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Ochs, M.[Magalie] Co Author Listing * Architecture of a socio-conversational agent in virtual worlds
* COnGRATS: Realistic simulation of traffic sequences for autonomous driving
* Detecting Parallel-Moving Objects in the Monocular Case Employing CNN Depth Maps
* Enhanced Phase Correlation for Reliable and Robust Estimation of Multiple Motion Distributions
* From the Symbolic Analysis of Virtual Faces to a Smiles Machine
* Instance-Level Segmentation of Vehicles by Deep Contours
* Joint Epipolar Tracking (JET): Simultaneous Optimization of Epipolar Geometry and Feature Correspondences
* Methodology for the Automatic Extraction and Generation of Non-Verbal Signals Sequences Conveying Interpersonal Attitudes, A
* SDNet: Semantically Guided Depth Estimation Network
Includes: Ochs, M.[Magalie] Ochs, M. Ochs, M.[Matthias]
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Ochs, M.F.[Michael F.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian image decomposition applied to relaxographic imaging

Ochs, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * AFSI: Adaptive Restart for Fast Semi-Iterative Schemes for Convex Optimisation
* Bilevel Optimization with Nonsmooth Lower Level Problems
* Bregman Proximal Gradient Algorithms for Deep Matrix Factorization
* FSI Schemes: Fast Semi-Iterative Solvers for PDEs and Optimisation Methods
* Hierarchy of Localized Random Forests for Video Annotation
* Higher order motion models and spectral clustering
* iPiano: Inertial Proximal Algorithm for Nonconvex Optimization
* iPiasco: Inertial Proximal Algorithm for Strongly Convex Optimization
* Iterated L1 Algorithm for Non-smooth Non-convex Optimization in Computer Vision, An
* Lifting Layers: Analysis and Applications
* Multiview Deblurring for 3-D Images from Light-Sheet-Based Fluorescence Microscopy
* Object Segmentation by Long Term Analysis of Point Trajectories
* Object segmentation in video: A hierarchical variational approach for turning point trajectories into dense regions
* On Iteratively Reweighted Algorithms for Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization in Computer Vision
* Quasi-Newton Primal-dual Algorithm with Line Search, A
* Robust Interactive Multi-label Segmentation with an Advanced Edge Detector
* Segmentation of Moving Objects by Long Term Video Analysis
* Self-supervised Sparse to Dense Motion Segmentation
* Techniques for Gradient-Based Bilevel Optimization with Non-smooth Lower Level Problems
Includes: Ochs, P.[Peter] Ochs, P.
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Ochse, M. Co Author Listing * brain-like neural network for periodicity analysis, A

Ochsner, T.[Tyson] Co Author Listing * From Standard Weather Stations to Virtual Micro-Meteorological Towers in Ungauged Sites: Modeling Tool for Surface Energy Fluxes, Evapotranspiration, Soil Temperature, and Soil Moisture Estimations

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