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Al Habashna, A.[Ala'a] Co Author Listing * Building Height Estimation using Street-View Images, Deep-Learning, Contour Processing, and Geospatial Data
Includes: Al Habashna, A.[Ala'a] Al-Habashna, A.[Ala'a]

Al Habashneh, A.A.[Al Abbass] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method of Wave Spectrum Estimation Using X-Band Nautical Radar, An
Includes: Al Habashneh, A.A.[Al Abbass] Al-Habashneh, A.A.[Al-Abbass]

Al Habshi, M.M.A. Co Author Listing * Image Classification for Mapping Oil Palm Distribution Via Support Vector Machine Using Scikit-learn Module
Includes: Al Habshi, M.M.A. Al-Habshi, M.M.A.

Al Haddad, M.[Muftah] Co Author Listing * Detecting Change at Archaeological Sites in North Africa Using Open-Source Satellite Imagery
Includes: Al Haddad, M.[Muftah] Al-Haddad, M.[Muftah]

Al haddad, S.A.R. Co Author Listing * Denoising of natural images through robust wavelet thresholding and genetic programming
* Fast Recursive Computation of Krawtchouk Polynomials
* Natural image noise level estimation based on local statistics for blind noise reduction
* Natural image noise removal using nonlocal means and hidden Markov models in transform domain
* New Hybrid form of Krawtchouk and Tchebichef Polynomials: Design and Application, A
* Single image dehazing using second-generation wavelet transforms and the mean vector L2-norm
Includes: Al haddad, S.A.R. Al-haddad, S.A.R. Al-Haddad, S.A.R.[Syed Abdul Rahman] Al-Haddad, S.A.R. Al Haddad, S.A.R.

Al Hadrusi, M.S.[Musab S.] Co Author Listing * Client-Driven Price Selection for Scalable Video Streaming with Advertisements
Includes: Al Hadrusi, M.S.[Musab S.] Al-Hadrusi, M.S.[Musab S.]

Al Hafeedh, A.[Anisa] Co Author Listing * comparison of index-based Lempel-Ziv LZ77 factorization algorithms, A
Includes: Al Hafeedh, A.[Anisa] Al-Hafeedh, A.[Anisa]

Al Hafiz Azman, M. Co Author Listing * Developing GIS-based Disaster Management System for Local Authority: Case Study in Malaysia
Includes: Al Hafiz Azman, M. Al-Hafiz Azman, M.

Al Hage, J.[Joelle] Co Author Listing * Localization Integrity for Intelligent Vehicles Through Fault Detection and Position Error Characterization

Al Haj, A. Co Author Listing * watermarking scheme for DIBR images, A
Includes: Al Haj, A. Al-Haj, A.

Al Haj, M.[Murad] Co Author Listing * Reactive Object Tracking with a Single PTZ Camera
* Robust and Efficient Multipose Face Detection Using Skin Color Segmentation

Al Haj, R.[Ruba] Co Author Listing * Hill-manipulation: An effective algorithm for color image segmentation
Includes: Al Haj, R.[Ruba] Al-Haj, R.[Ruba]

