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Osher, S. Co Author Listing * 2D Empirical Transforms. Wavelets, Ridgelets, and Curvelets Revisited
* BinaryRelax: A Relaxation Approach for Training Deep Neural Networks with Quantized Weights
* Convex Model for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Dimensionality Reduction on Physical Space, A
* Efficient Algorithm for Level Set Method Preserving Distance Function
* Unsupervised Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery With Nonlocal Total Variation and Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Algorithm
* Weighted Difference of Anisotropic and Isotropic Total Variation Model for Image Processing, A
Includes: Osher, S. Osher, S.[Stanley]

Osher, S.J. Co Author Listing * 3D shape from anistropic diffusion
* Adequate reconstruction of transparent objects on a shoestring budget
* Asymmetric and symmetric unbiased image registration: Statistical assessment of performance
* Blind deconvolution using TV regularization and Bregman iteration
* Bregmanized Nonlocal Regularization for Deconvolution and Sparse Reconstruction
* comparison of three total variation based texture extraction models, A
* Compressive Sensing Algorithm for Many-Core Architectures, A
* Development and Optimization of Regularized Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithms Utilizing Equally-Sloped Tomography
* digital TV filter and nonlinear denoising, The
* Edge-Enhanced Image Reconstruction Using (TV) Total Variation and Bregman Refinement
* Fast edge-filtered image upsampling
* Fast Global Minimization of the Active Contour/Snake Model
* Fast Surface Reconstruction Using the Level Set Method
* Feature-Oriented Image Enhancement Using Shock Filters
* Geometric Level Set Methods in Imaging, Vision, and Graphics
* Image decomposition, image restoration, and texture modeling using total variation minimization and the H-1 norm
* Image Denoising and Decomposition with Total Variation Minimization and Oscillatory Functions
* Image filling-in in a decomposition space
* Implicit and Nonparametric Shape Reconstruction from Unorganized Data Using a Variational Level Set Method
* Iterative Regularization and Nonlinear Inverse Scale Space Applied to Wavelet-Based Denoising
* Iterative Total Variation Regularization with Non-Quadratic Fidelity
* Kernel Density Estimation and Intrinsic Alignment for Knowledge-Driven Segmentation: Teaching Level Sets to Walk
* Kernel Density Estimation and Intrinsic Alignment for Shape Priors in Level Set Segmentation
* L1-based variational model for Retinex theory and its application to medical images, An
* Level Set Approach for Computing Solutions to Incompressible Two-Phase Flow, A
* Level Set Formulation for the Solution of the Dirichlet Problem for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations, A
* Level Set Methods and Dynamic Implicit Surfaces
* Level set methods in image science
* Linearized Bregman Iterations For Frame-Based Image Deblurring
* Low Dimensional Manifold Model for Image Processing
* Low Patch-Rank Interpretation of Texture, A
* Mesh Refinements for the Heat Equation
* Modeling Textures with Total Variation Minimization and Oscillating Patterns in Image Processing
* Multigrid Narrow Band Surface Reconstruction via Level Set Functions
* Multiphase Segmentation of Deformation using Logarithmic Priors
* Multiple Aerosol Unmixing by the Split Bregman Algorithm
* New Framework for Object Warping: A Semi-Lagrangian Level Set Approach, A
* New Multiscale Representation for Shapes and Its Application to Blood Vessel Recovery, A
* new time dependent model based on level set motion for nonlinear deblurring and noise removal, A
* Noise Removal Using Smoothed Normals and Surface Fitting
* Non-Local Retinex: A Unifying Framework and Beyond
* Nonlinear Inverse Scale Space Method For A Convex Multiplicative Noise Model, A
* Nonlinear total variation based noise removal algorithms
* Normal Estimation of a Transparent Object Using a Video
* note on the Bregmanized Total Variation and dual forms, A
* Novel Method for Enhanced Needle Localization Using Ultrasound-Guidance, A
* PDE-based fast local level set method, A
* Scene and Motion Reconstruction from Defocused and Motion-Blurred Images via Anisotropic Diffusion
* Scheduled Restart Momentum for Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Descent
* Segmentation for Hyperspectral Images with Priors
* Shape from Defocus via Diffusion
* Simultaneous structure and texture image inpainting
* Solving the Chan-Vese Model by a Multiphase Level Set Algorithm Based on the Topological Derivative
* Space-Time Regularization for Video Decompression
* Split Bregman Method for L1-Regularized Problems, The
* Split Bregman Method for Minimization of Region-Scalable Fitting Energy for Image Segmentation
* split Bregman method for non-negative sparsity penalized least squares with applications to hyperspectral demixing, A
* Structure-Texture Image Decomposition: Modeling, Algorithms, and Parameter Selection
* Topology Preserving Linear Filtering Applied To Medical Imaging
* Topology Preserving Log-Unbiased Nonlinear Image Registration: Theory and Implementation
* Total variation based image restoration with free local constraints
* TV-Stokes Denoising Algorithm, A
* Variational Problems and Partial Differential Equations on Implicit Surfaces
* Variational problems and Partial Differential Equations on implicit surfaces: the framework and examples in Image Processing and pattern formation
Includes: Osher, S.J. Osher, S.J.[Stanley J.]
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Osherov, E.[Elad] Co Author Listing * Automated Analysis of Marine Video with Limited Data
* Increasing CNN Robustness to Occlusions by Reducing Filter Support
Includes: Osherov, E.[Elad] Osherov, E.

Osherovich, E.[Eliyahu] Co Author Listing * Approximate Fourier phase information in the phase retrieval problem: what it gives and how to use it
* Fast Reconstruction Method for Diffraction Imaging

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