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Caglar, H. Co Author Listing * VQ-Adaptive Block Transform Coding of Images

Caglar, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Graph Time Series Analysis Using Transfer Entropy

Caglar, K. Co Author Listing * Compression effects on color and texture based multimedia indexing and retrieval
* Improved Error Concealment Using Scene Information
Includes: Caglar, K. Caglar, K.[Kerem]

Caglar, M.B.[M. Baris] Co Author Listing * Open Hand Detection in a Cluttered Single Image using Finger Primitives
* Self Correcting Tracking for Articulated Objects
Includes: Caglar, M.B.[M. Baris] Caglar, M.B.

Caglayan, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * 3D convolutional object recognition using volumetric representations of depth data
* Empirical Analysis of Deep Feature Learning for RGB-D Object Recognition, An
* Exploiting Multi-layer Features Using a CNN-RNN Approach for RGB-D Object Recognition
* FBNet: FeedBack-Recursive CNN for Saliency Detection
* MMSNet: Multi-modal scene recognition using multi-scale encoded features
* Plant Recognition Approach Using Shape and Color Features in Leaf Images, A
* SalFBNet: Learning pseudo-saliency distribution via feedback convolutional networks
* When CNNs meet random RNNs: Towards multi-level analysis for RGB-D object and scene recognition
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Caglayan, A.K. Co Author Listing * Model for Visual Flow-Field Cueing and Self-Motion Estimation, A

Caglayan, O. Co Author Listing * New Fast Hartley Transform with Linear Multiplicative Complexity

Cagli, R.C.[Ruben Coen] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Draughtsman: A Model for Visuomotor Coordination in Drawing, The

Cagliari, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Persistence Modules, Shape Description, and Completeness

Cagliero, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Complementing Location-Based Social Network Data With Mobility Data: A Pattern-Based Approach

Caglioti, V.[Vincenzo] Co Author Listing * Ball Position and Motion Reconstruction from Blur in a Single Perspective Image
* Basic Video-Surveillance with Low Computational and Power Requirements Using Long-Exposure Frames
* Corner Displacement from Motion Blur
* Decomposing contours into curves of different families
* Drawing Motion without Understanding It
* entropic criterion for minimum uncertainty sensing in recognition and localization - part I: theoretical and conceptual aspects, An
* entropic criterion for minimum uncertainty sensing in recognition and localization part II: A Case Study on Directional Distance Measurements, An
* How many planar viewing surfaces are there in noncentral catadioptric cameras? Towards singe-image localization of space lines
* Improving Pose Estimation Using Image, Sensor and Model Uncertainty
* Isolating Motion and Color in a Motion Blurred Image
* Line Localization from Single Catadioptric Images
* Manipulable Vision-Based 3D Input Device for Space Curves, A
* Methods for space line localization from single catadioptric images: new proposals and comparisons
* Minimal Representations of 3D Models in Terms of Image Parameters under Calibrated and Uncalibrated Perspective
* Mode Determination in Noisy Bimodal Images by Histogram Comparison
* On the Apparent Transparency of a Motion Blurred Object: Extracting information from blurred smears
* On the Localization of Straight Lines in 3D Space from Single 2D Images
* On the Space Requirements of Indexing 3D Models from 2D Perspective Images
* On the Uncertainty of Straight Lines in Digital Images
* Planar 3-Line Junction Perspective Problem with Application to the Recognition of Polygonal Patterns, The
* Planar Motion Estimation and Linear Ground Plane Rectification using an Uncalibrated Generic Camera
* Planar motion estimation using an uncalibrated general camera
* Position and radius of spheres from single off-axis catadioptric images
* Reconstruction of Canal Surfaces from Single Images Under Exact Perspective
* Recovering ball motion from a single motion-blurred image
* Recovering cylindric and conic surfaces from contours and reflections
* Shape and orientation of revolution surfaces from contours and reflections
* Single-Image Calibration of Off-Axis Catadioptric Cameras Using Lines
* Uncertainty Minimization in the Localization of Polyhedral Objects
Includes: Caglioti, V.[Vincenzo] Caglioti, V.
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