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Henn, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of building types in 3D city models: Using SVMs for semantic enrichment of low resolution building data
* Model driven reconstruction of roofs from sparse LIDAR point clouds
Includes: Henn, A.[Andre] Henn, A.[André]

Henn, K.[Katharina] Co Author Listing * Spatial Analysis of Settlement Structures to Identify Pattern Formation Mechanisms in Inter-Urban Systems

Henn, K.A.[Katrina Ariel] Co Author Listing * Surface Heat Monitoring with High-Resolution UAV Thermal Imaging: Assessing Accuracy and Applications in Urban Environments

Henn, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Full Curvature Based Algorithm for Image Registration, A
* Lesion Preserving Image Registration with Applications to Human Brains
* Variational Image Registration Approach Based on Curvature Scale Space, A

Hennane, N. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Variational Image Segmentation/Classification Using a Weibull Observation Model

Hennau, M. Co Author Listing * Close Range Photogrammetry Used for the Monitoring of Harbour Breakwaters

Henne, P.D.[Paul D.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating k-Nearest Neighbor (kNN) Imputation Models for Species-Level Aboveground Forest Biomass Mapping in Northeast China

Henneberg, M. Co Author Listing * View-Independent Prediction of Body Dimensions in Crowded Environments

Henneberg, M.F.[Mark F.] Co Author Listing * Applicability of Time-Integrated Unit Stream Power for Estimating Bridge Pier Scour Using Noncontact Methods in a Gravel-Bed River, The
* Near-Field Remote Sensing of Surface Velocity and River Discharge Using Radars and the Probability Concept at 10 U.S. Geological Survey Streamgages

Hennebert, C. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Approach for Scene Segmentation Based on 2D Motion, A

Hennebert, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Affixal Approach versus Analytical Approach for Off-Line Arabic Decomposable Vocabulary Recognition
* Aggregation procedure of Gaussian Mixture Models for additive features
* Combined Handwriting and Speech Modalities for User Authentication
* Content-Based Image Retrieval with LIRe and SURF on a Smartphone-Based Product Image Database
* dataset for Arabic text detection, tracking and recognition in news videos- AcTiV, A
* Deep learning features for handwritten keyword spotting
* Gaussian Mixture Models for Arabic Font Recognition
* Hidden Markov Models for Spoken Signature Verification
* HMM-Based Approach to Recognize Ultra Low Resolution Anti-Aliased Words, A
* ICDAR 2011: Arabic Recognition Competition: Multi-font Multi-size Digitally Represented Text
* ICDAR2013 Competition on Multi-font and Multi-size Digitally Represented Arabic Text
* ICPR2016 contest on Arabic Text detection and Recognition in video frames - AcTiVComp
* ICPR2020 Competition on Text Detection and Recognition in Arabic News Video Frames
* Impact of Character Models Choice on Arabic Text Recognition Performance
* Impostures of Talking Face Systems Using Automatic Face Animation
* Modelling Combined Handwriting and Speech Modalities
* Multi-dimensional long short-term memory networks for artificial Arabic text recognition in news video
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* New Arabic Printed Text Image Database and Evaluation Protocols, A
* New features for complex Arabic fonts in cascading recognition system
* New Forgery Scenario Based on Regaining Dynamics of Signature, A
* Page segmentation of historical document images with convolutional autoencoders
* Robust Text Line Segmentation for Historical Manuscript Images Using Color and Texture
* Semi-automatic news video annotation framework for Arabic text
* Spoken Handwriting Verification Using Statistical Models
* study on font-family and font-size recognition applied to Arabic word images at ultra-low resolution, A
* Survey on Intrusive Load Monitoring for Appliance Recognition, A
* Unseen Appliances Identification
Includes: Hennebert, J.[Jean] Hennebert, J.
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Henneberty, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Mixed handwritten and printed digit recognition in Sudoku with Convolutional Deep Belief Network

Hennecke, M.E. Co Author Listing * Learning Visual Speech
* Speechreading: an overview of image processing, feature extraction, sensory integration and pattern recognition techniques

