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Dasalla, K. Co Author Listing * CUID: A New Study Of Perceived Image Quality And Its Subjective Assessment

Dasanayaka, N.[Nishanthi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Vehicle Location Prediction Errors for Safety Applications in Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems

Dasarathy, B. Co Author Listing * characterization of nearest-neighbor rule decision surfaces and a new approach to generate them, A

Dasarathy, B.V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Decision Systems with Extended Learning for Deployment in Partially Exposed Environments
* Adaptive Fusion Processor Paradigms for Fusion of Information Acquired at Different Levels of Detail
* Adaptive Learning Concepts and Methodology for Enhanced Recognition System Performance
* AHIMSA: Ad hoc Histogram Information Measure Sensing Algorithm for Feature Selection in the Context of Histogram Inspired Clustering Techniques
* Analysis of Skin Oil by FTIR Spectroscopy
* ANDAL: A Nonparametric Discrimination and Learning Algorithm for Recognition in Imperfectly Supervised Environments
* Asymmetric Fusion strategies for target detection in multisensor environments
* Automatic Target Recognition using Passive Multisensor Suite
* CHITRA: Cognitive Handprinted Input Trained Recursively Analyzing System for Recognition of Alphanumeric Characters
* Composite Classifier System Design: Concepts and Methodology, A
* CORPS: Class Overlap Region Partitioning Scheme: A Tool for Feature Assessment
* Decision Fusion
* Decision Fusion Strategies for Target Detection with a Three-Sensor Suite
* Decision Fusion Strategies in Multi-sensor Environments
* Design of Composite Classifier Systems in Imperfectly Supervised Environments
* DHARMA: Discriminant Hyperplane Abstracting Residuals Minimization Algorithm for Separating Clusters with Fuzzy Boundaries
* FEAST: Feature Evaluation and Selection Technique for Deployment in Unsupervised Nonparametric Environments
* Feature Assessment in Imperfectly Supervised Environment
* Feature Selection and Concept of Immediate Neighborhood in the Context of Clustering Techniques
* FLUTE: Fuzzy Learning In Unfamiliar Teacher Environments
* Fusion Strategies for Enhancing Decision Reliability in Multisensor Environments
* Fuzzy Evidential Reasoning Approach to Target Identity and State Fusion in Multisensor Environments
* Fuzzy Learning in Vicissitudinous Environments
* Fuzzy Understanding of Neighborhoods with Nearest Unlike Neighbor Sets
* Generalized Discriminant Hyperplane Approach to Pattern Classification, A
* HINDU: Histogram Inspired Neighborhood Discerning Unsupervised Pattern Recognition System
* Image Characterizations Based on Joint Gray Level-Run Length Distributions
* Image Data Compression: Block Truncation Coding
* Incisive Neighborhood Discerning Iteratively Aggregating Nomenclator (INDIAN) System for Pattern Recognition in Unsupervised Environments, An
* Information Processing for Target Recognition from Autonomous Vehicles
* Learning Under a VEDIC Teacher
* Minimal Consistent Subset (MCS) Identification for Optimal Nearest Neighbor Decision Systems Design
* Multi-State Choice Automata Model for Expedient Learning in Random Environment
* Nearest Neighbor (NN) Norms: NN Pattern Classification Techniques
* Nearest Unlike Neighbor (NUN): An Aid to Decision Confidence Estimation
* Nosing Around the Neighborhood: A New System Structure and Classification Rule for Recognition in Partially Exposed Environments
* OPAL: A New Algorithm for Optimal Partitioning and Learning in Non-Parametric Unsupervised Environments
* Operationally Efficient Architectures for Fusion of Binary Decision Sensors in Multidecision Environments
* Paradigms for Information Processing in Multisensor Environments
* Recognition in Noisy Environments: System Structure and Strategies
* Recursive Strategies for Decision Fusion in Imperfect Multisensor Environments: I Fusion Benefits
* Recursive Strategies for Decision Fusion in Imperfect Multisensor Environments: II Relative Assessments
* Sensor Fusion 1996
* Sensor Fusion 1997
* Sensor Fusion Potential Exploitation: Innovative Architectures and Illustrative Applications
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications II
* Sensor Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications III
* Sequential Learning Employing Unfamiliar Teacher Hypotheses (SLEUTH) with Concurrent Estimation of Both the Parameters and Teacher Characteristics
* SMART: Similarity Measure Anchored Ranking Technique for the Analysis of Multidimensional Data Arrays
* Tandem Fusion of Nearest Neighbor Editing and Condensing Algorithms: Data Dimensionality Effects
* Texture Based Classification of Cell Imagery
* There Goes the Neighborhood: An ALIEN Identification Approach to Recognition in Partially Exposed Environments
* Unified Approach to Feature Selection and Learning in Unsupervised Environments, A
Includes: Dasarathy, B.V. Dasarathy, B.V.[Belur V.]
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Dasarathy, G.[Gautam] Co Author Listing * Differentiable Programming for Hyperspectral Unmixing Using a Physics-based Dispersion Model

Dasarathy, K.B. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Skin Oil by FTIR Spectroscopy

Dasari, H.[Haritha] Co Author Listing * Classification of liquid and viscous inks using HSV colour space
* Identification of Non-Black Inks Using HSV Colour Space
* Identification of Printing Process Using HSV Colour Space

Dasari, H.P.[Hari Prasad] Co Author Listing * Multi-Mission Satellite Detection and Tracking of October 2019 Sabiti Oil Spill in the Red Sea

Dasari, L.[Lakshmi] Co Author Listing * Detection of highlighted regions

Dasari, M.M. Co Author Listing * IOU: Siamtrack: IOU Guided Siamese Network For Visual Object Tracking
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Dasari, M.M. Dasari, M.M.[Mohana Murali]

Dasari, R. Co Author Listing * joint visual-inertial image registration for mobile HDR imaging, A
* Reference Image Based Color Correction for Multi-camera Panoramic High Resolution Imaging

Dasari, R.R.[Ramachandra R.] Co Author Listing * Deterministic regularization of three-dimensional optical diffraction tomography

Dasari, S.[Sudeep] Co Author Listing * Manipulate by Seeing: Creating Manipulation Controllers from Pre-Trained Representations

Dasari, V.[Venkateswara] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study for Multiple Coordinated Views Across Immersive and Non-immersive Visualization Systems

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