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Ikeda, D. Co Author Listing * Evaluating quality and utility in digital mammography
* Image Quality in Lossy Compressed Digital Mammograms
* Modality Converting Approach for Image Annotation to Overcome the Inconsistent Labels in Training Data, A
Includes: Ikeda, D. Ikeda, D.[Daisuke]

Ikeda, H.[Hiroo] Co Author Listing * Compact Model of Human Postures Extracting Common Motion from Individual Samples, A
* Form reading based on form-type identification and form-data recognition
* Real-Time Fingerprint Sensor Using a Hologram
* Thin Film Magnetic Head Wafer Inspection Technique Using Geometrical Feature Based Image Comparison
* Toward Personalized Digital Library for Providing Information JIT
Includes: Ikeda, H.[Hiroo] Ikeda, H. Ikeda, H.[Hisashi]

Ikeda, J.[Jun] Co Author Listing * Predicting Online Video Advertising Effects with Multimodal Deep Learning

Ikeda, K. Co Author Listing * Collinear Trinocular Stereo Using Two-Level Dynamic Programming
* Constraint Synthesizing Algorithm For The Consistent Labeling Problem, A
* Deep Learning Pipeline for Spotting Macro- and Micro-expressions in Long Video Sequences Based on Action Units and Optical Flow
* Extracting Straight-Lines by Sequential Fuzzy Clustering
* Extraction and classification of graphical symbol candidates based on perceptual organization
* Face Mask Aware Robust Facial Expression Recognition During the Covid-19 Pandemic
* Face-mask-aware Facial Expression Recognition based on Face Parsing and Vision Transformer
* False-Contour Removal by Random Blurring
* Highspeed Stereo Matching System Based on Dynamic Programming, A
* Improving Depth Map by Right-Angled Trinocular Stereo
* In Situ Observations Reveal How Spectral Reflectance Responds to Growing Season Phenology of an Open Evergreen Forest in Alaska
* Interpreting Engineering Drawings of Polyhedrons
* On-Line Recognition of Hand-Written Characters Utilizing Positional and Stroke Vector Sequences
* Solution Algorithm for the Consistent Labeling Problem Using the Structure of Constraints, A
Includes: Ikeda, K. Ikeda, K.[Kazushi] Ikeda, K.[Kyoko] Ikeda, K.[Katsuo]
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Ikeda, M. Co Author Listing * Boundary Detection of Textured Regions
* Curvature-Based Face Surface Recognition Using Spherical Correlation-Principal Directions for Curved Object Recognition
* Direct parsing
* HEVC Deblocking Filter
* Initial response time measurement in eye movement for dementia screening test
* Knowledge Directed Line Finder for Analysis of Complex Scenes, A
* Plan Guided Analysis of Noisy Dynamic Images
* Plan-Guided Analysis of Cineangiograms for Measurement of Dynamic Behavior of Heart Wall, A
* Real-Time 3-D Measurement System Based on Light-Section Method Using Smart Image Sensor
* Residue role assignment based transform partition predetermination on HEVC
* Statistic calculating method using a template and corresponding sub-image to determine similarity based on sum of squares thresholding
* Template matching image processor utilizing sub image pixel sums and sum of squares thresholding
Includes: Ikeda, M. Ikeda, M.[Mitsuru] Ikeda, M.[Motozo] Ikeda, M.[Mitsuo] Ikeda, M.[Mitsuji]
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Ikeda, N. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint image enhancement by pixel-parallel processing
* Residual multi-task learning for facial landmark localization and expression recognition
Includes: Ikeda, N. Ikeda, N.[Naoki]

