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Kida, H. Co Author Listing * application of feature selection to handwritten character recognition, An
* Document Recognition System for Office Automation
* method for designing dictionary using simulated annealing, A
* Seeing the Character Images That an OCR System Sees: Analysis by Genetic Algorithm

Kida, S.[Shinichiro] Co Author Listing * Short-Term Variation of the Surface Flow Pattern South of Lombok Strait Observed from the Himawari-8 Sea Surface Temperature

Kida, T. Co Author Listing * extended optimum interpolatory approximation of multi-dimensional signals, The

Kida, Y. Co Author Listing * Voice Activity Detection: Merging Source and Filter-based Information

Kidane, A.[Assegid] Co Author Listing * Footprint tracking and recognition using a pressure sensing floor
* People Identification Using Gait Via Floor Pressure Sensing and Analysis
Includes: Kidane, A.[Assegid] Kidané, A.[Assegid]

Kidane, M. Co Author Listing * 3D gesture-based interaction for immersive experience in mobile VR

Kidani, Y. Co Author Listing * Block-Size Dependent Overlapped Block Motion Compensation
* Blocksize-QP Dependent Intra Interpolation Filters

Kidawara, Y. Co Author Listing * Community detection using random-walk similarity and application to image clustering
* Community Detection Using Restrained Random-Walk Similarity

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