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Loos, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Automated Chimpanzee Identification System Using Face Detection and Recognition, An
* Chimpanzee Faces in the Wild: Log-Euclidean CNNs for Predicting Identities and Attributes of Primates

Loos, H.S.[Hartmut S.] Co Author Listing * 1-Click Learning of Object Models for Recognition
* Multi-cue Based Visual Tracking in Clutter Scenes with Occlusions
* Performance evaluation of a real time video surveillance system
* Review and Comparison of Measures for Automatic Video Surveillance Systems, A
Includes: Loos, H.S.[Hartmut S.] Loos, H.S.

Loos, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Analysing the Impact of Large Data Imports in OpenStreetMap
* Show Me the Data!: Structuring Archaeological Data to Deliver Interactive, Transparent 3D Reconstructions in a 3D WebGIS

Loos, R.P.[Rolf P.] Co Author Listing * Hybrid coding with pre-buffering and pre-analysis in a software-based codec environment

Loose, H. Co Author Listing * B-Spline Modeling of Road Surfaces With an Application to Free-Space Estimation

Loose, M. Co Author Listing * State-of-the-art image sensors and signal processing in NASA's space telescopes

Looser, P.R. Co Author Listing * Reference Target Correction Based on Point-Target SAR Simulation

Loosli, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * Color-Based Selective and Interactive Filter Using Weighted TV, A
* Uzawa Block Relaxation Methods for Color Image Restoration
Includes: Loosli, C.[Cedric] Loosli, C.[CÚdric]

Loosli, G.[Gaelle] Co Author Listing * Handling missing weak classifiers in boosted cascade: application to multiview and occluded face detection
* Learning SVM in Krein Spaces
* Using k-nearest neighbors to handle missing weak classifiers in a boosted cascade
Includes: Loosli, G.[Gaelle] Loosli, G.[GaŰlle]

Loosvelt, L. Co Author Listing * Impact of Reducing Polarimetric SAR Input on the Uncertainty of Crop Classifications Based on the Random Forests Algorithm

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