Ikeda, O. Co Author Listing * Accurate Photometric Stereo Using Four Surface Normal Approximations
* accurate shape reconstruction from photometric stereo using four approximations of surface normal, An
* Analysis of the optical array imaging system and construction of an adaptive imaging algorithm
* Color Photometric Stereo for Albedo and Shape Reconstruction
* Color photometric stereo for directional diffuse object
* Detection of a Speaker in Video by Combined Analysis of Speech Sound and Mouth Movement
* method of compensating inter-reflections in color photometric stereo, A
* Optimal spectral and spatial weights for photometric stereo for accurate shape reconstruction
* Real-time Interactive Object Outlining Using Control Points and Smoothness Parameter Manipulation
* Robust Iterative Shape-From-Shading Algorithm with Modified Transforming Matrix, A
* robust shape-from-shading algorithm using two images and control of boundary conditions, A
* robust shape-from-shading using multiple surface normal approximations, A
* Segmentation of Faces in Video Footage Using Controlled Weights on HSV Color
* Segmentation of faces in video footage using HSV color for face detection and image retrieval
* Shape distortion analysis of the shape-from-shading algorithm using Jacobi iterative method
* Shape reconstruction for color objects using segmentation and photometric stereo
* Shape reconstruction from two color images using photometric stereo combined with segmentation and stereopsis
* Shape-from-Shading Algorithm for Oblique Light Source
* Synthetic Shape Reconstruction Combined with the FT-Based Method in Photometric Stereo
* Use of four surface normal approximations and optimization of light direction for robust shape reconstruction from single images
Includes: Ikeda, O. Ikeda, O.[Osamu]
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Ikeda, S.[Sei] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality System for Visualizing 3-D Region of Interest in Unknown Environment
* Construction of Feature Landmark Database Using Omnidirectional Videos and GPS Positions
* Extrinsic Camera Parameter Estimation Based on Feature Tracking and GPS Data
* Extrinsic Camera Parameter Recovery from Multiple Image Sequences Captured by an Omni-Directional Multi-camera System
* immersive telepresence system with a locomotion interface using high-resolution omnidirectional movies, An
* Panoramic Movie Generation Using an Omnidirectional Multi-camera System for Telepresence
* Performance Improvement of Physically Based Spectral Rendering Using Stochastic Sampling
* Super-Resolved Video Mosaicing for Documents Based on Extrinsic Camera Parameter Estimation
* Video Mosaicing Based on Structure from Motion for Distortion-Free Document Digitization
* Video Mosaicing for Curved Documents Based on Structure from Motion
* Video mosaicing for curved documents by structure from motion
Includes: Ikeda, S.[Sei] Ikeda, S. Ikeda, S.[Sho]
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Ikeda, T. Co Author Listing * Arbitrarily Shaped Objects Relighting Using an RGB-D Camera
* Human tracking using floor sensors based on the Markov chain Monte Carlo method
* Illumination estimation from shadow and incomplete object shape captured by an RGB-D camera
* Kyushu Decorative Tumuli Project: From e-Heritage to Cyber-Archaeology
* Mapping Aquifer Storage Properties Using S-Wave Velocity and InSAR-Derived Surface Displacement in the Kumamoto Area, Southwest Japan
* Monitoring system and imaging system
* Person Tracking in Large Public Spaces Using 3-D Range Sensors
* Process for Detecting Defects in Complicated Patterns, A
* Self-calibration of multiple-line-lasers based on coplanarity and Epipolar constraints for wide area shape scan using moving camera
* Sensor fusion as optimization: maximizing mutual information between sensory signals
* Traffic Measurement with a Roadside Vision System: Individual Tracking of Overlapped Vehicles
* video searching system and its matching methods using MSP exchanging data, A
Includes: Ikeda, T. Ikeda, T.[Takuya] Ikeda, T.[Tomoo] Ikeda, T.[Tatsunori] Ikeda, T.[Takashi] Ikeda, T.[Takaki] Ikeda, T.[Tomoji]
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Ikeda, Y.[Yoshikazu] Co Author Listing * ATM video signal multiplexer with congestion control function
* Downtown Osaka Scene Text Dataset
* neural network classifier for occluded images, A
* Region Extraction and Shape Analysis in Aerial Photographs
* Region Extraction and Shape Analysis of Aerial Photographs
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition with Stochastic Dissimilarity in Japanese On-Line Input System (JOLIS)-1/1.5
Includes: Ikeda, Y.[Yoshikazu] Ikeda, Y.[Yuki] Ikeda, Y. Ikeda, Y.[Yoshio]

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