Hennelly, B.M.[Bryan M.] Co Author Listing * Introducing secure modes of operation for optical encryption
* Reduction of speckle in digital holography by discrete Fourier filtering
* Speckle reduction using the discrete Fourier filtering technique

Hennemann, L. Co Author Listing * Event Detection Using Trajectory Clustering and 4-D Histograms

Hennemuth, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Strain Assessment in Ultrasound (Straus): A Synthetic Comparison of Five Tracking Methodologies
* Analysis of Three-Chamber View Tagged Cine MRI in Patients with Suspected Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
* Comparing Subjects with Reference Populations - A Visualization Toolkit for the Analysis of Aortic Anatomy and Pressure Distribution
* Comprehensive Approach to the Analysis of Contrast Enhanced Cardiac MR Images, A
* Multi-cycle Reconstruction of Cardiac MRI for the Analysis of Inter-ventricular Septum Motion During Free Breathing
Includes: Hennemuth, A. Hennemuth, A.[Anja]

Hennen, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Assessment of SEVIRI Imagery at Various Temporal Resolutions and the Effect on Accurate Dust Emission Mapping, An

Hennersperger, C. Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Tubular Structure Detection in Ultrasound Imaging
* Total Variation Regularization of Pose Signals With an Application to 3D Freehand Ultrasound
* Towards MRI-Based Autonomous Robotic US Acquisitions: A First Feasibility Study

Hennes, N.[Nikica] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Three Potential Stress Inducement Tasks During On-Road Driving

Hennessey, C. Co Author Listing * Fixation Precision in High-Speed Noncontact Eye-Gaze Tracking

Hennessey, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Visualization of Resource Allocation in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Hennessy, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Generative Adversarial Network Synthesis of Hyperspectral Vegetation Data
* Hyperspectral Classification of Plants: A Review of Waveband Selection Generalisability

Hennessy, B.[Brendan] Co Author Listing * Establishing the Capabilities of the Murchison Widefield Array as a Passive Radar for the Surveillance of Space

Hennessy, D.[Deirdre] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised dry herbage mass estimation using automatic data and synthetic images
* Unsupervised domain adaptation and super resolution on drone images for autonomous dry herbage biomass estimation

Hennessy, P.J.[Patrick J.] Co Author Listing * Hair Fescue and Sheep Sorrel Identification Using Deep Learning in Wild Blueberry Production

Hennessy, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Automatic symmetry plane estimation of bilateral objects in point clouds

Hennessy, S.J. Co Author Listing * Range-Video Fusion and Comparison of Inverse Perspective Algorithms in Static Images

Hennig, A. Co Author Listing * Cursive Script Recognition using Wildcards and Multiple Experts
* DART: A Software Architecture for the Creation of a Distributed Asynchronous Recognition Toolbox
* Exploiting zoning based on approximating splines in cursive script recognition
* Recognising Letters in On-Line Handwriting Using Hierarchical Fuzzy Inference
* Recognition of facsimile documents using a database of robust features

Hennig, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * choice of vantage objects for image retrieval, The
* What are the true clusters?

Hennig, J. Co Author Listing * Direct Magnetic Field Estimation Based on Echo Planar Raw Data
* Local elastic matching and pattern recognition in MR mammography
* MRI Receiver Coil Produced by Inkjet Printing Directly on to a Flexible Substrate, An
* Optimization of Coil Element Configurations for a Matrix Gradient Coil
* Parametric Sequential Method for MRI-Based Wall Shear Stress Quantification
* Radial Imaging With Multipolar Magnetic Encoding Fields
Includes: Hennig, J. Hennig, J.[Jürgen]

Hennig, L.[Leonhard] Co Author Listing * Tailoring text for automatic layouting of newspaper pages

Hennig, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Progress Bars

Hennig, S.D.[Simon D.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Temporal Hyperspectral and Radar Remote Sensing for Estimating Winter Wheat Biomass in the North China Plain
* WorldDEM: A Novel Global Foundation Layer
Includes: Hennig, S.D.[Simon D.] Hennig, S.D.

