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Ono, A.[Ayato] Co Author Listing * Embedding the Awareness State and Response State in an Image-Based Avatar to Start Natural User Interaction
* Onboard Calibration of the ASTER Instrument
Includes: Ono, A.[Ayato] Ono, A.

Ono, E.[Eiichi] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Ground Surface and Accuracy Assessments of Growth Parameters for a Sweet Potato Community in Ridge Cultivation
* Image data processing apparatus and image reproduction apparatus
* Interpersonal Coevolution of Body Movements in Daily Face-to-Face Communication
Includes: Ono, E.[Eiichi] Ono, E.[Eita] Ono, E.[Eisuke]

Ono, F. Co Author Listing * Efficient coding of computer generated images with acceptable picture quality
* Egocentric Biochemical Video-and-Language Dataset
* JBIG2: The Ultimate Bi-level Image Coding Standard
* Probability Estimation of Binary Information Sources for Image Coding
* Technical features of the JBIG standard for progressive bi-level image compression
Includes: Ono, F. Ono, F.[Fumihito] Ono, F.[Fumitaka]

Ono, H. Co Author Listing * Onboard Calibration of the ASTER Instrument

Ono, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Computer-Generated Tie-Dyeing Using a 3D Diffusion Graph
* Development of polygon shift method for generating 3D view map of buildings
* Digital Bleaching and Content Extraction for the Digital Archive of Rare Books
* Impact of Sunlight Conditions on the Consistency of Vegetation Indices in Croplands: Effective Usage of Vegetation Indices from Continuous Ground-Based Spectral Measurements, The
* Interactive Control of Mesh Topology in Quadrilateral Mesh Generation Based on 2d Tensor Fields
Includes: Ono, K.[Kenji] Ono, K.[Kunihiko] Ono, K. Ono, K.[Keisuke]

Ono, K.J.[Kin Ji] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of a Collapsed Historical Site from Sparse Set of Photographs and Photogrammetric Map
Includes: Ono, K.J.[Kin Ji] Ono, K.J.[Kin-Ji]

Ono, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Shape and Pose Estimation of Deformable Tapes from Multiple Views
* AI4MARS: A Dataset for Terrain-Aware Autonomous Driving on Mars
* Earth Observation Data Interoperability Arrangement With Ontology Registry
Includes: Ono, M. Ono, M.[Masahiro]

