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Tapp, S.N.[Susannah N.] Co Author Listing * Effects of Physical, Social, and Housing Disorder on Neighborhood Crime: A Contemporary Test of Broken Windows Theory, The

Tappan, G.[Gray] Co Author Listing * Assessing Cropland Area in West Africa for Agricultural Yield Analysis
* Woody Vegetation Die off and Regeneration in Response to Rainfall Variability in the West African Sahel

Tappayuthpijarn, K.[Ktawut] Co Author Listing * HTTP-based scalable video streaming over mobile networks
* novel coordinated adaptive video streaming framework for Scalable Video over mobile networks, A

Tappeiner, U.[Ulrike] Co Author Listing * Advancing Precipitation Estimation and Streamflow Simulations in Complex Terrain with X-Band Dual-Polarization Radar Observations

Tappen, M.[Marshall] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Tappen, M.[Marshall]: mtappen AT cs ucf edu
* Action Recognition by Weakly-Supervised Discriminative Region Localization
* Comparative Study of Energy Minimization Methods for Markov Random Fields with Smoothness-Based Priors, A
* Comparative Study of Energy Minimization Methods for Markov Random Fields, A
* Feature-Independent Action Spotting without Human Localization, Segmentation, or Frame-wise Tracking
* Probabilistic Label Trees for Efficient Large Scale Image Classification
* Sparse Convolutional Neural Networks
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Tappen, M.F.[Marshall F.] Co Author Listing * Album-oriented face recognition for online social networks
* Bayesian Approach to Alignment-Based Image Hallucination, A
* Comparison of Graph Cuts with Belief Propagation for Stereo, Using Identical MRF Parameters
* Context-constrained hallucination for image super-resolution
* Correcting cuboid corruption for action recognition in complex environment
* Discriminative dictionary learning with spatial priors
* Efficient graphical models for processing images
* Estimating Intrinsic Component Images using Non-Linear Regression
* Exploring album structure for face recognition in online social networks
* Exploring the Trade-off Between Accuracy and Observational Latency in Action Recognition
* Latent Pyramidal Regions for Recognizing Scenes
* Learning Face Appearance under Different Lighting Conditions
* Learning Gaussian Conditional Random Fields for Low-Level Vision
* Learning non-local range Markov Random field for image restoration
* Learning optimized MAP estimates in continuously-valued MRF models
* Learning pedestrian dynamics from the real world
* Learning to recognize shadows in monochromatic natural images
* Learning-Based Shadow Recognition and Removal From Monochromatic Natural Images
* Localizing actions through sequential 2D video projections
* Logistic Random Field: A convenient graphical model for learning parameters for MRF-based labeling, The
* Measuring and reducing observational latency when recognizing actions
* Optimizing one-shot recognition with micro-set learning
* Recovering Intrinsic Images from a Single Image
* Recovering shape from a single image of a mirrored surface from curvature constraints
* Separable Markov Random Field Model and Its Applications in Low Level Vision
* Stable discriminative dictionary learning via discriminative deviation
* Training many-parameter shape-from-shading models using a surface database
* Utilizing Variational Optimization to Learn Markov Random Fields
Includes: Tappen, M.F.[Marshall F.] Tappen, M.F.
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Tappenden, R.E.H. Co Author Listing * Determinant and Exchange Algorithms for Observation Subset Selection

Tapper, U. Co Author Listing * Positive matrix factorization: A non-negative factor model with optimal utilization of error estimates of data values

Tappert, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Biometric Identification in Open Systems
* Keystroke Biometric Recognition Studies on Long-Text Input under Ideal and Application-Oriented Conditions
* Neural Network Classifier for Junk E-Mail, A

Tappert, C.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive On-Line Handwriting Recognition
* Automatic detection of handwriting forgery
* Cursive Script by Elastic matching
* Handwriting Recognition Accuracy Versus Tablet Resolution and Sampling Rate
* Handwriting recognition employing pairwise discriminant measures
* On binary similarity measures for handwritten character recognition
* On the Individuality of the Iris Biometric
* On-Line Handwriting Recognition: A Survey
* On-Line Run-On Character Recognizer: Design and Performance
* Online recognizer for runon handprinted characters
* Optimizing binary feature vector similarity measure using genetic algorithm and handwritten character recognition
* partially observable hidden Markov model and its application to keystroke dynamics, The
* Recognition system for run-on handwritten characters
* State of the Art in On-Line Handwriting Recognition, The
* Writer profiling using handwriting copybook styles
Includes: Tappert, C.C. Tappert, C.C.[Charles C.]
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