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Echegaray, G.[Goretti] * 2016: Machine Learning approach to dissimilarity computation: Iris matching
* 2017: Iris matching by means of Machine Learning paradigms: A new approach to dissimilarity computation

Echegaray, J.[Jody] * 2007: System and method for capturing facial and body motion
* 2008: System and method for capturing facial and body motion

Echegoyen, Z. * 2012: Visual Servoing of Legged Robots

Echelard, A.[Antoine] * 2010: Terrain Modeling with Multifractional Brownian Motion and Self-regulating Processes

Eches, O. * 2010: Bayesian Estimation of Linear Mixtures Using the Normal Compositional Model: Application to Hyperspectral Imagery
* 2011: Enhancing Hyperspectral Image Unmixing With Spatial Correlations
* 2013: Adaptive Markov Random Fields for Joint Unmixing and Segmentation of Hyperspectral Images

Echeto, J. * 2004: Robust algorithm for pupil-glint vector detection in a video-oculography eyetracking system

Echevarria, F.[Fidel] * 2018: High-Chlorophyll-Area Assessment Based on Remote Sensing Observations: The Case Study of Cape Trafalgar
* 2019: Measuring Marine Plastic Debris from Space: Initial Assessment of Observation Requirements
Includes: Echevarria, F.[Fidel] Echevarrķa, F.[Fidel]

Echevarria, J. * 2020: Intuitive, Interactive Beard and Hair Synthesis With Generative Models
* 2020: Texture Hallucination for Large-factor Painting Super-resolution
Includes: Echevarria, J. Echevarria, J.[Jose]

Echevarria, J.I.[Jose I.] * 2015: Fast depth from defocus from focal stacks

Echeverria Valiente, E. * 2013: University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid, Spain), as a Dynamic Example and Laboratory of the Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage, The
* 2019: Use of Digital Tools for the Preservation of Architectural, Artistic and Cultural Heritage, Through Three-dimensional Scanning And Digital Manufacturing, The
Includes: Echeverria Valiente, E. Echeverrķa Valiente, E.

Echeverria, E. * 2013: Terrestrial and Aerial Ground-Penetrating Radar in Use for the Architectural Researches: Ancient 16th Century Water Supply and Drainage at the Monastery of El Escorial (Madrid, Spain)
* 2017: Documental Studio And 3D Recreation of the San Ildefonso's School Facade, Alcala De Henares
* 2017: Underground Surveying: 16th Century Cellar Vaults in the GalerĶa De Convalecientes, Monastery of San Lorenzo Del Escorial
* 2019: 3d Modelling and Virtual Reality Applied to Complex Architectures: An Application to Hospitals' Design
* 2019: Tomb of Ipi: 3D Documentation in A Middle Kingdom Theban Necropolis (Egypt, 2000 Bce), The
Includes: Echeverria, E. Echeverrķa, E.

Echeverria, M. * 2014: MRI-Compatible Device for Examining Brain Activation Related to Stepping
* 2020: Fuel Type Classification Using Airborne Laser Scanning and Sentinel 2 Data in Mediterranean Forest Affected by Wildfires
Includes: Echeverria, M. Echeverrķa, M.[Maite]

Echeverry Guerra, V.[Valentina] * 2020: Spatio-Temporal Variability of Chlorophyll-A and Environmental Variables in the Panama Bight
Includes: Echeverry Guerra, V.[Valentina] Echeverry-Guerra, V.[Valentina]

Echeverry, J. * 2018: Shape Classification Using Hilbert Space Embeddings and Kernel Adaptive Filtering

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