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Bacca Cortes, B. Co Author Listing * Indoor SLAM using a range-augmented omnidirectional vision
* Vertical edge-based mapping using range-augmented omnidirectional vision sensor

Bacca Rodriguez, J. Co Author Listing * Blue-Noise Multitone Dithering
* New Method for Digital Multitoning using Gray Level Separation, A

Bacca, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Deep Optical Coding Design in Computational Imaging: A data-driven framework
* Deep-Fusion: An End-To-End Approach for Compressive Spectral Image Fusion
* Interpretable Deep Image Prior Method Inspired in Linear Mixture Model for Compressed Spectral Image Recovery
* Super-Resolution Phase Retrieval From Designed Coded Diffraction Patterns
Includes: Bacca, J.[Jorge] Bacca, J.

Baccaglini, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * CDVSec: Privacy-preserving biometrical user authentication in the cloud with CDVS descriptors
* Flexible R-D-Based Multiple Description Scheme for JPEG 2000, A
* Insights into the role of feedbacks in the tracking loop of a modular fall-detection algorithm
* Multiple Descriptions Based on Multirate Coding for JPEG 2000 and H.264/AVC
* Network Adaptive Multiple Description Coding for JPEG2000
* sensor aided H.264 encoder tested on aerial imagery for SFM, A
* Slice Sorting for Unequal Loss Protection of Video Streams
* study of an hybrid CDN-P2P system over the PlanetLab network, A
* Unequal Protection of Video Data According to Slice Relevance
Includes: Baccaglini, E.[Enrico] Baccaglini, E.
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Baccar, M. Co Author Listing * Reliable Location and Regression Estimates with Application to Range Image Segmentation
* Segmentation of Range Images Via Data Fusion and Morphological Watersheds

Baccar, N. Co Author Listing * Neuro-fuzzy localization in wireless sensor networks

Baccarani, G. Co Author Listing * novel metric for nearest-neighbor classification of hand-written digits, A
* Single-Scan Algorithm for Connected Components Labelling in a Traffic Monitoring Application, A
Includes: Baccarani, G. Baccarani, G.[Giorgio]

Baccash, J. Co Author Listing * Non-Discriminative Data or Weak Model? On the Relative Importance of Data and Model Resolution

Bacchin, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Development and Testing of a Usability Checklist for the Evaluation of Control Interfaces of Electrical Medical Beds

Bacchus, A. Co Author Listing * Surrogate safety measures as aid to driver assistance system design of the cognitive vehicle

Bacci, G.[Giacomo] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Rainfall Estimation Derived From Commercial Interactive DVB Receivers Using Disdrometer, Rain Gauge, and Weather Radar
* HBIM Methodologies for The Architectural Restoration. The Case of The Ex-church of San Quirico All'olivo in Lucca, Tuscany
Includes: Bacci, G.[Giacomo] Bacci, G.

Bacci, M.L.[Maria Laura] Co Author Listing * Solar Wireless Sensor Nodes for Condition Monitoring of Freight Trains

Bacci, T. Co Author Listing * Pilot Application of 3D Underwater Imaging Techniques for Mapping Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile Meadows

Baccichet, P. Co Author Listing * Peer-to-Peer Live Multicast: A Video Perspective
* Peer-to-peer multicast live video streaming with interactive virtual pan/tilt/zoom functionality
* Robust Low-Delay Video Transmission using H.264/AVC Redundant Slices and Flexible Macroblock Ordering
* Systematic Lossy Error Protection of Video Signals
Includes: Baccichet, P. Baccichet, P.[Pierpaolo]

Baccini, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Estimating Aboveground Biomass in Tropical Forests: Field Methods and Error Analysis for the Calibration of Remote Sensing Observations
* Mapping forest canopy height globally with spaceborne lidar
* Patterns in Forest Clearing Along the Appalachian Trail Corridor
Includes: Baccini, A.[Alessandro] Baccini, A.

Baccino, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Towards a Model of Information Seeking by Integrating Visual, Semantic and Memory Maps

Bacciocchi, M. Co Author Listing * Survey applications using the Optech ILRIS 3D laser scanner and photogrammetry for a complete detailed CAD reconstruction of the objects

Bacciottini, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * QGIS Tool for Automatically Identifying Asbestos Roofing, A

Bacciu, C.[Clara] Co Author Listing * GeoMemories: A Platform for Visualizing Historical, Environmental and Geospatial Changes in the Italian Landscape
* Remote Sensing for Maritime Traffic Understanding

Bacciu, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Avalanche RL: A Continual Reinforcement Learning Library
* Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning
* Ex-Model: Continual Learning from a Stream of Trained Models
* Expansive competitive learning for kernel vector quantization
* Memory Population in Continual Learning via Outlier Elimination
* Practical Recommendations for Replay-Based Continual Learning Methods

Bacciu, V.[Valentina] Co Author Listing * Predicting and Mapping Potential Fire Severity for Risk Analysis at Regional Level Using Google Earth Engine

Baccouche, M. Co Author Listing * Apparent Age Estimation from Face Images Combining General and Children-Specialized Deep Learning Models
* Effective training of convolutional neural networks for face-based gender and age prediction
* Evaluation of video activity localizations integrating quality and quantity measurements
* Face aging with conditional generative adversarial networks
* How Transferable are Reasoning Patterns in VQA?
* ICDAR2015 competition on Text Image Super-Resolution
* MFAS: Multimodal Fusion Architecture Search
* Roses are Red, Violets are Blue… But Should VQA expect Them To?
* Sparse shift-invariant representation of local 2D patterns and sequence learning for human action recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Sparse Auto-Encoder for Sequence Classification
Includes: Baccouche, M. Baccouche, M.[Moez]
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Baccour, M.H.[Mohamed Hedi] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Vehicle-Based and Driver-Based Features for Driver Drowsiness Monitoring by Support Vector Machines

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