information Bottleneck Principle for Deep Nets
* Efficient Priors for Scalable Variational Inference in Bayesian Deep Neural Networks
* Exploring Dynamic Routing As A Pooling Layer
* Function Norms for Neural Networks
* Interpreting Intentionally Flawed Models with Linear Probes
* Lautum Regularization for Semi-Supervised Transfer Learning
* Learning to Find Correlated Features by Maximizing Information Flow in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Novel Adversarial Inference Framework for Video Prediction with Action Control, A
* On the Geometry of Rectifier Convolutional Neural Networks
* Open Set Recognition Through Deep Neural Network Uncertainty: Does Out-of-Distribution Detection Require Generative Classifiers?
* OpenVINO Deep Learning Workbench: Comprehensive Analysis and Tuning of Neural Networks Inference
* Squeezed Bilinear Pooling for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Stochastic Relational Network
* UGLLI Face Alignment: Estimating Uncertainty with Gaussian Log-Likelihood Loss
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