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Lari, F. Co Author Listing * Edge-Based 3-D Camera Motion Estimation with Application to Video Coding

Lari, M.R.A.[Mohammad Reza Akbarzadeh] Co Author Listing * Using Curvelet transform for watermarking based on amplitude modulation

Lari, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach for Segmentation of 3D Laser Point Cloud, An
* adaptive approach for the segmentation and extraction of planar and linear/cylindrical features from laser scanning data, An
* Alternative Methodologies for The Estimation of Local Point Density Index: Moving Towards Adaptive Lidar Data Processing
* Design And Implementation Of A Low-cost UAV-based Multi-sensor Payload For Rapid-response Mapping Applications
* New Approach for Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Planar Surfaces from Laser Scanning Data and Imagery Collected Onboard Modern Low-Cost Aerial Mapping Systems, A
* New Approach for Segmentation-Based Texturing of Laser Scanning Data, A
* novel quality control procedure for the evaluation of laser scanning data segmentation, A
* Performance of parameter-domain and spatial-domain pole-like feature segmentation using single and multiple terrestrial laser scans
* Quality Analysis Of 3d Surface Reconstruction Using Multi-platform Photogrammetric Systems
* Region-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Images Acquired by Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems
* System Considerations and Challenges in 3D Mapping and Modeling Using Low-Cost UAV Systems
Includes: Lari, Z.[Zahra] Lari, Z.
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Laria, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * TransferI2I: Transfer Learning for Image-to-Image Translation from Small Datasets
* Transferring Unconditional to Conditional GANs with Hyper-Modulation
Includes: Laria, H.[Hector] Laria, H.[Héctor]

Laribi, A.[Achour] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Hyperspectral Techniques for Urban Tree Diversity Classification

Laribi, G.[Ghada] Co Author Listing * Towards Quality Assessment of Blind Deconvolution with Shift Compensation

Larichev, A.V. Co Author Listing * Fourier Domain Iterative Approach to Optical Sectioning of 3d Translucent Objects for Ophthalmology Purposes

Larid, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Image Topic Discovery with Saliency Detection

Larimore, W.E. Co Author Listing * Statistical Interaction and Statistical Analysis of Lattice Systems

Larin, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Finding the Largest Hypercavity in a Linear Data Space

Larin, A.O.[Aleksandr O.] Co Author Listing * One-class Classification Criterion Robust to Anomalies in Training Dataset
* Removing Haze Particles From Single Image via Exponential Inference With Support Vector Data Description
Includes: Larin, A.O.[Aleksandr O.] Larin, A.O.

Larin, K.V. Co Author Listing * 4D Reconstruction of the Beating Embryonic Heart From Two Orthogonal Sets of Parallel Optical Coherence Tomography Slice-Sequences
* Optical coherence tomography used for security and fingerprint-sensing applications

Larina, I.V. Co Author Listing * 4D Reconstruction of the Beating Embryonic Heart From Two Orthogonal Sets of Parallel Optical Coherence Tomography Slice-Sequences

Larina, N.[Nina] Co Author Listing * Prediction of the spectral reflectance of laser-generated color prints by combination of an optical model and learning methods

Larios, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Automated Insect Identification through Concatenated Histograms of Local Appearance Features
* Automated insect identification through concatenated histograms of local appearance features: feature vector generation and region detection for deformable objects
* Dictionary-free categorization of very similar objects via stacked evidence trees
* Haar Random Forest Features and SVM Spatial Matching Kernel for Stonefly Species Identification
* Modeling Temporal Interactions with Interval Temporal Bayesian Networks for Complex Activity Recognition
* Stacked spatial-pyramid kernel: An object-class recognition method to combine scores from random trees
Includes: Larios, N.[Natalia] Larios, N.

Larisis, N.[Nikos] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Parking Management System Based on Wireless Sensor Network Technology

Lariviere, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Learning Probabilistic Approach for Object Segmentation, A
Includes: Lariviere, G.[Guillaume] Larivière, G.[Guillaume]

Larizza, C. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Assessment of Personal Exposure to Air Pollution for Everyone: A Smartphone-based Approach
* Key Role of Geographic Information In Exposomics: The Example Of The H2020 Pulse Project, The
* Unified Approach for Modeling Longitudinal and Failure Time Data, with Application in Medical Monitoring, A

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