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Orhan, A.[Adil] Co Author Listing * Semantic Decomposition and Recognition of Long and Complex Manipulation Action Sequences

Orhan, O. Co Author Listing * Investigating Land Surface Temperature Changes Using Landsat Data in Konya, Turkey
* Map Mash-up Application: Investigation The Temporal Effects Of Climate Change On Salt Lake Basin, A
* Multi-source Data Approach for the Investigation of Land Subsidence In the Konya Basin, Turkey, A

Orhan, U. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Intent Detection and Stimulation Selection in SSVEP BCIs, A
* Decoding of multichannel EEG activity from the visual cortex in response to pseudorandom binary sequences of visual stimuli
* Manifold learning by preserving distance orders
Includes: Orhan, U. Orhan, U.[Umut]

Orhan, Z. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Concatenative Turkish Text-to-Speech System

Orhaug, T. Co Author Listing * Ink Jet Plotter: A Computer Peripheral for Producing Hard Copy Color Imagery, The

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