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Baleanu, D.[Dumitru] Co Author Listing * Analysis of UV spectral bands using multidimensional scaling
* Application of continuous wavelet transform to the analysis of the modulus of the fractional Fourier transform bands for resolving two component mixture
* NIMRAD: novel technique for respiratory data treatment
Includes: Baleanu, D.[Dumitru] Baleanu, D.

Baledent, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Kinetics Of 18f-Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake In The Choroid Plexus, The
* Quantitative analysis of cerebrospinal fluid flow in complex regions by using phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging
Includes: Baledent, O.[Olivier] Balédent, O.[Olivier]

Baleghi, Y.[Yasser] Co Author Listing * analytical proof on suitability of Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence as the aggregation criterion in Region Growing Algorithm, An
* Skin lesion images classification using new color pigmented boundary descriptors
Includes: Baleghi, Y.[Yasser] Baleghi, Y.

Baleine, E.[Erwan] Co Author Listing * Interferometric imaging polarimeter

Balen, J.[Josip] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning in the Analysis of Multispectral Reads in Maize Canopies Responding to Increased Temperatures and Water Deficit

Balenovic, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Close-Range Remote Sensing Methods for DTM Estimation in a Lowland Deciduous Forest
* Comparison of Stand-Level Volume Estimates from Image-Based Canopy Height Models of Different Spatial Resolutions, A
* Evaluation of Pixel- and Object-Based Tree Species Classification in Mixed Deciduous Forests Using Pansharpened Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, An
* Impact of UAS Image Orientation on Accuracy of Forest Inventory Attributes
* Is field-measured tree height as reliable as believed: Part II, A comparison study of tree height estimates from conventional field measurement and low-cost close-range remote sensing in a deciduous forest
* Operationalization of Remote Sensing Solutions for Sustainable Forest Management
* Tree Species Classification in Mixed Deciduous Forests Using Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning Methods
* What Is the Most Suitable Height Range of ALS Point Cloud and LiDAR Metric for Understorey Analysis? A Study Case in a Mixed Deciduous Forest, Pokupsko Basin, Croatia
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Balent, G.[Gerard] Co Author Listing * Detecting Clear-Cuts and Decreases in Forest Vitality Using MODIS NDVI Time Series
Includes: Balent, G.[Gerard] Balent, G.[Gérard]

Balenzano, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Land cover classification by using multi-temporal COSMO-SkyMed data
* Sentinel-1 Sensitivity to Soil Moisture at High Incidence Angle and the Impact on Retrieval Over Seasonal Crops
* Time-Series Approach to Estimating Soil Moisture From Vegetated Surfaces Using L-Band Radar Backscatter, A
* Time-Series Retrieval of Soil Moisture Using CYGNSS
Includes: Balenzano, A.[Anna] Balenzano, A.

Bales, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Slavery from Space: Demonstrating the role for satellite remote sensing to inform evidence-based action related to UN SDG number 8

Bales, M.R.[M. Ryan] Co Author Listing * BigBackground-Based Illumination Compensation for Surveillance Video
* Chromatic Sensitivity of Illumination Change Compensation Techniques
* Illumination change compensation techniques to improve kinematic tracking
* Tracking multiple pedestrians in real-time using kinematics

Bales, R.C.[Roger C.] Co Author Listing * Canopy Effects on Snow Accumulation: Observations from Lidar, Canonical-View Photos, and Continuous Ground Measurements from Sensor Networks

Balestra, M.[Mattia] Co Author Listing * Geomatic Data Fusion for 3D Tree Modeling: The Case Study of Monumental Chestnut Trees

Balestrat, M. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis Method for Monitoring Land Conversion by Artificial Sprawl Use of RapidEye and IRS Data, An

Balestri, M. Co Author Listing * general architecture of video codec for real time communication at 64 kbit/s, A
* Selection of local features for visual search
Includes: Balestri, M. Balestri, M.[Massimo]

Balestriero, R.[Randall] Co Author Listing * Mad Max: Affine Spline Insights Into Deep Learning
* Polarity Sampling: Quality and Diversity Control of Pre-Trained Generative Networks via Singular Values
* Universal Frame Thresholding

Balev, B. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding System Aiming At Analysis Of Biological Membrane Behavior, An
* Knowledge acquisition for image analysis using hypermedia interface
Includes: Balev, B. Balev, B.[Boiko]

Balewski, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Blocking Pattern Recognition in Global Climate Model Simulation Data

Balezo, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Automatic Grading of Cervical Biopsies by Combining Full and Self-supervision

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