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Gove, A.N.[Alan N.] Co Author Listing * From Learning Objects to Learning Environments: Biological and Computational Neural Systems
* Neural Processing of Targets in Visible Multispectral IR and SAR Imagery
Includes: Gove, A.N.[Alan N.] Gove, A.N.

Gove, R.J. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Advanced Imaging Chip Architectures And Applications
* High-Performance Image Computing With Modern Microprocessors
* Image scaling using cubic filters
* Scene change detection system and method
* Single-chip processor for media applications: the MAP1000TM
* Video stabilization system and method
Includes: Gove, R.J. Gove, R.J.[Robert John] Gove, R.J.[Robert J.]

Govea, V.[Vasquez] Co Author Listing * Incremental Learning for Motion Prediction of Pedestrians and Vehicles

Goveas, N.[Neena] Co Author Listing * ECG Signal Analysis on an Embedded Device for Sleep Apnea Detection

Govedarica, M.[Miro] Co Author Listing * Building Change Detection Method to Support Register of Identified Changes on Buildings
* Building Virtual 3D City Model for Smart Cities Applications: A Case Study on Campus Area of the University of Novi Sad
* Combining Telecom Data with Heterogeneous Data Sources for Traffic and Emission Assessments: An Agent-Based Approach
* Deep Learning Model for Automatic Plastic Mapping Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Data, A
* LADM Based Utility Network Cadastre in Serbia
* Long-Term Monitoring of Inland Water Quality Parameters Using Landsat Time-Series and Back-Propagated ANN: Assessment and Usability in a Real-Case Scenario
* Model of Point Cloud Data Management System in Big Data Paradigm
* Towards 3D Cadastre in Serbia: Development of Serbian Cadastral Domain Model
* Vineyard Zoning and Vine Detection Using Machine Learning in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
9 for Govedarica, M.

Govekar, P.D.[Pallavi Devidas] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Sea Surface Temperature Products from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
* Validation of Himawari-8 Sea Surface Temperature Retrievals Using Infrared SST Autonomous Radiometer Measurements

Govender, M.[Mackyla] Co Author Listing * Comparing partial least squares (PLS) discriminant analysis and sparse PLS discriminant analysis in detecting and mapping Solanum mauritianum in commercial forest plantations using image texture

Govender, N.[Natasha] Co Author Listing * Active object recognition using vocabulary trees
* Orthorectification of Helicopter-Borne High Resolution Experimental Burn Observation from Infra Red Handheld Imagers
Includes: Govender, N.[Natasha] Govender, N.[Navashni]

Goverde, R.M.P.[Rob M. P.] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence in Railway Transport: Taxonomy, Regulations, and Applications
* Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient for High-Speed Train Trajectory Optimization
* Improving the Utilization of Regenerative Energy and Shaving Power Peaks by Railway Timetable Adjustment
* Literature Review on Train Motion Model Calibration, A
* Matheuristic for the Integrated Disruption Management of Traffic, Passengers and Stations in Urban Railway Lines, A
* Online Data-Driven Adaptive Prediction of Train Event Times
* Rescheduling Trains Using Petri Nets and Heuristic Search
Includes: Goverde, R.M.P.[Rob M. P.] Goverde, R.M.P.[Rob M.P.] Goverde, R.M.P.
7 for Goverde, R.M.P.

Governi, L. Co Author Listing * Extracting femoral medulla ducts from radiographic images based on a model of the projection of femur section
* Improving surface reconstruction in shape from shading using easy-to-set boundary conditions
* Methods for Predicting Spectral Response of Fibers Blends
* Model-based extraction of femoral medulla ducts from radiographic images
* Original strategy for avoiding over-smoothing in SFS problem resolution
* practical methodology for computer-aided design of custom 3D printable casts for wrist fractures, A
Includes: Governi, L. Governi, L.[Lapo]

Govers, G.[Gerard] Co Author Listing * Monitoring environmental change in the Andes based on SPOT-VGT and NOAA-AVHRR time series analysis

Govers, W.[Wim] Co Author Listing * Time-Shifted Transformers for Driver Identification Using Vehicle Data

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