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Gras, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Selection based heuristics for the non-unique oligonucleotide probe selection problem in microarray design

Gras, V. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Analysis of Clustering-Free Local SAR Compression Algorithms for MRI Safety in Parallel Transmission, A

Grasa, O.G. Co Author Listing * Visual SLAM for Handheld Monocular Endoscope

Grasby, S.E.[Stephen E.] Co Author Listing * Geothermal Exploration in the Burwash Landing Region, Canada, Using Three-Dimensional Inversion of Passive Electromagnetic Data

Graschew, G. Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Surgery: Vision and Feasibility of an Advanced Operation Theater

Graser, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Approach for Tracking the 3D Object Pose Using Two Object Points, An
* Feedback Control for Improvement of Image Processing: An Application of Recognition of Characters on Metallic Surfaces
* GIS and Transport Modeling: Strengthening the Spatial Perspective
* Improvement of visual perceptual capabilities by feedback structures for robotic system FRIEND
* Processing: A Python Framework for the Seamless Integration of Geoprocessing Tools in QGIS
* VF-SIFT: Very Fast SIFT Feature Matching
Includes: Graser, A.[Axel] Gräser, A.[Axel] (Maybe also Graeser, A.)Graser, A.[Anita] Graser, A.

Graser, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Towards 4D Coupled Models of Conversational Facial Expression Interactions
Includes: Graser, L.[Lukas] Gräser, L.[Lukas] (Maybe also Graeser, L.)

Grashuis, J.L. Co Author Listing * Suitability of texture features to assess changes in trabecular bone architecture

Grasic, M. Co Author Listing * Influence of Hangover and Hangbefore Criteria on Automatic Speech Recognition
* Influence of Speech/Non-Speech Segmentation on On-Line and Off-Line Speaker Segmentation Accuracy, The
* On-Line Speech/Music Segmentation for Broadcast News Domain

Grasmair, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Equivalence of the Taut String Algorithm and BV-Regularization, The
* Locally Adaptive Total Variation Regularization
* Non-convex PDE Scale Space, A
* Optical Flow on Moving Manifolds
* PDE-Based Method for Shape Registration, A
* Scale and Edge Detection with Topological Derivatives
* Shape Reconstruction with A Priori Knowledge Based on Integral Invariants
* Variational Methods in Imaging
Includes: Grasmair, M.[Markus] Grasmair, M.
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Grasmueck, M. Co Author Listing * Integration of Ground-Penetrating Radar and Laser Position Sensors for Real-Time 3-D Data Fusion

Grasmug, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Frame Cache Management for Multi-frame Rate Systems

Grass Boada, D.H.[Darian H.] Co Author Listing * Multi-objective Overlapping Community Detection by Global and Local Approaches
Includes: Grass Boada, D.H.[Darian H.] Grass-Boada, D.H.[Darian H.]

Grass, E. Co Author Listing * Modified virtually scaling-free adaptive CORDIC rotator algorithm and architecture

Grass, M. Co Author Listing * Artifact Analysis and Reconstruction Improvement in Helical Cardiac Cone Beam CT
* Evaluation of Iterative Sparse Object Reconstruction From Few Projections for 3-D Rotational Coronary Angiography
* Motion-Compensated and Gated Cone Beam Filtered Back-Projection for 3-D Rotational X-Ray Angiography
* n-PI-method for helical cone-beam CT, The
* quantitative analysis of 3-D coronary modeling from two or more projection images, A
* Real-time adaptive filtering for projection reconstruction MR fluoroscopy
* X-ray-based method for the determination of the contrast agent propagation in 3-D vessel structures, An
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Grassa, R.L.[Riccardo La] Co Author Listing * In-season and dynamic crop mapping using 3D convolution neural networks and sentinel-2 time series

Grassal, P.W.[Philip William] Co Author Listing * Neural Head Avatars from Monocular RGB Videos
Includes: Grassal, P.W.[Philip William] Grassal, P.W.[Philip-William]

Grassart, A. Co Author Listing * Automated quantification of cell endocytosis using active contours and wavelets

Grasse, M. Co Author Listing * Testing VBR Video Traffic for Stationarity

Grasselli, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Interpretation and Classification of Images

Grasset Simon, C.[Carine] Co Author Listing * nD generalized map pyramids: Definition, representations and basic operations
Includes: Grasset Simon, C.[Carine] Grasset-Simon, C.[Carine]

Grasset, R.[Raphael] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Programming Approach to Maximizing Tracks for Structure from Motion, A
* Improving the image quality of spectral CT volume rendering
* Next-Generation Augmented Reality Browsers: Rich, Seamless, and Adaptive
* patient position guidance system in radiation therapy using augmented reality, A
Includes: Grasset, R.[Raphael] Grasset, R.

Grasshof, S.[Stella] Co Author Listing * Estimation of face parameters using correlation analysis and a topology preserving prior
* Performance of Image Registration and Its Extensions for Interpolation of Facial Motion
* TemPose: a new skeleton-based transformer model designed for fine-grained motion recognition in badminton
* Uncalibrated Non-Rigid Factorisation by Independent Subspace Analysis
Includes: Grasshof, S.[Stella] Grasshof, S.

