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Tenedorio, J. Co Author Listing * Introducing Mapping Standards in the Quality Assessment of Buildings Extracted from Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Includes: Tenedorio, J. Tenedório, J.

Tenedorio, J.A. Co Author Listing * Cartographic Data Extraction from Airborne Imagery by Hierarchical-Based Morphologic Image Processing
* Dasymetric Mapping Using UAV High Resolution 3D Data within Urban Areas
* Disparities in Geographical Access to Hospitals in Portugal
* Extracting Buildings in the City of Lisbon Using Quickbird Images and LIDAR Data
* Extraction of Buildings from Quickbird Imagery for Municipal Planning Purposes: Quality Assessment Considering Existing Mapping Standards
* Hierarchical Object-Based Classification of Dense Urban Areas by Integrating High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images and LIDAR Elevation Data
Includes: Tenedorio, J.A. Tenedório, J.A. Tenedório, J.A.[José António]

Teneggi, J.[Jacopo] Co Author Listing * Fast Hierarchical Games for Image Explanations

Tenekeci, G. Co Author Listing * Integrated traffic management: Benefit analysis of three layered approach
* Traffic emissions management using capacity formulation and multi-modal road space allocation
Includes: Tenekeci, G. Tenekeci, G.[Goktug]

Tenenbaum, D.E.[David E.] Co Author Listing * Drought Offsets the Controls on Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in Lakes
* Evaluating Water Controls on Vegetation Growth in the Semi-Arid Sahel Using Field and Earth Observation Data
* Large-Scale Retrieval of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in Northern Lakes Using Sentinel-2 Data

Tenenbaum, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * 3D-IntPhys: Towards More Generalized 3D-grounded Visual Intuitive Physics under Challenging Scenes
* Building 3D Generative Models from Minimal Data
* Building 3D Morphable Models from a Single Scan
* Identity-Expression Ambiguity in 3D Morphable Face Models
* Program-Guided Image Manipulators
* Visual Dependency Transformers: Dependency Tree Emerges from Reversed Attention
Includes: Tenenbaum, J.[Joshua] Tenenbaum, J. Tenenbaum, J.[Josh]

Tenenbaum, J.B.[Joshua B.] Co Author Listing * 3D Concept Learning and Reasoning from Multi-View Images
* 3D Interpreter Networks for Viewer-Centered Wireframe Modeling
* 3D Neural Embedding Likelihood: Probabilistic Inverse Graphics for Robust 6D Pose Estimation
* Are Deep Neural Networks SMARTer Than Second Graders?
* Compositional Visual Generation with Composable Diffusion Models
* End-to-End Optimization of Scene Layout
* Finding Fallen Objects Via Asynchronous Audio-Visual Integration
* Fixing Malfunctional Objects With Learned Physical Simulation and Functional Prediction
* Foley Music: Learning to Generate Music from Videos
* Generative Modeling of Audible Shapes for Object Perception
* Global Geometric Framework for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Learning Bilinear Models for Two Factor Problems in Vision
* Learning Shape Priors for Single-View 3D Completion And Reconstruction
* Learning to share visual appearance for multiclass object detection
* Learning with Hierarchical-Deep Models
* Morphable Face Albedo Model, A
* Music Gesture for Visual Sound Separation
* Neural Radiance Flow for 4D View Synthesis and Video Processing
* Neural Scene De-rendering
* Perspective Plane Program Induction From a Single Image
* Physical Primitive Decomposition
* Physics 101: Learning Physical Object Properties from Unlabeled Videos
* Picture: A probabilistic programming language for scene perception
* Pix3D: Dataset and Methods for Single-Image 3D Shape Modeling
* Probabilistic Video Prediction From Noisy Data With a Posterior Confidence
* Rethinking Few-shot Image Classification: A Good Embedding is All You Need?
* Seeing Tree Structure from Vibration
* Single Image 3D Interpreter Network
* Synthesizing 3D Shapes via Modeling Multi-view Depth Maps and Silhouettes with Deep Generative Networks
* Unsupervised Compositional Concepts Discovery with Text-to-Image Generative Models
* Unsupervised Segmentation in Real-World Images via Spelke Object Inference
Includes: Tenenbaum, J.B.[Joshua B.] Tenenbaum, J.B. Tenenbaum, J.B.[Joshua B]
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Tenenbaum, J.M. Co Author Listing * Accommodating Edge Follower, An
* Computational Vision
* Detection of Roads and Linear Structures in Low Resolution Aerial Images Using Multi-Source Knowledge Integration Techniques
* Experiments in Interpretation Guided Segmentation
* Experments in Map-Guided Photo Interpretation
* IGS: A Paradigm for Integrating Image Segmentation and Interpretation
* Interactive Aids for Cartography and Photo-Interpretation: Progress Report
* Interpreting Line Drawings as Three-Dimensional Surfaces
* ISIS: An Interactive Facility for Scene Analysis Research
* Map-Guided Interpretation of Remotely-Sensed Data
* Map-Guided Interpretation of Remotely-Sensed Imagery
* MSYS: A System for Reasoning about Scenes
* Object Recognition in Multi-Sensory Scene Analysis
* On Locating Objects by Their Distinguishing Features in Multisensory Images
* On the Automatic Generation of Programs for Locating Objects in Office Scenes
* On the Role of Structure in Vision
* Parametric Correspondence and Chamfer Matching: Two New Techniques for Image Matching
* Reconstructing Smooth Surfaces from Partial, Noisy Information
* Recovering Intrinsic Scene Characteristics from Images
* Region-Analysis System for Interactive Scene Analysis, A
* Relational Data Base Schema for Describing Complex Pictures with Color and Texture, A
* Research in Interactive Scene Analysis
* Retrospective on Interpreting Line Drawings as Three-Dimensional Surfaces
* Scene Modeling: A Structural Basis for Image Description
* Scene-Analysis Approach to Remote Sensing, A
* SRI Road Expert: An Overview, The
* Stanford Hand-Eye Project, The
* What is Perceptual Organization for?
Includes: Tenenbaum, J.M. Tenenbaum, J.M.[Jay M.]
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Tenenbaum, M.J.[Marissa J.] Co Author Listing * Statistical Model of Head Asymmetry in Infants with Deformational Plagiocephaly, A