Al Halah, Z. Co Author Listing * Action unit intensity estimation using hierarchical partial least squares
* Automatic Discovery, Association Estimation and Learning of Semantic Attributes for a Thousand Categories
* DynGraph: Visual Question Answering via Dynamic Scene Graphs
* Fashion Forward: Forecasting Visual Style in Fashion
* Fashion IQ: A New Dataset Towards Retrieving Images by Natural Language Feedback
* From Paris to Berlin: Discovering Fashion Style Influences Around the World
* How to Transfer? Zero-Shot Object Recognition via Hierarchical Transfer of Semantic Attributes
* Important stuff, everywhere! Activity recognition with salient proto-objects as context
* Modeling Fashion Influence From Photos
* MoQA: A Multi-modal Question Answering Architecture
* Move2Hear: Active Audio-Visual Source Separation
* Naming TV characters by watching and analyzing dialogs
* Occupancy Anticipation for Efficient Exploration and Navigation
* PONI: Potential Functions for ObjectGoal Navigation with Interaction-free Learning
* Recovering the Missing Link: Predicting Class-Attribute Associations for Unsupervised Zero-Shot Learning
* Semantic Audio-Visual Navigation
* Smile, Be Happy :) Emoji Embedding for Visual Sentiment Analysis
* Soundspaces: Audio-visual Navigation in 3d Environments
* SPaSe - Multi-Label Page Segmentation for Presentation Slides
* Transfer metric learning for action similarity using high-level semantics
* Visualechoes: Spatial Image Representation Learning Through Echolocation
* What to Transfer? High-Level Semantics in Transfer Metric Learning for Action Similarity
* Zero Experience Required: Plug & Play Modular Transfer Learning for Semantic Visual Navigation
Includes: Al Halah, Z. Al-Halah, Z. Al-Halah, Z.[Ziad]
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Al Halawani, S.[Sawsan] Co Author Listing * Congestion-Aware Warehouse Flow Analysis and Optimization
* Constraint-aware interior layout exploration for pre-cast concrete-based buildings

Al Hamad, A. Co Author Listing * Smartphones Based Mobile Mapping Systems
* Video-based Mobile Mapping System Using Smartphones
Includes: Al Hamad, A. Al-Hamad, A.

Al Hamad, H.A.[Husam A.] Co Author Listing * Development of an efficient neural-based segmentation technique for Arabic handwriting recognition