Grassi, A.C.P.[Ana Cecilia Perez] Co Author Listing * Applications of Deep Learning for Top-View Omnidirectional Imaging: A Survey

Grassi, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Multitemporal Analysis of Slow-Moving Landslides and Channel Dynamics through Integrated Remote Sensing and In Situ Techniques
* Survant: An Innovative Semantics-based Surveillance Video Archives Investigation Assistant
* Workflow Based on SNAP-StaMPS Open-Source Tools and GNSS Data for PSI-Based Ground Deformation Using Dual-Orbit Sentinel-1 Data: Accuracy Assessment with Error Propagation Analysis, A
Includes: Grassi, F.[Francesca] Grassi, F.[Francesco]

Grassi, L. Co Author Listing * LoG Characteristic Scale: A Consistent Measurement of Lung Nodule Size in CT Imaging, The

Grassi, S.[Sabrina] Co Author Listing * Characterization of an Active Fault through a Multiparametric Investigation: The Trecastagni Fault and Its Relationship with the Dynamics of Mt. Etna Volcano (Sicily, Italy)
* Retrieval of occluded images using DCT phase and region merging
Includes: Grassi, S.[Sabrina] Grassi, S.

Grassi, V.[Valdir] Co Author Listing * Sparse Road Network Model for Autonomous Navigation Using Clothoids

Grassmann, C.[Cyprian] Co Author Listing * email: Grassmann, C.[Cyprian]: grassmann AT techinfo rwth-aachen de

Grasso, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Potential of UAVs for Monitoring Mudflat Morphodynamics (Application to the Seine Estuary, France)

Grasso, G. Co Author Listing * Fast Palette Reordering Technique Based on GPU-Optimized Genetic Algorithms, A
* Remote sensed images segmentation through shape refinement

Grasso, G.M.[Giorgio M.] Co Author Listing * Localization of spherical fruits for robotic harvesting
* Scene Analysis for An Orange Harvesting Robot
Includes: Grasso, G.M.[Giorgio M.] Grasso, G.M.

Grasso, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of Ship Wake Detection on Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* PRF Selection in Formation-Flying SAR: Experimental Verification on Sentinel-1 Monostatic Repeat-Pass Data

Grasso, N. Co Author Listing * 3D GIS Based Evaluation of the Available Sight Distance to Assess Safety of Urban Roads
* Accurate Positioning and Orientation Estimation in Urban Environment Based on 3D Models
* Automatic Features Detection in a Fluvial Environment through Machine Learning Techniques Based on UAVs Multispectral Data
* Characterization of A Mobile Mapping System for Seamless Navigation
* Estimating the Available Sight Distance in the Urban Environment by GIS and Numerical Computing Codes
* Geomatic Techniques for the Optimization of Ski Resources
* Handheld Volumetric Scanner for 3d Printed Integrations of Historical Elements: Comparison and Results
* Individual Tree Detection from UAV Imagery Using Hölder Exponent
* Laser-visual-inertial Odometry Based Solution for 3d Heritage Modeling: The Sanctuary of The Blessed Virgin of Trompone
* UAV Photogrammetry With Oblique Images: First Analysis On Data Acquisition And Processing
Includes: Grasso, N. Grasso, N.[Nives]
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Grasso, R. Co Author Listing * Maritime Surveillance Using Multiple High-Frequency Surface-Wave Radars
* Virtual Batcave: A Project for the Safeguard of A UNESCO WHL Fragile Ecosystem, The

Grasso, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * In-Depth Analysis and Characterization of a Hazelnut Agro-Industrial Context through the Integration of Multi-Source Satellite Data: A Case Study in the Province of Viterbo, Italy
* Proof of Concept Study of an Electrochemical Sensor for Inland Water Monitoring with a Network Approach

Grassotti, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * Development of a Machine Learning-Based Radiometric Bias Correction for NOAA's Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS)
* Dynamic Inversion of Global Surface Microwave Emissivity Using a 1DVAR Approach
* Experimental OMPS Radiance Assimilation through One-Dimensional Variational Analysis for Total Column Ozone in the Atmosphere
* How Can Microwave Observations at 23.8 GHz Help in Acquiring Water Vapor in the Atmosphere over Land?
* Machine Learning-Based Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Intensity from Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder Using a U-Net Algorithm
* Study of Two Impactful Heavy Rainfall Events in the Southern Appalachian Mountains during Early 2020, Part II; Regional Overview, Rainfall Evolution, and Satellite QPE Utility, A

Grassucci, E.[Eleonora] Co Author Listing * Attention-map augmentation for hypercomplex breast cancer classification
* Dual quaternion ambisonics array for six-degree-of-freedom acoustic representation
* GROUSE: A Task and Model Agnostic Wavelet- Driven Framework for Medical Imaging

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