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Heute, L. Co Author Listing * Multi-Classifier Strategy for the Recognition of Handwritten Cursive Words, A

Heute, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Arithmetic errors in the sub-band FFT: derivation of error equations and simulation results
* Comparison of different methods to suppress muscle artifacts in EEG signals
* Instrumental Assessment of Prosodic Quality for Text-to-Speech Signals
* Structural sub-band decomposition of sequences and its applications in signal processing
* Subband DFT I: Definition, Interpretation and Extensions
* Subband DFT II: Accuracy, Complexity and Applications
* Two-dimensional subband transforms: theory and applications
Includes: Heute, U.[Ulrich] Heute, U.
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Heuten, W.[Wilko] Co Author Listing * Making Lifelogging Usable: Design Guidelines for Activity Trackers
* Visual Overlay on OpenStreetMap Data to Support Spatial Exploration of Urban Environments

Heutschi, K.[Kurt] Co Author Listing * Developing a GIS-Based Visual-Acoustic 3D Simulation for Wind Farm Assessment

Heutte, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Alpha-Numerical Sequences Extraction in Handwritten Documents
* Approximating dynamic time warping with a convolutional neural network on EEG data
* Automatic Extraction of Droppers in Catenary Scenes
* Automatic extraction of numerical sequences in handwritten incoming mail documents
* categorization system for handwritten documents, A
* Classification of In-Vivo Endomicroscopic Images of the Alveolar Respiratory System
* Combining Structural and Statistical Features for the Recognition of Handwritten Characters
* Complex Handwritten Page Segmentation Using Contextual Models
* Controlling the diversity in classifier ensembles through a measure of agreement
* Detection and recognition of erasures in on-line captured paper forms
* Document Image Segmentation Using a 2D Conditional Random Field Model
* Dynamic Random Forests
* Dynamic Voting in Multi-view Learning for Radiomics Applications
* Enriching Historical Manuscripts: The Bovary Project
* Experimental Comparison of Combination Rules using Simulated Data
* Extreme learning machine for out-of-sample extension in Laplacian eigenmaps
* Handwritten Document Analysis for Automatic Writer Recognition
* Handwritten document segmentation using hidden Markov random fields
* Handwritten text recognition through writer adaptation
* Image Retrieval and Pattern Spotting on Historical Documents with Binary Descriptors
* Improve the Performance of Transfer Learning Without Fine-Tuning Using Dissimilarity-Based Multi-view Learning for Breast Cancer Histology Images
* Improving pattern spotting in historical documents using feature pyramid networks
* Information Extraction Model for Unconstrained Handwritten Documents, An
* Information retrieval based writer identification
* Machine Dating of Handwritten Manuscripts
* Markovian Approach for Handwritten Document Segmentation, A
* multi-model selection framework for unknown and/or evolutive misclassification cost problems, A
* Multi-Objective Optimization for SVM Model Selection
* multiple agent architecture for handwritten text recognition, A
* new classifier simulator for evaluating parallel combination methods, A
* New Hierarchical Handwritten Document Layout Extraction Based on Conditional Random Field Modeling, A
* New Random Forest Method for One-Class Classification, A
* Novel Random Forest Dissimilarity Measure for Multi-View Learning, A
* Numeral Amount Recognition on Multi-Bank Checks
* Numerical sequence extraction in handwritten incoming mail documents
* On foreground-background separation in low quality color document images
* On foreground/background separation in low quality document images
* One class random forests
* Pattern localization in historical document images via template matching
* Random Forest Based Approach for One Class Classification in Medical Imaging, A
* Random forest dissimilarity based multi-view learning for Radiomics application
* scalable pattern spotting system for historical documents, A
* Segmentation-Driven Recognition Applied to Numerical Field Extraction from Handwritten Incoming Mail Documents
* Segmentation-free pattern spotting in historical document images
* Simulating classifier ensembles of fixed diversity for studying plurality voting performance
* Spot It! Finding Words and Patterns in Historical Documents
* Structural/Statistical Feature Based Vector for Handwritten Character Recognition, A
* Structure Adaptation of HMM Applied to OCR
* Top-Down Approach for Automatic Dropper Extraction in Catenary Scenes, A
* Two aspects of automatic map treatment: road and texture extractions
* two-stage outlier rejection strategy for numerical field extraction in handwritten documents, A
* Unconstrained Handwritten Document Layout Extraction Using 2D Conditional Random Fields
* Unsupervised writer adaptation applied to handwritten text recognition
* Using Random Forests for Handwritten Digit Recognition
* writer identification and verification system, A
* Writer identification by writer's invariants
Includes: Heutte, L.[Laurent] Heutte, L.
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