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Ok, A.O.[Ali Ozgun] Co Author Listing * Accurate Matching and Reconstruction of Line Features from Ultra High Resolution Stereo Aerial Images
* Accurate Reconstruction of Near-Epipolar Line Segments from Stereo Aerial Images
* Automated Description of 2-D Building Boundaries From A Single Color Aerial Ortho-Image
* Automated Detection of Arbitrarily Shaped Buildings in Complex Environments From Monocular VHR Optical Satellite Imagery
* Automated detection of buildings from single VHR multispectral images using shadow information and graph cuts
* Automatic Training Site Selection of Agricultural Crop Classification: A Case Study on Karacabey Plain, Turkey
* Exploiting Shadow Evidence and Iterative Graph-Cuts for Efficient Detection of Buildings in Complex Environments
* In-Strip Matching and Reconstruction of Line Segments from UHR Aerial Image Triplets
* Mapping of Agricultural Crops from Single High-Resolution Multispectral Images: Data-Driven Smoothing vs. Parcel-Based Smoothing
* Matching of straight line segments from aerial stereo images of urban areas
* Multi-spectral False Color Shadow Detection
* New Approach for the Extraction of Aboveground Circular Structures From Near-Nadir VHR Satellite Imagery, A
* New Straight Line Reconstruction Methodology From Multi-Spectral Stereo Aerial Images, A
* Urban building detection from optical and InSAR features exploiting context
* WebGIS Framework for Semi-automated Geodatabase Updating Assisted By Deep Learning, A
Includes: Ok, A.O.[Ali Ozgun] Ok, A.÷.[Ali ÷zgŁn] Ok, A.O. Ok, A.O.[A. Ozdarici]
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Ok, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Scalable 4th-Order Match Propagation
* High-Level Bottom-Up Cues for Top-Down Parsing of Facade Images

Ok, H.W.[Hyun Wook] Co Author Listing * Color Processing for Multi-Primary Display Devices
* Improving the spatail resolution based on 4D light field data
Includes: Ok, H.W.[Hyun Wook] Ok, H.W.[Hyun-Wook]

Ok, J.[Jungseul] Co Author Listing * Combating Label Distribution Shift for Active Domain Adaptation
* HDR tone mapping algorithm based on difference compression with adaptive reference values
* Towards Sequence-Level Training for Visual Tracking
Includes: Ok, J.[Jungseul] Ok, J.[Jiheon]

Ok, S.Y.[Se Young] Co Author Listing * Character Grouping Technique Using 3-D Neighborhood Graphs in Raster Map
* word extraction algorithm for machine-printed documents using a 3D neighborhood graph model, A
Includes: Ok, S.Y.[Se Young] Ok, S.Y.[Se-Young]

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