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8107 * ANDAL: A Nonparametric Discrimination and Learning Algorithm for Recognition in Imperfectly Supervised Environments
* Calculations of Geometric Properties Using Quadtrees
* Coarse scan/fine print algorithm
* Connected Component Labeling Using Quadtrees
* Contour Filling for Region Extraction
* DIDA: Dynamic Image Disparity Analysis
* Entropic Thresholding: A New Approach
* Improving Consistency and Reducing Ambiguity in Stochastic Labeling: An Optimization Approach
* Intermediate Level Picture Interpretation Using Complete Two-Dimensional Models
* Management System for an Integrated Database of Pictures and Alphanumeric Data, A
* Multidimensional Edge Detection by Hypersurface Fitting
* Note on the Computation of the Enclosed Area for Contour-Coded Binary Objects, A
* On Generalized Distance Transformation of Digitized Pictures
* Radiometric Equalization of Nonperiodic Striping in Satellite Data
* Relaxation: Evaluation and Applications
* Shape Segmentation Using Relaxation
* Some Mathematical and Representational Aspects of Solid Modeling
* Some Notes on Cellular Logic Operators
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