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Vieillard, G. Co Author Listing * Real- and Complex-Valued Neural Networks for SAR Image Segmentation Through Different Polarimetric Representations

Vieilledent, G.[Ghislain] Co Author Listing * Interest of Integrating Spaceborne LiDAR Data to Improve the Estimation of Biomass in High Biomass Forested Areas
* Towards Operational Monitoring of Forest Canopy Disturbance in Evergreen Rain Forests: A Test Case in Continental Southeast Asia

Vieira de Mello, J.P.[Jean Pablo] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-based Type Identification of Volumetric MRI Sequences

Vieira Frade, B. Co Author Listing * Two-Step Learning Method for Detecting Landmarks on Faces from Different Domains, A

Vieira Lopes, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Histogram Threshold Using Fuzzy Measures

Vieira Monteiro, A. Co Author Listing * Identifying Spatial Units of Human Occupation in the Brazilian Amazon Using Landsat and CBERS Multi-Resolution Imagery

Vieira Monteiro, A.M.[Antonio Miguel] Co Author Listing * Toward an Early Warning System for Health Issues Related to Particulate Matter Exposure in Brazil: The Feasibility of Using Global PM2.5 Concentration Forecast Products
Includes: Vieira Monteiro, A.M.[Antonio Miguel] Vieira Monteiro, A.M.[Antônio Miguel]

Vieira Neto, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Multiple Face Recognition Using Local Features and Swarm Intelligence

Vieira, A.[Armando] Co Author Listing * Supervised Isomap with Dissimilarity Measures in Embedding Learning

Vieira, A.W.[Antonio W.] Co Author Listing * Distance matrices as invariant features for classifying MoCap data
* On the improvement of human action recognition from depth map sequences using Space-Time Occupancy Patterns
* Online gesture recognition from pose kernel learning and decision forests
* Sparse Spatial Coding: A Novel Approach to Visual Recognition
* Stop: Space-time Occupancy Patterns for 3d Action Recognition from Depth Map Sequences
Includes: Vieira, A.W.[Antonio W.] Vieira, A.W.

Vieira, C.A.O. Co Author Listing * Brazilian Amazonia Deforestation Detection Using Spatio-temporal Scan Statistics
* STARS: A New Method for Multitemporal Remote Sensing

Vieira, C.C.[Caio Canella] Co Author Listing * Differentiate Soybean Response to Off-Target Dicamba Damage Based on UAV Imagery and Machine Learning

Vieira, D.C. Co Author Listing * First Results of the LEM Benchmark Database for Agricultural Applications

Vieira, D.L.M.[Daniel Luis Mascia] Co Author Listing * Mapping Key Indicators of Forest Restoration in the Amazon Using a Low-Cost Drone and Artificial Intelligence

Vieira, G.[Goncalo] Co Author Listing * Deception Island 1967-1970 Volcano Eruptions from Historical Aerial Frames and Satellite Imagery (Antarctic Peninsula)
* Identification of a Threshold Minimum Area for Reflectance Retrieval from Thermokarst Lakes and Ponds Using Full-Pixel Data from Sentinel-2
* Multiscale Object-Based Classification and Feature Extraction along Arctic Coasts
* Sentinel-1 SAR Interferometry for Surface Deformation Monitoring in Low-Land Permafrost Areas
* Skew Angle Detection and Correction in Text Images Using RGB Gradient
* UAVs for Science in Antarctica
Includes: Vieira, G.[Goncalo] Vieira, G.[Gonçalo] Vieira, G.[Gabriel]

Vieira, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Digital Signal Processing Algorithm for Vital Signs Extraction in Continuous-Wave Radars
Includes: Vieira, J.[Jose] Vieira, J.[José]

Vieira, J.G.[Jose Guilherme] Co Author Listing * GIS Models for Vulnerability of Coastal Erosion Assessment in a Tropical Protected Area
Includes: Vieira, J.G.[Jose Guilherme] Vieira, J.G.[José Guilherme]

Vieira, J.M.N. Co Author Listing * Locating and Correcting Errors in Images
* Stable DFT codes and frames

Vieira, L.F.M.[Luiz Filipe M.] Co Author Listing * Fully automatic coloring of grayscale images

Vieira, L.R.[Luis Russo] Co Author Listing * GIS Models for Vulnerability of Coastal Erosion Assessment in a Tropical Protected Area
Includes: Vieira, L.R.[Luis Russo] Vieira, L.R.[Luís Russo]

Vieira, M.[Milton] Co Author Listing * 3D Model of Ergonomic Socket Mechanism for Prostheses of Transtibial Amputees
* Kits for Patients with Transtibial Amputation in the Pre- and Post-prosthetic Phases