Tenerelli, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * SMOS Third Mission Reprocessing after 10 Years in Orbit

Tenerelli, J.E. Co Author Listing * SMOS Calibration and Instrument Performance After One Year in Orbit

Teney, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Active Learning by Feature Mixing
* Actively Seeking and Learning From Live Data
* Beyond Question-Based Biases: Assessing Multimodal Shortcut Learning in Visual Question Answering
* Bi-directional Training for Composed Image Retrieval via Text Prompt Learning
* Bottom-Up and Top-Down Attention for Image Captioning and Visual Question Answering
* Continuous Pose Estimation in 2D Images at Instance and Category Levels
* Counterfactual Vision and Language Learning
* Evading the Simplicity Bias: Training a Diverse Set of Models Discovers Solutions with Superior OOD Generalization
* Generalized Exemplar-Based Full Pose Estimation from 2D Images without Correspondences
* Graph-Structured Representations for Visual Question Answering
* Image Retrieval on Real-life Images with Pre-trained Vision-and-Language Models
* Learning similarity metrics for dynamic scene segmentation
* Learning to Extract Motion from Videos in Convolutional Neural Networks
* Learning What Makes a Difference from Counterfactual Examples and Gradient Supervision
* Modeling Pose/Appearance Relations for Improved Object Localization and Pose Estimation in 2D images
* Multiview feature distributions for object detection and continuous pose estimation
* Predicting Is Not Understanding: Recognizing and Addressing Underspecification in Machine Learning
* Probabilistic Object Models for Pose Estimation in 2D Images
* Sampling-Based Multiview Reconstruction without Correspondences for 3D Edges
* Segmentation of Dynamic Scenes with Distributions of Spatiotemporally Oriented Energies
* Tips and Tricks for Visual Question Answering: Learnings from the 2017 Challenge
* Unshuffling Data for Improved Generalization in Visual Question Answering
* Vision-and-Language Navigation: Interpreting Visually-Grounded Navigation Instructions in Real Environments
* Visual Question Answering as a Meta Learning Task
* Visual question answering: A survey of methods and datasets
* Visual Question Answering: A Tutorial
Includes: Teney, D.[Damien] Teney, D.
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