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Khodabakhsh, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Unknown presentation attack detection against rational attackers

Khodabandeh, A. Co Author Listing * Array-Aided Multifrequency GNSS Ionospheric Sensing: Estimability and Precision Analysis
* Seamless Vehicle Positioning by Lidar-GNSS Integration: Standalone and Multi-Epoch Scenarios
Includes: Khodabandeh, A. Khodabandeh, A.[Amir]

Khodabandeh, M.[Mehran] Co Author Listing * Discovering human interactions in videos with limited data labeling
* DIY Human Action Dataset Generation
* Object detection in surveillance video from dense trajectories
* Robust Learning Approach to Domain Adaptive Object Detection, A
* Unsupervised learning of supervoxel embeddings for video Segmentation
Includes: Khodabandeh, M.[Mehran] Khodabandeh, M.

Khodabandehloo, E. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Modelling of Dust Storm Sources Emission in West Asia

Khodabandelou, G.[Ghazaleh] Co Author Listing * Counter-examples generation from a positive unlabeled image dataset

Khodadad, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Medial Spectral Coordinates for 3D Shape Analysis

Khodadadeh, S.[Siavash] Co Author Listing * Automatic Object Recoloring Using Adversarial Learning
* Latent to Latent: A Learned Mapper for Identity Preserving Editing of Multiple Face Attributes in StyleGAN-generated Images

Khodadadi, E. Co Author Listing * Which super-resolution algorithm is proper for Farsi text image sequences

Khodadadzadeh, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Method for Subglacial Lake Detection in Ice Sheet Radar Sounder Data, An
* Hierarchical Sparse Subspace Clustering (HESSC): An Automatic Approach for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Integration of Terrestrial and Drone-Borne Hyperspectral and Photogrammetric Sensing Methods for Exploration Mapping and Mining Monitoring
* Multi-label Classification for Drill-core Hyperspectral Mineral Mapping
* Resolution Enhancement for Drill-Core Hyperspectral Mineral Mapping
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Data Using Local and Global Probabilities for Mixed Pixel Characterization
* Supervised Method for Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing, A
Includes: Khodadadzadeh, M. Khodadadzadeh, M.[Mahdi]
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Khodadoust, A.M.[Ali Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint indexing based on minutiae pairs and convex core point

Khodadoust, J.[Javad] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint indexing based on minutiae pairs and convex core point

Khodaee, M.[Mahsa] Co Author Listing * Detecting Winter Cover Crops and Crop Residues in the Midwest US Using Machine Learning Classification of Thermal and Optical Imagery
* Monitoring Forest Infestation and Fire Disturbance in the Southern Appalachian Using a Time Series Analysis of Landsat Imagery

Khodaee, Z. Co Author Listing * Canopy Density Mapping on Ultracam-D Aerial Imagery in Zagros Woodlands, Iran

Khodaei, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of volumes of subcortical regions in schizophrenia patients and healthy controls using MRI
* SKIF-P: a point-based indexing and ranking of web documents for spatial-keyword search
Includes: Khodaei, A. Khodaei, A.[Ali]

Khodaei, M.[Masoumeh] Co Author Listing * Image Hiding by Using Genetic Algorithm and LSB Substitution
* New adaptive steganographic method using least significant-bit substitution and pixel-value differencing
* SECMACE: Scalable and Robust Identity and Credential Management Infrastructure in Vehicular Communication Systems
Includes: Khodaei, M.[Masoumeh] Khodaei, M.

Khodaii, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Risk-Based Formulation of the Transit Priority Network Design

Khodakovsky, A.[Andrei] Co Author Listing * Near-Optimal Connectivity Encoding of 2-Manifold Polygon Meshes

Khodaparastan, M. Co Author Listing * Recuperation of Regenerative Braking Energy in Electric Rail Transit Systems

Khodaverdi Zahraee, N. Co Author Listing * Object-oriented Classification of LIDAR Data for Post-Earthquake Damage Detection

Khodaverdi, G.[Gholamreza] Co Author Listing * Trade-Off between Imperceptibility and Robustness of LSB Watermarking Using SSIM Quality Metrics

Khodayar, M.E. Co Author Listing * Decision Support System for Proactive-Robust Traffic Network Management, A

Khodayar, S.[Samiro] Co Author Listing * Warming Mediterranean: 38 Years of Increasing Sea Surface Temperature, A

Khodayari Rostamabad, A. Co Author Listing * Multiple Instance Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for object recognition
Includes: Khodayari Rostamabad, A. Khodayari-Rostamabad, A.

Khodayari Samghabadi, I.[Imaneh] Co Author Listing * Fast Multi-Network K-Dependence Bayesian Classifier for Continuous Features, A
Includes: Khodayari Samghabadi, I.[Imaneh] Khodayari-Samghabadi, I.[Imaneh]

Khodayari, A. Co Author Listing * Improved adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system car-following behaviour model based on the driver-vehicle delay
* Modified Car-Following Model Based on a Neural Network Model of the Human Driver Effects, A

Khoder, A. Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction and Selection via Robust Discriminant Analysis and Class Sparsity
* Feature Extraction by Joint Robust Discriminant Analysis and Inter-class Sparsity

Khoder, J.[Jihan] Co Author Listing * Dimension Reduction of Hyperspectral Image with Rare Event Preserving
* Stability of Dimensionality Reduction Methods Applied on Artificial Hyperspectral Images

Khodonov, A. Co Author Listing * Color Sensitive Biosensors for Imaging

Khodris, C. Co Author Listing * Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: the ophthalmologist's opinion

Khodyrev, A. Co Author Listing * Use of Boolean Functions and Local Operations for Edge-Detection in Images, The

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