Al Hamadi, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation Using Stochastic Optimization in Real Time
* 6d Rotation Representation For Unconstrained Head Pose Estimation
* Approach for Arabic Handwriting Synthesis Based on Active Shape Models, An
* Audio-Visual Data Fusion Using a Particle Filter in the Application of Face Recognition
* Automatic heart rate estimation from painful faces
* Automatic Pain Assessment with Facial Activity Descriptors
* Automatic Pain Recognition from Video and Biomedical Signals
* Automatic Recognition Methods Supporting Pain Assessment: A Survey
* Automatic recognition of common Arabic handwritten words based on OCR and N-GRAMS
* Automatic User-Specific Avatar Parametrisation and Emotion Mapping
* Boosted human head pose estimation using kinect camera
* Classification networks for continuous automatic pain intensity monitoring in video using facial expression on the X-ITE Pain Database
* Coded 3d Calibration Method for Line-Scan Cameras, A
* Color-based skin segmentation: An evaluation of the state of the art
* Continuous low latency heart rate estimation from painful faces in real time
* CRFs and HCRFs Based Recognition for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting
* Cubic-splines neural network- based system for Image Retrieval
* Deep Facial Expression Recognition with Occlusion Regularization
* Defect Recognition System for Automated Inspection of Non-rigid Surfaces, A
* Detecting Arbitrarily Rotated Faces for Face Analysis
* Discriminative Models-Based Hand Gesture Recognition
* Entropic Image Segmentation: A Fuzzy Approach Based on Tsallis Entropy
* Facial Action Unit Recognition in the Wild with Multi-Task CNN Self-Training for the EmotioNet Challenge
* Facial expression recognition based on geometric and optical flow features in colour image sequences
* Flow Modeling and skin-based Gaussian pruning to recognize gestural actions using HMM
* framework for joint facial expression recognition and point localization, A
* Hand trajectory-based gesture spotting and recognition using HMM
* Handling Data Imbalance in Automatic Facial Action Intensity Estimation
* Hidden Markov Model-Based Approach with an Adaptive Threshold Model for Off-Line Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* Hidden Markov Model-based continuous gesture recognition system for hand motion trajectory, A
* How the Region of Interest Impacts Contact Free Heart Rate Estimation Algorithms
* Human action recognition via affine moment invariants
* Human Activity Recognition: A Scheme Using Multiple Cues
* Human bodypart classification using geodesic descriptors and random forests
* IESK-ArDB: a database for handwritten Arabic and an optimized topological segmentation approach
* Improving Hand Gesture Recognition Using 3D Combined Features
* Improving of Gesture Recognition Using Multi-hypotheses Object Association
* Incorporating Social Entropy for Crowd Behavior Detection Using SVM
* Integrating statistical and cognitive model for multi-object tracking in realistic scenarios
* Interpreting Dynamic Meanings by Integrating Gesture and Posture Recognition System
* Landmark based head pose estimation benchmark and method
* Locale Group Based Line Segmentation Approach for Non Uniform Skewed and Curved Arabic Handwritings, A
* Localizing body joints from single depth images using geodetic distances and random tree walk
* Low cost calibration of stereo line scan camera systems
* Multi hypotheses based object tracking in HCI environments
* Multi-Spectral Database for NIR Heart Rate Estimation, A
* Multiple Camera Approach for SLAM Based Ultrasonic Tank Roof Inspection
* New Approach for Hand Augmentation Based on Patch Modelling, A
* New Multi-camera Based Facial Expression Analysis Concept, A
* novel public key self-embedding fragile watermarking technique for image authentication, A
* OIF: An Online Inferential Framework for Multi-object Tracking with Kalman Filter
* Pain recognition and intensity rating based on Comparative Learning
* Pattern Optimization for 3D Surface Reconstruction with an Active Line Scan Camera System
* Quantitative Analysis of Surface Reconstruction Accuracy Achievable with the TSDF Representation
* Real vs. Fake Emotion Challenge: Learning to Rank Authenticity from Facial Activity Descriptors
* Robust facial expression recognition based on 3-d supported feature extraction and SVM classification
* Robust Method for Hand Gesture Segmentation and Recognition Using Forward Spotting Scheme in Conditional Random Fields, A
* Robust Neural System for Objectionable Image Recognition, A
* Robust Stereoscopic Head Pose Estimation in Human-Computer Interaction and a Unified Evaluation Framework
* Secure Self-Recovery Image Authentication Using Randomly-Sized Blocks
* Semi-fragile Image Authentication Using Robust Image Hashing with Localization
* SLAM-based Multistate Tracking System for Mobile Human-robot Interaction
* Solutions for Model-Based Analysis of Human Gait
* Speaker Tracking Using Multi-modal Fusion Framework
* Stereo and Color-based Method for Face Pose Estimation and Facial Feature Extraction, A
* Stereo-Camera-Based Urban Environment Perception Using Occupancy Grid and Object Tracking
* SVM approach for activity recognition based on chord-length-function shape features, An
* Toward Robust Action Retrieval in Video
* Towards completely rotated Simplified Gabor Wavelets for fast facial feature point detection
* Tracking of a Handheld Ultrasonic Sensor for Corrosion Control on Pipe Segment Surfaces
* Truncated Signed Distance Function: Experiments on Voxel Size
* Upper-Body Pose Estimation Using Geodesic Distances and Skin-Color
* Using Conditional Random Field for Crowd Behavior Analysis
* Utilizing Invariant Descriptors for Finger Spelling American Sign Language Using SVM
* Utilizing the Bezier descriptors for hand gesture recognition
* Variable block-size image authentication with localization and self-recovery
Includes: Al Hamadi, A. Al-Hamadi, A. Al-Hamadi, A.[Ayoub]
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Al Hamadiy, A.[Ayoub] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Automatic Traffic Accident Recognition Using HFG
Includes: Al Hamadiy, A.[Ayoub] Al-Hamadiy, A.[Ayoub]

Al Hamdan, A.[Ashraf] Co Author Listing * Union of Dynamic Hydrological Modeling and Satellite Remotely-Sensed Data for Spatiotemporal Assessment of Sediment Yields, A
Includes: Al Hamdan, A.[Ashraf] Al-Hamdan, A.[Ashraf]

Al Hamdan, M. Co Author Listing * Effects of Spatial and Spectral Resolutions on Fractal Dimensions in Forested Landscapes
* Forest Stand Size-Species Models Using Spatial Analyses of Remotely Sensed Data
Includes: Al Hamdan, M. Al-Hamdan, M. Al-Hamdan, M.[Mohammad]

Al Hamdan, M.Z.[Mohammad Z.] Co Author Listing * Using Landsat, MODIS, and a Biophysical Model to Evaluate LST in Urban Centers
Includes: Al Hamdan, M.Z.[Mohammad Z.] Al-Hamdan, M.Z.[Mohammad Z.]

