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Bing, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Efficient 3d Plenoptic Representation For Approximating A Path Of Motion To A Curved Line, An
* two-step method for preprocessing volume data, A

Bing, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * Research on Management and Publishing of Disaster Emergency Monitoring Data: Take Yingjiang Earthquake as an Example

Bing, X.[Xiong] Co Author Listing * Face contour tracking in video using active contour model
* Generating Facial Line-drawing with Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Bing, X.[Xiong] Bing, X.

Bing, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Recognizing faces with expressions: Within-class space and between-class space

Bing, Z.[Zhou] Co Author Listing * adjustable algorithm for color quantization, An
* Efficient One Pass Self-distillation with Zipf's Label Smoothing
* Spatially Explicit Mapping of Soil Conservation Service in Monetary Units Due to Land Use/Cover Change for the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
Includes: Bing, Z.[Zhou] Bing, Z.[Zhaodong] Bing, Z.[Zilu]

Bing, Z.S.[Zhen Shan] Co Author Listing * Meta-Reinforcement Learning in Non-Stationary and Dynamic Environments
Includes: Bing, Z.S.[Zhen Shan] Bing, Z.S.[Zhen-Shan]

Bingabr, M. Co Author Listing * novel error correction method without overhead for corrupted JPEG images, A
* Recovery of Corrupted DCT Coded Images Based on Reference Information

Bingen, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)

Bingham, A.W. Co Author Listing * Construction of a high-resolution DEM of an Arctic ice cap using shape-from-shading

Bingham, C. Co Author Listing * Impact of driving characteristics on electric vehicle energy consumption and range

Bingham, F. Co Author Listing * Improvements in Active Appearance Model based synthetic age progression for adult aging

Bingham, F.M.[Frederick M.] Co Author Listing * Matchup Characteristics of Sea Surface Salinity Using a High-Resolution Ocean Model
* Quantifciation of Aquarius, SMAP, SMOS and Argo-Based Gridded Sea Surface Salinity Product Sampling Errors
* Salinity Pilot-Mission Exploitation Platform (Pi-MEP): A Hub for Validation and Exploitation of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Data, The
* Sea Surface Salinity Seasonal Variability in the Tropics from Satellites, Gridded In Situ Products and Mooring Observations
* Sea Surface Salinity Subfootprint Variability from a Global High-Resolution Model
* Spatial Scales of Sea Surface Salinity Subfootprint Variability in the SPURS Regions
* Subfootprint Variability of Sea Surface Salinity Observed during the SPURS-1 and SPURS-2 Field Campaigns
7 for Bingham, F.M.

Bingham, G.[Gail] Co Author Listing * STORM: a sounding and tracking observatory for regional meteorology

Bingham, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Simurgh: A Framework for CAD-Driven Deep Learning Based X-Ray CT Reconstruction

Bingham, R. Co Author Listing * Use of 3D Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling in the Realisation of an Artistic Vision; The Use of 3D Data in the Production of Large Scale Public Art in Tudor Square, Sheffield., The

Bingham, R.G.[Robert G.] Co Author Listing * Reversed Surface-Mass-Balance Gradients on Himalayan Debris-Covered Glaciers Inferred from Remote Sensing

Bingol, D.[Deniz] Co Author Listing * Facial action unit intensity estimation using rotation invariant features and regression analysis

Bingol, H.[Harun] Co Author Listing * Automatic diagnosis of ureteral stone and degree of hydronephrosis with proposed convolutional neural network, RelieF, and gradient-weighted class activation mapping based deep hybrid model
* NCA-based hybrid convolutional neural network model for classification of cervical cancer on gauss-enhanced pap-smear images
* String Stability Under Actuator Saturation on Straight Level Roads: Sufficient Conditions and Optimal Trajectory Generation
Includes: Bingol, H.[Harun] Bingöl, H.[Hilal] (Maybe also Bingoel, H.)

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