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Cormack, A.M. Co Author Listing * Radon Transform on a Family of Curves in the Plane, The
* Representation of a Function by Its Line Integrals with Some Radiological Applications
* Some Early Radiotherapy Optimization Work
Includes: Cormack, A.M. Cormack, A.M.[Allan M.]

Cormack, L.K.[Lawrence K.] Co Author Listing * Active, Foveated, Uncalibrated Stereovision
* Closed-Form Correlation Model of Oriented Bandpass Natural Images
* Color and Depth Priors in Natural Images
* Epipolar Spaces and Optimal Sampling Strategies
* Epipolar Spaces for Active Binocular Vision Systems
* Fixation selection by maximization of texure and contrast information
* Foveated Analysis and Selection of Visual Fixations in Natural Scenes
* Full-reference quality assessment of stereopairs accounting for rivalry
* GAFFE: A Gaze-Attentive Fixation Finding Engine
* Image features that draw fixations
* Motion silencing of flicker distortions on naturalistic videos
* Natural scene statistics of color and range
* No-Reference Quality Assessment of Natural Stereopairs
* No-Reference Quality Assessment Using Natural Scene Statistics: JPEG2000
* Nonlinearities in Stereoscopic Phase-Differencing
* Optimizing 3D image display using the stereoacuity function
* Oriented Correlation Models of Distorted Natural Images With Application to Natural Stereopair Quality Evaluation
* Statistical model of color and disparity with application to Bayesian stereopsis
* Statistical Modeling of 3-D Natural Scenes With Application to Bayesian Stereopsis
* Stereoscopic Phase-Differencing: Multiscale Synthesis
* Stereoscopic Ranging by Matching Image Modulations
* Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Video
Includes: Cormack, L.K.[Lawrence K.] Cormack, L.K.
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Corman, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Deep orientation-aware functional maps: Tackling symmetry issues in Shape Matching
* Frame Fields for CAD Models
* Supervised Descriptor Learning for Non-Rigid Shape Matching
Includes: Corman, E.[Etienne] Corman, ….[…tienne]

Corman, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Enhancing the Understanding of Train Delays With Delay Evolution Pattern Discovery: A Clustering and Bayesian Network Approach
* Improving the Utilization of Regenerative Energy and Shaving Power Peaks by Railway Timetable Adjustment
* Review of Online Dynamic Models and Algorithms for Railway Traffic Management, A
* What Do We Know When? Modeling Predictability of Transit Operations
Includes: Corman, F.[Francesco] Corman, F.

Cormier, D. Co Author Listing * Potential of UAV Based Convergent Photogrammetry in Monitoring Regeneration Standards
* Valuing Forest Stand At a Glance With UAV Based Lidar

Cormier, G.[Geoffroy] Co Author Listing * Picture Quality Prediction in Image Processing

Cormier, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * LiDAR Validation of a Video-Derived Beachface Topography on a Tidal Flat

Cormier, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Woodcuts and Copperplate Engravings
* Fast and Lightweight Online Person Search for Large-Scale Surveillance Systems
* For the Sake of Privacy: Skeleton-Based Salient Behavior Recognition
* Improving Multi-Target Multi-Camera Tracking by Track Refinement and Completion
* Interactive Labeling for Human Pose Estimation in Surveillance Videos
* Low resolution vehicle re-identification based on appearance features for wide area motion imagery
* Object Segmentation through Multiple Instance Learning
* Purely vision-based segmentation of web pages for assistive technology
* Reconstruction of 3-D Density Functions from Few Projections: Structural Assumptions for Graceful Degradation
* Robust Vision-Based Framework for Screen Readers, A
* Towards an Improved Vision-Based Web Page Segmentation Algorithm
* UPAR Challenge: Pedestrian Attribute Recognition and Attribute-based Person Retrieval - Dataset, Design, and Results
* UPAR: Unified Pedestrian Attribute Recognition and Person Retrieval
* Where are we with Human Pose Estimation in Real-World Surveillance?
Includes: Cormier, M. Cormier, M.[Mickael] Cormier, M.[Michael]
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Cormier, O.S.M.[Olivier St Martin] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Shape Description Metrics Applied to Human Silhouette Tracking
* Situational Awareness for Manufacturing Applications
Includes: Cormier, O.S.M.[Olivier St Martin] Cormier, O.S.M.[Olivier St-Martin]

Cormier, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Myocardial Ultrasound Localization Angiography

Cormier, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Lesions Segmentation in Ultrasound Nonlinear Imaging
* Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Images Restoration
* Perfusion Analysis of Nonlinear Liver Ultrasound Images Based on Nonlinear Matrix Diffusion
* Perfusion quantification of contrast-enhanced ultrasound images based on coherence enhancing diffusion and competitive clustering
Includes: Cormier, S. Cormier, S.[Stephane]

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