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Sigaard, M.K.[Morten K.] Co Author Listing * Multi-biometric Template Protection on Smartphones: An Approach Based on Binarized Statistical Features and Bloom Filters
* Multi-biometric template protection: A security analysis of binarized statistical features for bloom filters on smartphones

Sigaeva, K.[Ksenia] Co Author Listing * Near-UV Pulsations in the Aurora Region Measured by Orbital Telescope TUS during High-Intensity and Long-Duration Continuous AE Activity

Sigal, G.[Gennady] Co Author Listing * Micro Translating Lens Unit for Stereo Imaging Through Single-Image Endoscope, A

Sigal, I.A. Co Author Listing * Method to Estimate Biomechanics and Mechanical Properties of Optic Nerve Head Tissues From Parameters Measurable Using Optical Coherence Tomography, A

Sigal, L.[Leonid] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Pose Reconstruction Using Specialized Mappings
* 3D Human Limb Detection using Space Carving and Multi-View Eigen Models
* Action Recognition and Localization by Hierarchical Space-Time Segments
* AttentionRNN: A Structured Spatial Attention Mechanism
* Canonical locality preserving Latent Variable Model for discriminative pose inference
* Covariate Shift Adaptation for Discriminative 3D Pose Estimation
* Cross-Domain Matching with Squared-Loss Mutual Information
* DeepCT: A novel deep complex-valued network with learnable transform for video saliency prediction
* DeepVS2.0: A Saliency-Structured Deep Learning Method for Predicting Dynamic Visual Attention
* Destination Flow for Crowd Simulation
* Detailed Human Shape and Pose from Images
* Discriminative feature alignment: Improving transferability of unsupervised domain adaptation by Gaussian-guided latent alignment
* Do less and achieve more: Training CNNs for action recognition utilizing action images from the Web
* Domain Adaptation for Structured Regression
* Dynamical binary latent variable models for 3D human pose tracking
* Dynamical Simulation Priors for Human Motion Tracking
* Energy-Based Learning for Scene Graph Generation
* Estimating Contact Dynamics
* Estimation and Prediction of Evolving Color Distributions for Skin Segmentation under Varying Illumination
* Expanding object detector's Horizon: Incremental learning framework for object detection in videos
* Family Member Identification from Photo Collections
* From Subcategories to Visual Composites: A Multi-level Framework for Object Detection
* Front2Back: Single View 3D Shape Reconstruction via Front to Back Prediction
* G3raphGround: Graph-Based Language Grounding
* Generalizable Patch-Based Neural Rendering
* Generating Videos of Zero-shot Compositions of Actions and Objects
* Gibbs likelihoods for Bayesian tracking
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Large-Scale Visual Sensor Networks: Architectures and Applications
* Guest Editorial: State of the Art in Image- and Video-Based Human Pose and Motion Estimation
* Harnessing Object and Scene Semantics for Large-Scale Video Understanding
* Heterogeneous Knowledge Transfer in Video Emotion Recognition, Attribution and Summarization
* Human attributes from 3D pose tracking
* Human Context: Modeling Human-Human Interactions for Monocular 3D Pose Estimation
* HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset and Baseline Algorithm for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion
* HumanEva: Synchronized Video and Motion Capture Dataset for Evaluation of Articulated Human Motion
* Image Generation From Layout
* Implicit Probabilistic Models of Human Motion for Synthesis and Tracking
* Improved Attention for Visual Question Answering, An
* Improved Few-Shot Visual Classification
* Inferring 3D body pose using variational semi-parametric regression
* Interpretable Spatio-Temporal Attention for Video Action Recognition
* Joint Event Detection and Description in Continuous Video Streams
* Joint photo stream and blog post summarization and exploration
* Joint Summarization of Large-Scale Collections of Web Images and Videos for Storyline Reconstruction
* Latent Gaussian Mixture Regression for Human Pose Estimation
* Layered Controllable Video Generation
* Layout2image: Image Generation from Layout