Vieira, M.A. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis and Data Mining for Mapping Sugarcane with Landsat Imagery in Brazil

Vieira, M.A.C. Co Author Listing * Method for Simulating Dose Reduction in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Vieira, M.B. Co Author Listing * Camera-Projector System for Real-Time 3D Video, A
* Combining gradient histograms using orientation tensors for human action recognition
* Shape-Based Weighting Strategy Applied to the Covariance Estimation on ICP, A
* Sparse Optical Flow Computation Using Wave Equation-Based Energy
* tensor motion descriptor based on histograms of gradients and optical flow, A
* Video Descriptor Using Orientation Tensors and Shape-Based Trajectory Clustering, A
* Wide Angle Rigid Registration Using a Comparative Tensor Shape Factor
Includes: Vieira, M.B. Vieira, M.B.[Marcelo B.] Vieira, M.B.[Marcelo Bernardes]
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Vieira, M.L.H.[Milton L.H.] Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic image quality in virtual environments

Vieira, M.R.[Marcos R.] Co Author Listing * High performance FPGA and GPU complex pattern matching over spatio-temporal streams

Vieira, N.[Nathalia] Co Author Listing * Areas Available for the Potential Sustainable Expansion of Soy in Brazil: A Geospatial Assessment Using the SAFmaps Database
Includes: Vieira, N.[Nathalia] Vieira, N.[Nathália]

Vieira, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Detecting pulmonary diseases using deep features in X-ray images
* new graph-like classification method applied to ancient handwritten musical symbols, A
* Real-Time Integration of Segmentation Techniques for Reduction of False Positive Rates in Fire Plume Detection Systems during Forest Fires
* Recognition of Musical Symbols in Ancient Manuscripts
* Semi-automatic Tool to Identify Heterogeneity Zones in LGE-CMR and Incorporate the Result into a 3D Model of the Left Ventricle
Includes: Vieira, P.[Pablo] Vieira, P.[Pedro]

Vieira, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Automatic Documents Counterfeit Classification Using Image Processing and Analysis

Vieira, R.T.[Raissa Tavares] Co Author Listing * Robustness of Rotation Invariant Descriptors for Texture Classification

Vieira, S.M.[Susana M.] Co Author Listing * Ant Based Fuzzy Modeling Applied to Marble Classification

Vieira, T.[Tiago] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Social Network Images with Deep Learning Models to Fight Zika Virus
* Freshwater Fish Habitat Complexity Mapping Using Above and Underwater Structure-From-Motion Photogrammetry
* High performance moves recognition and sequence segmentation based on key poses filtering
* Impact of the New ERA5 Reanalysis in the Computation of Radar Altimeter Wet Path Delays
* Independent Assessment of On-Board Microwave Radiometer Measurements in Coastal Zones Using Tropospheric Delays From GNSS
* Modelling the Altitude Dependence of the Wet Path Delay for Coastal Altimetry Using 3-D Fields from ERA5
* Online gesture recognition from pose kernel learning and decision forests
* Online human moves recognition through discriminative key poses and speed-aware action graphs
* Synergistic Use of the SRAL/MWR and SLSTR Sensors on Board Sentinel-3 for the Wet Tropospheric Correction Retrieval
* Verifying Kinship from RGB-D Face Data
Includes: Vieira, T.[Tiago] Vieira, T.[Thiago] Vieira, T.[Thales] Vieira, T. Vieira, T.[Telmo]
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Vieira, T.F.[Tiago F.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Verification of Parent-Child Pairs from Face Images
* Detecting siblings in image pairs
* FG 2015 Kinship Verification in the Wild Evaluation, The
* Subclass Discriminant Analysis of morphological and textural features for HEp-2 staining pattern classification
Includes: Vieira, T.F.[Tiago F.] Vieira, T.F.[T. Figueiredo] Vieira, T.F.[Tiago Figueiredo]

Vieira, T.G.C. Co Author Listing * Assessing and Mapping Changes, in Space and Time, of Coffee Lands of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil
* Characterization And Spectral Monitoring Of Coffee Lands In Brazil
* Geotechnologies For The Characterization Of Specialty Coffee Environments Of Mantiqueira De Minas In Brazil
* Monitoring the Relationships between Environment and Coffee Production in Agroecosytems of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil
* Use of Soil-Landscape Relationships Modelling and Geotechnologies for Detailing the Soil Map Of Distrito Federal in Brazil, The

Vieites, D.R.[David R.] Co Author Listing * From Forest Dynamics to Wetland Siltation in Mountainous Landscapes: A RS-Based Framework for Enhancing Erosion Control

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