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Akgul, A.K.[A. Karaman] Co Author Listing * Last Mile Logistics In the Framework of Smart Cities: A Typology Of City Logistics Schemes
Includes: Akgul, A.K.[A. Karaman] Akgül, A.K.[A. Karaman] (Maybe also Akguel, A.K.)

Akgul, C. Co Author Listing * SHREC'09 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
Includes: Akgul, C. Akgül, C. (Maybe also Akguel, C.)

Akgul, C.B.[Ceyhun Burak] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Retrieval Using Probability Density-Based Shape Descriptors
* Automated diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using image similarity and user feedback
* Decision Forest Based Feature Selection Framework for Action Recognition from RGB-Depth Cameras, A
* Efficient Algorithm for Connected Attribute Thinnings and Thickenings, An
* efficient Hough transform for multi-instance object recognition and pose estimation, An
* Improving Efficiency of Density-Based Shape Descriptors for 3D Object Retrieval
* Probabilistic Information Fusion Approach to MR-based Automated Diagnosis of Dementia, A
* Similarity Learning for 3D Object Retrieval Using Relevance Feedback and Risk Minimization
* Similarity Score Fusion By Ranking Risk Minimization for 3D Object Retrieval
Includes: Akgul, C.B.[Ceyhun Burak] Akgül, C.B.[Ceyhun Burak] (Maybe also Akguel, C.B.)Akgül, C.B. (Maybe also Akguel, C.B.)
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Akgul, M. Co Author Listing * Modelling Single Tree Structure with Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Using Ready-to-use Drone Images in Forestry Activities: Case Study Of Çinarpinar in Kahramanmaras, Turkey
Includes: Akgul, M. Akgül, M. (Maybe also Akguel, M.)

Akgul, T. Co Author Listing * Can an Algorithm Recognize Montage Portraits as Human Faces?
* Matching caricatures to photographs
* Watching Video over the Web Part 1: Streaming Protocols
* Watching Video over the Web Part 2: Applications, Standardization, and Open Issues
Includes: Akgul, T. Akgul, T.[Tayfun] Akgul, T.[Tankut]

Akgul, V.[Volkan] Co Author Listing * Effects of the High-Order Ionospheric Delay on GPS-Based Tropospheric Parameter Estimations in Turkey
* Multidisciplinary Landslide Case Study: Devrek Landslide, A
Includes: Akgul, V.[Volkan] Akgul, V.

Akgul, Y.[Yusuf] Co Author Listing * Methods and apparatuses for detecting classifying and measuring spot defects in an image of an object
* Recovery and Tracking of Continuous 3D Surfaces from Stereo Data using a Deformable Dual-Mesh
* Task-Specific Contour Tracker for Ultrasound, A
Includes: Akgul, Y.[Yusuf] Akgul, Y.

Akgul, Y.A. Co Author Listing * Measurement And Analysis Of Gait By Using A Time-of-flight Camera

Akgul, Y.S.[Yusuf Sinan] Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Recovery From Stereo Using Synchronous Optimization Processes
* Adaptive Regularization Parameter for Graph Cut Segmentation
* Analysis of the Tongue Surface Movement Using a Spatiotemporally Coherent Deformable Model
* Automatic Motion Analaysis of Tongue Surface from Ultrasound Image Sequences
* coarse-to-fine deformable contour optimization framework, A
* Echocardiographic contour extraction with local and global priors through boosting and level sets
* End-to-end training of CNN ensembles for person re-identification
* Extraction and Tracking of the Tongue Surface from Ultrasound Image Sequences
* Extraction of left ventricle borders with local and global priors from echocardiograms
* Eye-gaze based real-time surveillance video synopsis
* Framework for Combined Recognition of Actions and Objects, A
* Gradient Descent Approximation for Graph Cuts, A
* Human Age Estimation Via Geometric And Textural Features
* machine learning system for human-in-the-loop video surveillance, A
* Multi-view Camera System for the Generation of Real-Time Occlusion-Free Scene Video, A
* Multiple Graph Cut Based Approach for Stereo Analysis, A
* New Adaptive Focus Measure for Shape From Focus, A
* New Multi-Level Framework for Deformable Contour Optimization, A
* Novel Level Set Based Echocardiographic Contour Extraction Method with Prior Knowledge, A
* Operator attention based video surveillance
* Prostate detection from abdominal ultrasound images: A part based approach
* Prostate Size Inference from Abdominal Ultrasound Images with Patch Based Prior Information
* Regressor Based Estimation of the Eye Pupil Center
* Scale-Space Approach for Deformable Contour Optimization, A
* Statistical Significance Based Graph Cut Segmentation for Shrinking Bias
* Stereo depth estimation using synchronous optimization with segment based regularization
* Stereo Depth Recovery Method Using Layered Representation of the Scene, A
* Tongue Contour Tracking in Ultrasound Images with Spatiotemporal LSTM Networks
* Wii Remote calibration using the sensor bar
Includes: Akgul, Y.S.[Yusuf Sinan] Akgül, Y.S.[Yusuf Sinan] (Maybe also Akguel, Y.S.)Akgul, Y.S.
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Akgun, D.[Devrim] Co Author Listing * practical parallel implementation for TDLMS image filter on multi-core processor, A
Includes: Akgun, D.[Devrim] Akgün, D.[Devrim] (Maybe also Akguen, D.)

Akgun, S.A.[Sami Alperen] Co Author Listing * Using Affect as a Communication Modality to Improve Human-Robot Communication in Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue Scenarios

Akgun, T.[Toygar] Co Author Listing * Coupled Feature-Filter Clustering Scheme for Resolution Synthesis, A
* Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Akgun, T.[Toygar] Akgun, T.

Akgundogdu, A.[Abdurrahim] Co Author Listing * Detection of pneumonia in chest X-ray images by using 2D discrete wavelet feature extraction with random forest

Akgunduz, A. Co Author Listing * Deconflicted Air-Traffic Planning With Speed-Dependent Fuel-Consumption Formulation
* Tracking-based depth recovery for virtual reality applications
Includes: Akgunduz, A. Akgunduz, A.[Ali]

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