* LayoutVAE: Stochastic Scene Layout Generation From a Label Set
* Learn How to Choose: Independent Detectors Versus Composite Visual Phrases
* Learning Activity Progression in LSTMs for Activity Detection and Early Detection
* Learning the Compositional Domains for Generalized Zero-shot Learning
* Learning to Select and Order Vacation Photographs
* Light Field Neural Rendering
* Loose-limbed People: Estimating 3D Human Pose and Motion Using Non-parametric Belief Propagation
* Measure Locally, Reason Globally: Occlusion-sensitive Articulated Pose Estimation
* Mixture-Kernel Graph Attention Network for Situation Recognition
* Modular Generative Adversarial Networks
* Multi-Level Semantic Feature Augmentation for One-Shot Learning
* Neural Multi-sequence Alignment TeCHnique (NeuMATCH), A
* Neural Sequential Phrase Grounding (SeqGROUND)
* No Bias Left behind: Covariate Shift Adaptation for Discriminative 3D Pose Estimation
* Parameterizing Object Detectors in the Continuous Pose Space
* Person-in-Context Synthesis with Compositional Structural Space
* Physical simulation for probabilistic motion tracking
* Poselet Key-Framing: A Model for Human Activity Recognition
* Predicting 3D People from 2D Pictures
* Predicting Personality from Book Preferences with User-Generated Content Labels
* Probabilistic Video Generation Using Holistic Attribute Control
* Quantitative Evaluation of Video-based 3D Person Tracking, A
* Ranking and retrieval of image sequences from multiple paragraph queries
* Recent Advances in Zero-Shot Recognition: Toward Data-Efficient Understanding of Visual Content
* Saliency-Guided Image Translation
* Segmentation-grounded Scene Graph Generation
* Semi-Supervised Grounding Alignment for Multi-Modal Feature Learning
* Semi-supervised Vocabulary-Informed Learning
* Shared Kernel Information Embedding for Discriminative Inference
* Shining a Light on Human Pose: On Shadows, Shading and the Estimation of Pose and Shape
* Show Me a Story: Towards Coherent Neural Story Illustration
* Skin Color-Based Video Segmentation under Time-Varying Illumination
* Social roles in hierarchical models for human activity recognition
* Space-time tree ensemble for action recognition
* Space-Time Tree Ensemble for Action Recognition and Localization
* Storyline Representation of Egocentric Videos with an Applications to Story-Based Search
* Tracking loose-limbed people
* UniT: Unified Knowledge Transfer for Any-shot Object Detection and Segmentation
* Variational Auto-Encoder Model for Stochastic Point Processes, A
* Visual Analysis of Humans: Looking at People
* VLC-BERT: Visual Question Answering with Contextualized Commonsense Knowledge
* Vocabulary-Informed Zero-Shot and Open-Set Learning
* Walking on Thin Air: Environment-Free Physics-Based Markerless Motion Capture
* Watch, Listen and Tell: Multi-Modal Weakly Supervised Dense Event Captioning
* Weakly-Supervised Spatial Context Networks
* Weakly-Supervised Visual Grounding of Phrases with Linguistic Structures
Includes: Sigal, L.[Leonid] Sigal, L.
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Sigala Rodriguez, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * What Are Contemporary Mexican Conifers Telling Us? A Perspective Offered from Tree Rings Linked to Climate and the NDVI along a Spatial Gradient
Includes: Sigala Rodriguez, J.A.[Jose A.] Sigala-Rodríguez, J.A.[José A.]

Sigalas, M.[Markos] Co Author Listing * Full-Body Pose Tracking: The Top View Reprojection Approach
* Robust Model-Based 3D Torso Pose Estimation in RGB-D Sequences
* Visual Estimation of Attentive Cues in HRI: The Case of Torso and Head Pose

Sigalingging, X.K.[Xanno Kharis] Co Author Listing * Predicting station level demand in a bike-sharing system using recurrent neural networks

Sigari, M.H.[Mohamad Hoseyn] Co Author Listing * Best wavelength selection for Gabor wavelet using GA for EBGM algorithm
* framework for dynamic restructuring of semantic video analysis systems based on learning attention control, A
Includes: Sigari, M.H.[Mohamad Hoseyn] Sigari, M.H.[Mohamad-Hoseyn]

Sigaud, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Neural Architecture Search for Fracture Classification

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