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Meis, U. Co Author Listing * Reinforcing the reliability of pedestrian detection in far-infrared sensing

Meisch, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Using OpenStreetMap Data and Machine Learning to Generate Socio-Economic Indicators

Meise, F. Co Author Listing * Broadside-Split-Ring Resonator-Based Coil for MRI at 7 T, A

Meisel, J.J.[Joshua Jerome] Co Author Listing * Automated Mapping of Historical Native American Land Allotments at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation Using Geographic Information Systems

Meisel, L.V. Co Author Listing * Convergence of Numerical Box-Counting and Correlation Integral Multifractal Analysis Techniques

Meisels, A. Co Author Listing * Finding Objects in Aerial Photographs: A Rule-Based Low Level System
* Levels of Knowledge for Object Extraction
* Quantification and Abstraction: Low Level Tokens for Object Extraction
* Symbolic Reasoning in Object Extraction
* Token-Textured Object Detection by Pyramids
Includes: Meisels, A. Meisels, A.[Amnon]

Meisen, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Multi Level Time Model for Interactive Multiple Dataset Visualization: The Dataset Sequencer, A

Meishvili, G. Co Author Listing * Learning to Extract a Video Sequence from a Single Motion-Blurred Image
* Learning to Have an Ear for Face Super-Resolution
* Video Representation Learning by Recognizing Temporal Transformations
Includes: Meishvili, G. Meishvili, G.[Givi]

Meisina, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Methodology for Detection and Interpretation of Ground Motion Areas with the A-DInSAR Time Series Analysis
* Methodology to Detect and Characterize Uplift Phenomena in Urban Areas Using Sentinel-1 Data, A

Meisinger, K. Co Author Listing * 2D Frequency Selective Extrapolation for Spatial Error Concealment in H.264/AVC Video Coding
* Minimizing a weighted error criterion for spatial error concealment of missing image data
* Spatio-Temporal Defect Pixel Interpolation using 3-D Frequency Selective Extrapolation
* Spatiotemporal Selective Extrapolation for 3-D Signals and Its Applications in Video Communications
Includes: Meisinger, K. Meisinger, K.[Katrin]

Meisner, E.M.[Eric M.] Co Author Listing * Color-based hybrid reconstruction for endoscopy

Meisner, R. Co Author Listing * Image fusion and wavelet analysis for 3-D reconstruction using 2-D images obtained under different illumination conditions

Meisner, R.E. Co Author Listing * Computer Animation of Remote Sensing-Based Time Series Data Sets

Meissner, E. Co Author Listing * Optimizing Departures of Automated Vehicles From Highways While Maintaining Mainline Capacity

Meissner, H. Co Author Listing * Extracting Semantically Annotated 3D Building Models with Textures from Oblique Aerial Imagery
* Implementation and Validation of a High Accuracy UAV-Photogrammetry Based Rail Track Inspection System
* MACS: Modular Airborne Camera System for Generating Photogrammetric High-Resolution Products
* Reconstructing Buildings with Discontinuities And Roof Overhangs From Oblique Aerial Imagery
Includes: Meissner, H. Meissner, H.[Henry]

Meissner, H.G. Co Author Listing * Control of an Unstable Plant by Computer Vision
* Steuerung dynamischer Systeme aufgrund bildhafter Informationen

Meissner, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Benchmark database for fine-grained image classification of benthic macroinvertebrates
* Data Enrichment in Fine-Grained Classification of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
* Human experts vs. machines in taxa recognition
* Learned vs. engineered features for fine-grained classification of aquatic macroinvertebrates
* Network of evolutionary binary classifiers for classification and retrieval in macroinvertebrate databases
Includes: Meissner, K.[Kristian] Meissner, K.

Meissner, P. Co Author Listing * High-Accuracy Localization for Assisted Living: 5G systems will turn multipath channels from foe to friend

Meissner, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Multimedia Presentation in Ubiquitous Multidevice Scenarios

Meissner, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Aquarius Sea Surface Salinity
* Assessment of CYGNSS Wind Speed Retrievals in Tropical Cyclones
* Assessment of Saildrone Extreme Wind Measurements in Hurricane Sam Using MW Satellite Sensors
* Geolocation and Pointing Accuracy Analysis for the WindSat Sensor
* Ocean Surface Foam and Microwave Emission: Dependence on Frequency and Incidence Angle
* Ocean Vector Winds From WindSat Two-Look Polarimetric Radiances
* Remote Sensing of Sea Surface Salinity: Comparison of Satellite and In Situ Observations and Impact of Retrieval Parameters
* Salinity Retrieval Algorithms for the NASA Aquarius Version 5 and SMAP Version 3 Releases, The
* Sensitivity of Ocean Surface Salinity Measurements From Spaceborne L-Band Radiometers to Ancillary Sea Surface Temperature
* SMAP Salinity Retrievals near the Sea-Ice Edge Using Multi-Channel AMSR2 Brightness Temperatures
* Soil Moisture Active/Passive L-Band Microwave Radiometer Postlaunch Calibration
* Status of Aquarius and Salinity Continuity
* Tropical Cyclone Wind Speeds from WindSat, AMSR and SMAP: Algorithm Development and Testing
* Tropical Cyclone Winds from WindSat, AMSR2, and SMAP: Comparison with the HWRF Model
Includes: Meissner, T.[Thomas] Meissner, T.
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Meister, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Parallel BVH construction using k-means clustering

Meister, G. Co Author Listing * Corrections to the MODIS Aqua Calibration Derived From MODIS Aqua Ocean Color Products
* MODIS Aqua Optical Throughput Degradation Impact on Relative Spectral Response and Calibration of Ocean Color Products
* MODIS Aqua Reflective Solar Band Calibration for NASA's R2018 Ocean Color Products
Includes: Meister, G. Meister, G.[Gerhard]

Meister, J.D. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional EIT imaging of breast tissues: System Design and Clinical Testing

Meister, M.[Moritz] Co Author Listing * Scalable Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation Data Using Hopsworks
* Synthetic Examples Improve Generalization for Rare Classes
Includes: Meister, M.[Moritz] Meister, M.

Meister, N.[Nicole] Co Author Listing * HIVE: Evaluating the Human Interpretability of Visual Explanations

Meister, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * High Accuracy TOF and Stereo Sensor Fusion at Interactive Rates
* Stereo Ground Truth with Error Bars
* Time of flight motion compensation revisited
Includes: Meister, S.[Stephan] Meister, S.

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