Ono, N. Co Author Listing * Bilevel Optimization Using Stationary Point of Lower-Level Objective Function for Discriminative Basis Learning in Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Concurrent Optimization of Context Clustering and GMM for Offline Handwritten Word Recognition Using HMM
* Deeply Learned Filter Response Functions for Hyperspectral Reconstruction
* Least Square Error Estimation of the Center and Radii of Concentric Arcs, A
* Light transport component decomposition using multi-frequency illumination
* Measurement of Eyeball Rotational Movements in the Dark Environment
* Restoration of rotationally blurred images
* Reversible Audio Information Hiding Based on Integer DCT Coefficients with Adaptive Hiding Locations
* Sleep Apnea Detection via Depth Video and Audio Feature Learning
Includes: Ono, N. Ono, N.[Nobutaka]
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Ono, S. Co Author Listing * Active One-Shot Scan for Wide Depth Range Using a Light Field Projector Based on Coded Aperture
* All-digital super high definition images
* Automatic feature extraction using CNN for robust active one-shot scanning
* Belief-propagation-based robust decoding for two-dimensional barcodes to overcome distortion and occlusion and its extension to multi-view decoding
* Cartoon-Texture Image Decomposition Using Blockwise Low-Rank Texture Characterization
* Climbing Sensor: 3D Modeling of Narrow Areas by Using Space-Time Analysis, The
* Coded aperture for projector and camera for robust 3D measurement
* Coded Aperture for Watermark Extraction from Defocused Images, A
* Compressed Hyperspectral Pansharpening
* Constrained Convex Optimization Approach to Hyperspectral Image Restoration with Hybrid Spatio-Spectral Regularization, A
* Constructing Large-Scale Virtual Environment by Using Panoramic Images
* Contrast Mapping and Evaluation for Electronic X-Ray Images on CRT Display Monitor
* Convex Regularize for Reducing Color Artifact in Color Image Recovery, A
* Decorrelated Vectorial Total Variation
* Design of Sampling Matrices in Graph Frequency Domain for Graph Signal Processing
* Fusion of a camera and a laser range sensor for vehicle recognition
* Gradient-domain image decomposition for image recovery
* Hierarchical sub-band coding of super high definition image with adaptive block-size multistage VQ
* Image Restoration with Multiple Hard Constraints on Data-Fidelity to Blurred/Noisy Image Pair
* Information Hiding Using a Coded Aperture as a Key
* L_0 Gradient Projection
* Mixed Noise Removal for Hyperspectral Images Using Hybrid Spatio-Spectral Total Variati
* Non-local/local image filters using fast eigenvalue filtering
* OCT Volumetric Data Restoration with Latent Distribution of Refractive Index
* Optimization and integration of high-performance ground penetrating imaging radar system: A research prototype
* Optimized Aperture for Estimating Depth from Projector's Defocus
* Optimized JPEG image decompression with super-resolution interpolation using multi-order total variation
* Outdoor omnidirectional video completion via depth estimation by motion analysis
* Primal-Dual Plug-and-Play Image Restoration
* Projection-Based Physical Adversarial Attack for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Randomized Subspace Newton Convex Method Applied to Data-Driven Sensor Selection Problem
* Real-time image-based rendering system for virtual city based on image compression technique and eigen texture method
* Signal Analysis and Compression Performance Evaluation of Pathological Microscopic Images
* Simultaneous deblur and super-resolution technique for video sequence captured by hand-held video camera
* Simultaneous Entire Shape Registration of Multiple Depth Images Using Depth Difference and Shape Silhouette
* Space-time Analysis of Spherical Projection Image
* Structured light with coded aperture for wide range 3D measurement
* Temporal Shape Super-Resolution by Intra-frame Motion Encoding Using High-fps Structured Light
* Total variation-wavelet-curvelet regularized optimization for image restoration
* Toward Interactive Self-Annotation For Video Object Bounding Box: Recurrent Self-Learning And Hierarchical Annotation Based Framework
* Two-Dimensional Barcode with Robust Decoding against Distortion and Occlusion for Automatic Recognition of Garbage Bags, A
* Weighted tensor nuclear norm minimization for color image denoising
Includes: Ono, S. Ono, S.[Sadayasu] Ono, S.[Satoshi] Ono, S.[Shintaro] Ono, S.[Shunsuke] Ono, S.[Sashi]
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Ono, T.[Taishi] Co Author Listing * Accurate Polarimetric BRDF for Real Polarization Scene Rendering
* Degree-of-linear-polarization-based Color Constancy
* Depth Correction for Time-Of-Flight Camera Using Depth Distortion Dependency on Pulse Width of Irradiated Light
* Detection of groups in crowd considering their activity state
* Fundamental Principles of Image Orientation Using Orthogonal Projection Model
* Image processing method and apparatus
* Image processing method and apparatus with reduction of granular noise, etc.
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing of Kaguya Lunar Radar Sounder Data for Lunar Subsurface Imaging
Includes: Ono, T.[Taishi] Ono, T.[Toshiyuki] Ono, T. Ono, T.[Tetsu] Ono, T.[Takeshi]
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Ono, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Adaptive window search using semantic texton forests for real-time object detection
* Detection of chain structures embedded in multidimensional symbolic data
* Estimation Of Housing Vacancy Distributions: Basic Bayesian Approach Using Utility Data
* Gaze Estimation from Low Resolution Images
* Learning to Find Good Correspondences
* Robust Detection of Surface Anomaly Using Lidar Point Cloud With Intensity
Includes: Ono, Y.[Yuki] Ono, Y.[Yujiro] Ono, Y. Ono, Y.[Yasuhiro]

Ono, Y.H.[Yoshito H.] Co Author Listing * Fast iterative tomographic wavefront estimation with recursive Toeplitz reconstructor structure for large-scale systems

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