Al Hamdani, Z.[Zyad] Co Author Listing * Classification of Boulders in Coastal Environments Using Random Forest Machine Learning on Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR Data
Includes: Al Hamdani, Z.[Zyad] Al-Hamdani, Z.[Zyad]

AL Hameedi, W.M.M.[Wafaa M. M.] Co Author Listing * Assessment Analysis of Flood Susceptibility in Tropical Desert Area: A Case Study of Yemen
* Remote Sensing-Based Urban Sprawl Modeling Using Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network Markov Chain in Baghdad, Iraq
Includes: AL Hameedi, W.M.M.[Wafaa M. M.] AL-Hameedi, W.M.M.[Wafaa M. M.] Al-Hameedi, W.M.M.[Wafaa Majeed Mutashar]

Al Hames, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Modal Graphical Model for Robust Recognition of Group Actions in Meetings from Disturbed Videos, A
* Robust Multi-Modal Group Action Recognition in Meetings from Disturbed Videos with the Asynchronous Hidden Markov Model
Includes: Al Hames, M. Al-Hames, M. Al-Hames, M.[Marc]

Al Hammadi, M.H.[Muneer H.] Co Author Listing * Curvelet Transform and Local Texture Based Image Forgery Detection
* Image forgery detection using steerable pyramid transform and local binary pattern
Includes: Al Hammadi, M.H.[Muneer H.] Al-Hammadi, M.H.[Muneer H.] Al-Hammadi, M.H.[Munner H.]

Al Hanbali, N. Co Author Listing * Image-based virtual reconstruction of complex architectures using sophisticated automated procedures: The Artemis temple in Jerash, Jordan
* Quality Assessment of DTM and Orthophoto Generated by Airborne Laser Scanning System Using Automated Digital Photogrammetry
Includes: Al Hanbali, N. Al-Hanbali, N. Al-Hanbali, N.[Nedal]

Al Harbi, N.[Nouf] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal Human Body Segmentation from Video Stream
* Spatio-temporal Video Representation with Locality-Constrained Linear Coding

Al Hasan, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Robust partitional clustering by outlier and density insensitive seeding

Al Hashemy, B.A.R. Co Author Listing * Explicit Fuzzy Supervised Classification Method for Multispectral Remote Sensing Images, An

Al Hatrushi, S.[Salim] Co Author Listing * Nocturnal Surface Urban Heat Island over Greater Cairo: Spatial Morphology, Temporal Trends and Links to Land-Atmosphere Influences
Includes: Al Hatrushi, S.[Salim] Al-Hatrushi, S.[Salim]

Al Hawamdeh, S. Co Author Listing * Image Information Retrieval System
Includes: Al Hawamdeh, S. Al-Hawamdeh, S.

Al Hazeam, S. Co Author Listing * Image Fusion Applied To Satellite Imagery For The Improved Mapping And Monitoring Of Coral Reefs: A Proposal

Al Hejaili, A.[Abdullah] Co Author Listing * Face mask detection using deep convolutional neural network and multi-stage image processing

Al Helali, B.M.[Baligh M.] Co Author Listing * Arabic Online Handwriting Recognition (AOHR): A Survey
Includes: Al Helali, B.M.[Baligh M.] Al-Helali, B.M.[Baligh M.]

Al Hichri, H.[Haikel] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Approach for Car Detection in UAV Imagery
* Learning a Multi-Branch Neural Network from Multiple Sources for Knowledge Adaptation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Siamese-GAN: Learning Invariant Representations for Aerial Vehicle Image Categorization

Al Hilo, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * UAV-Assisted Content Delivery in Intelligent Transportation Systems-Joint Trajectory Planning and Cache Management
Includes: Al Hilo, A.[Ahmed] Al-Hilo, A.[Ahmed]

Al Hilo, E.A. Co Author Listing * Speeding-Up Fractal Colored Image Compression Using Moments Features
Includes: Al Hilo, E.A. Al-Hilo, E.A.

