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Elvidge, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Aladdin's Magic Lamp: Active Target Calibration of the DMSP OLS
* Annual Cycling of Nighttime Lights in India, The
* Cross-Sensor Nighttime Lights Image Calibration for DMSP/OLS and SNPP/VIIRS with Residual U-Net
* Measuring Gas Flaring in Russia with Multispectral VIIRS Nightfire
Includes: Elvidge, C.[Chris] Elvidge, C.[Christopher]

Elvidge, C.D.[Christopher D.] Co Author Listing * Annual Time Series of Global VIIRS Nighttime Lights Derived from Monthly Averages: 2012 to 2019
* Applications of Satellite Remote Sensing of Nighttime Light Observations: Advances, Challenges, and Perspectives
* Automatic Boat Identification System for VIIRS Low Light Imaging Data
* Cross-Matching VIIRS Boat Detections with Vessel Monitoring System Tracks in Indonesia
* Dimming of Lights in China during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The
* Dimming of Lights in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The
* DMSP-OLS Radiance Calibrated Nighttime Lights Time Series with Intercalibration
* Extending Nighttime Combustion Source Detection Limits with Short Wavelength VIIRS Data
* Extending the DMSP Nighttime Lights Time Series beyond 2013
* Illuminating the Capabilities of the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (NPP) Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Day/Night Band
* Indicators of Electric Power Instability from Satellite Observed Nighttime Lights
* Mapping Fishing Activities and Suitable Fishing Grounds Using Nighttime Satellite Images and Maximum Entropy Modelling
* Observations of urban and suburban environments with global satellite scatterometer data
* Variation of Individual Location Radiance in VIIRS DNB Monthly Composite Images
* VIIRS Day/Night Band: A Flicker Meter in Space?, The
* VIIRS Nightfire: Satellite Pyrometry at Night
Includes: Elvidge, C.D.[Christopher D.] Elvidge, C.D.
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Elvira, V. Co Author Listing * Efficient Multiple Importance Sampling Estimators
* Efficient Sampling Scheme for the Eigenvalues of Dual Wishart Matrices, An
* Hamiltonian Adaptive Importance Sampling
* Heretical Multiple Importance Sampling
* Hierarchical Average Fusion With GM-PHD Filters Against FDI and DoS Attacks
* Multiple importance sampling characterization by weighted mean invariance
* Multiple Importance Sampling for Efficient Symbol Error Rate Estimation
* Probabilistic Incremental Proximal Gradient Method, A
* Robust Covariance Adaptation in Adaptive Importance Sampling
Includes: Elvira, V. Elvira, V.[Víctor] Elvira, V.[Victor]
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Elvis, S.C.[Supo C.] Co Author Listing * Design of a User Interface to Estimate Distance of Moving Explosive Devices with Stereo Cameras

Elvitigala, T.[Thanura] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision-Based Attention Generator using DQN, A

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