Henniger, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * New Approach Combining a Multilayer Radiative Transfer Model with an Individual-Based Forest Model: Application to Boreal Forests in Finland, A

Henniger, O. Co Author Listing * Assessment of methods for image recreation from signature time-series data
* Biometric User Authentication on Smart Cards by Means of Handwritten Signatures
* Deep Insight into Measuring Face Image Utility with General and Face-specific Image Quality Metrics, A
* Effects of Time Normalization on the Accuracy of Dynamic Time Warping
* Efficient and Effective Face Frontalization for Face Recognition in the Wild
* Evaluating the Biometric Sample Quality of Handwritten Signatures
* Fingerprints, forever young?
* Improving the Binding of Electronic Signatures to the Signer by Biometric Authentication
* response to the European Data Protection Supervisor Misunderstandings in Biometrics by the European Association for Biometrics, A
Includes: Henniger, O. Henniger, O.[Olaf]
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Henning, B. Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Trabecular Bone Tissue of the Toco Toucan Bill

Henning, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Estimating the information gap between textual and visual representations

Henning, D.F.[Dorian F.] Co Author Listing * BodySLAM: Joint Camera Localisation, Mapping, and Human Motion Tracking

Henning, G.B. Co Author Listing * No Role for Motion Blur in Either Motion Detection or Motion-Based Image Segmentation

Henning, I. Co Author Listing * Generic object registration using multiple hypotheses testing in partition trees

Henning, J.[Jurgen] Co Author Listing * Comparative Characterisation of Susceptibility Weighted MRI for Brain White Matter Lesions in MS
* Relationship Matters: Relation Guided Knowledge Transfer for Incremental Learning of Object Detectors
Includes: Henning, J.[Jurgen] Henning, J.[Jürgen] Henning, J.

Henning, J.G.[Jason G.] Co Author Listing * Ground-based Laser Imaging for Assessing Three Dimensional Forest Canopy Structure
* Multiview range-image registration for forested scenes using explicitly-matched tie points estimated from natural surfaces

Henning, L.[Lea] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Vitality Changes of Multi-Temporal Norway Spruce Laboratory Needle Measurements: The Ring-Barking Experiment

Henning, R. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network approach for classifying leukocoria, A
* Finding the smallest circle containing the iris in the denoised wavelet domain

Henning, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Gesture Desk an Integrated Multi-modal Gestural Workplace for Sonification
* In Memorium: Gunter Menz
* Segmenting image data into blocks and deleting some prior to compression
Includes: Henning, T.[Thomas] Henning, T.[Tobias] Henning, T.[Tom]

Henning, W. Co Author Listing * two-sample test for statistical comparisons of shape populations, A

Hennings Yeomans, P.H.[Pablo H.] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Low-Resolution Faces Using Multiple Still Images and Multiple Cameras
* Robust low-resolution face identification and verification using high-resolution features
* Simultaneous super-resolution and feature extraction for recognition of low-resolution faces
Includes: Hennings Yeomans, P.H.[Pablo H.] Hennings-Yeomans, P.H.[Pablo H.]

Hennings, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Verification of Biometric Palmprint Patterns Using Optimal Trade-Off Filter Classifiers

Henningson, J.O.[Jann Ole] Co Author Listing * High-Fidelity Neural Human Motion Transfer from Monocular Video
Includes: Henningson, J.O.[Jann Ole] Henningson, J.O.[Jann-Ole]

Henningsson, M. Co Author Listing * Novel MRI Technique Enables Non-Invasive Measurement of Atrial Wall Thickness

Hennis, R.B. Co Author Listing * IBM 1975 Optical Page Reader, Part I: System Design, The

Hennix, M.[Marcus] Co Author Listing * Position based dynamics

Hennon, C.C.[Christopher C.] Co Author Listing * Non-MLE Approach for Satellite Scatterometer Wind Vector Retrievals in Tropical Cyclones, A

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