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Akata, Z.[Zeynep] Co Author Listing * Closer Look at Self-training for Zero-Label Semantic Segmentation, A
* Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2020
* Concurrent Discrimination and Alignment for Self-Supervised Feature Learning
* Distilling Audio-Visual Knowledge by Compositional Contrastive Learning
* Evaluating Weakly Supervised Object Localization Methods Right
* Evaluation of output embeddings for fine-grained image classification
* Exploiting Saliency for Object Segmentation from Image Level Labels
* F-VAEGAN-D2: A Feature Generating Framework for Any-Shot Learning
* Feature Generating Networks for Zero-Shot Learning
* Gaze Embeddings for Zero-Shot Image Classification
* Generalized Zero- and Few-Shot Learning via Aligned Variational Autoencoders
* Generating Visual Explanations
* Good Practice in Large-Scale Learning for Image Classification
* Grounding Visual Explanations
* Label-Embedding for Attribute-Based Classification
* Label-Embedding for Image Classification
* Latent Embeddings for Zero-Shot Classification
* Learning Decision Trees Recurrently Through Communication
* Learning Deep Representations of Fine-Grained Visual Descriptions
* Learning Graph Embeddings for Compositional Zero-shot Learning
* Multi-cue Zero-Shot Learning with Strong Supervision
* Multimodal Explanations: Justifying Decisions and Pointing to the Evidence
* Open World Compositional Zero-Shot Learning
* Semantic Projection Network for Zero- and Few-Label Semantic Segmentation
* Semantically Tied Paired Cycle Consistency for Any-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Semantically Tied Paired Cycle Consistency for Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Textual Explanations for Self-Driving Vehicles
* Towards good practice in large-scale learning for image classification
* Towards Recognizing Unseen Categories in Unseen Domains
* WiCV at ECCV2018: The Fifth Women in Computer Vision Workshop
* Zero-Shot Learning: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
* Zero-Shot Learning: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Includes: Akata, Z.[Zeynep] Akata, Z.
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Akatsuka, H.[Hidehiko] Co Author Listing * Position analyzer for vehicle drivers

Akatsuka, M.[Masayuki] Co Author Listing * Optical Character Reading System

Akatsuka, T. Co Author Listing * Cerebral Perfusion Imaging of Live Mice by Fluorescent X-Ray CT
* Detecting Head Pose from Stereo Image Sequence for Active Face Recognition
* Reconstruction Method for Compensation of Surface Effects in Transillumination Laser CT

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