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Labe, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Automatic Bundle Adjustment Results
* Bundle Adjustment For Multi-camera Systems With Points At Infinity
* Geometric Stability of Low-Cost Digital Consumer Cameras
* Improving Image Segmentation using Multiple View Analysis
* Incremental Real-Time Bundle Adjustment for Multi-Camera Systems with Points at Infinity
* Learning Optimal Parameters for Self-Diagnosis in a System for Automatic Exterior Orientation
* On the Quality of Automatic Relative Orientation Procedures
Includes: Labe, T.[Thomas] Läbe, T. (Maybe also Laebe, T.)Läbe, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Laebe, T.)
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Labeau, F.[Fabrice] Co Author Listing * Adaptive downsampling in high order Oversampled Filter Banks
* Adversarial Robustness Via Fisher-Rao Regularization
* Enhanced Multiple Description Decoder for Error-Prone Channels
* family of fast index and redundancy assignments for error resilient multiple description coding, A
* Fast index assignment for robust multiple description coding
* Frame distortion estimation for unequal error protection methods in scalable video coding (SVC)
* Image processing for multimedia terminals and related architectures
* Intra-distance Derived Weighted distortion for error resilience
* Low Complexity Image Quality Assessment Using Frequency Domain Transforms
* Novel prediction schemes for error resilient video coding
* Oversampled Filter Banks with instantaneous erasures
* Performances of linear tools and models for error detection and concealment in subband image transmission
* Reference frame modification techniques for temporal and spatial scalability
* Robust Multiple Hypothesis Motion Compensated Prediction within the H.264/AVC standard
* Structures and Factorizations for non Critically Decimated Paraunitary Filter Banks Yielding Linear Phase Filters
* Temporal transcoding of H.264/AVC video to the scalable format
Includes: Labeau, F.[Fabrice] Labeau, F.
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Labed, J.[Jelila] Co Author Listing * Algorithm Development for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval: Application to Chinese Gaofen-5 Data
* Alternative Physical Method for Retrieving Land Surface Temperatures from Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Data: Application to IASI Observations
* Daily Evaporative Fraction Parameterization Scheme Driven by Day-Night Differences in Surface Parameters: Improvement and Validation
* Quantifying the Influences of Driving Factors on Land Surface Temperature during 2003-2018 in China Using Convergent Cross Mapping Method
Includes: Labed, J.[Jelila] Labed, J.[Jélila]

Labedz, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Improving the Recognition of Occluded Faces by Means of Two-dimensional Orthogonal Projection into Local Subspaces

Labelle, E.R.[Eric R.] Co Author Listing * Development and Validation of a Photo-Based Measurement System to Calculate the Debarking Percentages of Processed Logs

Labelle, G.[Gilbert] Co Author Listing * Discrete Versions of Stokes' Theorem Based on Families of Weights on Hypercubes
* On Minimal Moment of Inertia Polyominoes

Labelle, H. Co Author Listing * 3D Biplanar Reconstruction of Scoliotic Vertebrae Using Statistical Models
* Articulated Model Registration of MRI/X-Ray Spine Data
* Computer-Aided Method for Scoliosis Fusion Level Selection by a Topologicaly Ordered Self Organizing Kohonen Network, A
* Geometric Variability of the Scoliotic Spine Using Statistics on Articulated Shape Models
* hierarchical statistical modeling approach for the unsupervised 3d reconstruction of the scoliotic spine, A
* Longitudinal Scoliotic Trunk Analysis via Spectral Representation and Statistical Analysis
* Modified Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Metric Learning for Regression
* Novel Automatic Method to Evaluate Scoliotic Trunk Shape Changes in Different Postures, A
* Personalized X-Ray 3-D Reconstruction of the Scoliotic Spine From Hybrid Statistical and Image-Based Models
* Principal Deformations Modes of Articulated Models for the Analysis of 3D Spine Deformities
* Principal Spine Shape Deformation Modes Using Riemannian Geometry and Articulated Models
* Spine Segmentation in Medical Images Using Manifold Embeddings and Higher-Order MRFs
* Three-dimensional modelling and rendering of the human skeletal trunk from 2D radiographic images
* Towards Non Invasive Diagnosis of Scoliosis Using Semi-supervised Learning Approach
* Towards the Self-Calibration of a Multiview Radiographic Imaging System for the 3D Reconstruction of the Human Spine and Rib Cage
Includes: Labelle, H. Labelle, H.[Hubert]
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Labelle, L. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic coding of a lossless contour based representation of label images
* Image Approximation by Minimization of a Geometric Distance Applied to a 3D Finite Elements Based Model

Laber, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Shallow decision trees for explainable k-means clustering
* Time-constrained learning

Laber, E.S.[Eduardo Sany] Co Author Listing * Splitting criteria for classification problems with multi-valued attributes and large number of classes

Labetski, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Harmonising the OGC Standards for the Built Environment: A CityGML Extension for LandInfra
* Proposal for an Improved Transportation Model In CityGML, A
* Survey on the Adoption of GIS Data and Standards in Urban Application Domains, A
Includes: Labetski, A.[Anna] Labetski, A.

Labeye, E.[Elodie] Co Author Listing * Daily use of an electric vehicle: behavioural changes and potential for its support

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