Al Hinai, H.[Hanan] Co Author Listing * Mapping Coastal Flood Susceptible Areas Using Shannon's Entropy Model: The Case of Muscat Governorate, Oman
Includes: Al Hinai, H.[Hanan] Al-Hinai, H.[Hanan]

Al Hinnawi, A.R.[Abdel Razzak] Co Author Listing * Assessment of bilateral filter on low NEX open MRI views
Includes: Al Hinnawi, A.R.[Abdel Razzak] Al-Hinnawi, A.R.[Abdel Razzak]

Al Hitmi, M.A.E.[Mohammed Abdulla E.] Co Author Listing * Geographical Area Network: Structural Health Monitoring Utility Computing Model
Includes: Al Hitmi, M.A.E.[Mohammed Abdulla E.] Al-Hitmi, M.A.E.[Mohammed Abdulla E.]

Al Hmouz, R.[Rami] Co Author Listing * License plate localization based on a probabilistic model
Includes: Al Hmouz, R.[Rami] Al-Hmouz, R.[Rami]

Al Hourani, A.[Akram] Co Author Listing * Line Scan Hyperspectral Imaging Framework for Open Source Low-Cost Platforms
* Performance Evaluation of Random Access Methods for IoT-over-Satellite
* Performance Modeling Framework for IoT-over-Satellite Using Shared Radio Spectrum
* Stochastic Geometry Methods for Modeling Automotive Radar Interference
Includes: Al Hourani, A.[Akram] Al-Hourani, A.[Akram] Al-Hourani, A.

Al Huda, Z.[Zaid] Co Author Listing * Object scale selection of hierarchical image segmentation with deep seeds
* Weakly supervised building semantic segmentation via superpixel-CRF with initial deep seeds guiding
* Weakly supervised skin lesion segmentation based on spot-seeds guided optimal regions
Includes: Al Huda, Z.[Zaid] Al-Huda, Z.[Zaid]

Al Hudhud, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic production of quantisation matrices based on perceptual modelling of wavelet coefficients for grey scale images
Includes: Al Hudhud, G. Al-Hudhud, G.

Al Hudhud, G.A. Co Author Listing * Digital Removal of Power Frequency Artifacts Using a Fourier Space Median Filter

Al Hujazi, E. Co Author Listing * Range Image Segmentation with Applications to Robot Bin-Picking Using Vacuum Gripper
Includes: Al Hujazi, E. Al-Hujazi, E.

Al Huseiny, M.S.[Muayed S.] Co Author Listing * Gait Learning-Based Regenerative Model: A Level Set Approach
* Level Set Gait Analysis for Synthesis and Reconstruction
* Robust Rigid Shape Registration Method Using a Level Set Formulation
* Shape registration using characteristic functions
* Similarity Registration for Shapes Based on Signed Distance Functions
Includes: Al Huseiny, M.S.[Muayed S.] Al-Huseiny, M.S.[Muayed S.] Al-Huseiny, M.S.

Al Hussaini, T.M.[Tahmeed M.] Co Author Listing * Developing a Dynamic Web-GIS Based Landslide Early Warning System for the Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh
Includes: Al Hussaini, T.M.[Tahmeed M.] Al-Hussaini, T.M.[Tahmeed M.]

Al Husseinawi, Y.[Yasir] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Stability of the Darbandikhan Dam after the 12 November 2017 Mw 7.3 Sarpol-e Zahab (Iran-Iraq Border) Earthquake
Includes: Al Husseinawi, Y.[Yasir] Al-Husseinawi, Y.[Yasir]

Al Hyari, A.M.[Ayah Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Design and Implementation of a 4D Web Application for Analytical Visualization of Smart City Applications
Includes: Al Hyari, A.M.[Ayah Mohammad] Al-Hyari, A.M.[Ayah Mohammad]

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