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Vita, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Environmental and Volcanic Implications of Volatile Output in the Atmosphere of Vulcano Island Detected Using SO2 Plume (2021-23)
* Extensive Parameters as a Tool to Monitoring the Volcanic Activity: The Case Study of Vulcano Island (Italy), The
* Integration of Ground-Based Remote-Sensing and In Situ Multidisciplinary Monitoring Data to Analyze the Eruptive Activity of Stromboli Volcano in 2017-2018

Vita, L. Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Edge-Based Segmentation with No Contour Smoothing in 2-D Real Images
* fast, accurate method to segment and retrieve object contours in real images, A
* On-line Object Tracking for Colour Video Analysis
Includes: Vita, L. Vita, L.[Lorenzo]

Vitabile, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Automatic Method for Metabolic Evaluation of Gamma Knife Treatments, An
* Automatic Multi-seed Detection for MR Breast Image Segmentation
* Frequency-based Approach for Features Fusion in Fingerprint and Iris Multimodal Biometric Identification Systems, A
* fully automatic method for biological target volume segmentation of brain metastases, A
* Gamma Knife treatment planning: MR brain tumor segmentation and volume measurement based on unsupervised Fuzzy C-Means clustering
* Graph-Based Method for PET Image Segmentation in Radiotherapy Planning: A Pilot Study, A
* multimodal retina-iris biometric system using the Levenshtein distance for spatial feature comparison, A
* navigation system for vision-guided mobile robots, A
* NeXt for neuro-radiosurgery: A fully automatic approach for necrosis extraction in brain tumor MRI using an unsupervised machine learning technique
* Road signs recognition using a dynamic pixel aggregation technique in the HSV color space
* Unsupervised tissue classification of brain MR images for voxel-based morphometry analysis
* vision agent for mobile robot navigation in time-variable environments, A
Includes: Vitabile, S.[Salvatore] Vitabile, S.
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Vitagliano, E.[Eleonora] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Periodic Component of Vertical Land Motion in the Po Delta (Northern Italy) by GNSS and Hydrological Data
* Multi-Component and Multi-Source Approach for Studying Land Subsidence in Deltas

Vitah, A. Co Author Listing * Polyphase spatial subsampling multiple description coding of video streams with h264

Vitakula, V.S.M.D.[Venkata Sai Madhu Dinesh] Co Author Listing * Numerical Modeling and Modal Analysis of Puranapul an Ancient Arch Bridge

Vital, H.[Helenice] Co Author Listing * Spectral calibration of CBERS 2B multispectral satellite images to assess suspended sediment concentration

Vitaladevuni, S.[Shiv] Co Author Listing * Detecting near-duplicate document images using interest point matching
* Electron Microscopy Reconstruction of Brain Structure Using Sparse Representations Over Learned Dictionaries
* Increasing depth resolution of electron microscopy of neural circuits using sparse tomographic reconstruction
* Multi-channel Shape-Flow Kernel Descriptors for Robust Video Event Detection and Retrieval
* Multimodal feature fusion for robust event detection in web videos
Includes: Vitaladevuni, S.[Shiv] Vitaladevuni, S.

Vitaladevuni, S.N.[Shiv N.] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using ballistic dynamics
* Co-clustering of image segments using convex optimization applied to EM neuronal reconstruction
* Combining multiple kernels for efficient image classification
* Contour-based joint clustering of multiple segmentations
* Efficient Orthogonal Matching Pursuit using sparse random projections for scene and video classification
* Graph Clustering-Based Ensemble Method for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation
* Scene image categorization and video event detection using Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
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Vitale, A. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence In Vision
* Bluetooth portal-based system to measure the performance of building emergency evacuation plans and drills
* Deep Learning-Based Method for the Semi-Automatic Identification of Built-Up Areas within Risk Zones Using Aerial Imagery and Multi-Source GIS Data: An Application for Landslide Risk, A
* Remote Sensing Method to Assess the Future Multi-Hazard Exposure of Urban Areas, A
Includes: Vitale, A. Vitale, A.[Alessandro]

Vitale, A.J.[Alejandro J.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Topobathymetry in a Shallow Tidal Environment Using Low-Cost Technology

Vitale, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Intersection Crossing With Vehicle Location Uncertainty

Vitale, D. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Classification Using Kohonen Topologic Map

Vitale, E.[Enza] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Periodic Component of Vertical Land Motion in the Po Delta (Northern Italy) by GNSS and Hydrological Data

Vitale, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Reference Tracking Optimization With Obstacle Avoidance via Task Prioritization for Automated Driving

Vitale, J.N. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Genetic Algorithm Systems with Neural Network and Statistical Techniques for Analysis of Cloud Structures in Midlatitude Storm Systems

Vitale, M.[Marcello] Co Author Listing * Landsat-7 ETM+, Landsat-8 OLI, and Sentinel-2 MSI Surface Reflectance Cross-Comparison and Harmonization over the Mediterranean Basin Area

Vitale, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Application of LISA Gravitational Reference Sensor Hardware to Future Intersatellite Geodesy Missions
* Detail-Preserving Cross-Scale Learning Strategy for CNN-Based Pansharpening, A
* Guided Patchwise Nonlocal SAR Despeckling
* Multi-Objective CNN-Based Algorithm for SAR Despeckling
* Target-Adaptive CNN-Based Pansharpening
Includes: Vitale, S.[Stefano] Vitale, S.[Sergio] Vitale, S.

Vitale, V.[Valentino] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition Approach and LiDAR for the Analysis and Mapping of Archaeological Looting: Application to an Etruscan Site
* Search for Electron Bursts in the Inner Van Allen Belts with the CSES and NOAA POES Satellites
* UAV LiDAR Based Approach for the Detection and Interpretation of Archaeological Micro Topography under Canopy: The Rediscovery of Perticara (Basilicata, Italy)
Includes: Vitale, V.[Valentino] Vitale, V.[Vincenzo]

Vitali, A. Co Author Listing * Bit Allocation and Quantizer Optimization in Multiple Description Coding with Oversampled Filterbanks
* Embracing semantics in zoomable user interface
* Forest Spectral Recovery and Regeneration Dynamics in Stand-Replacing Wildfires of Central Apennines Derived from Landsat Time Series
* Geomatic Data Fusion for 3D Tree Modeling: The Case Study of Monumental Chestnut Trees
* Performance evaluation of wavelet-based distributed video coding schemes
* Real-Time Multiple Description Video Streaming over QoS-Based Wireless Networks
* Virtual Tailor for Garment Design
* Wavelet Domain Distributed Coding for Video
Includes: Vitali, A. Vitali, A.[Andrea] Vitali, A.[Alessandro]
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Vitali, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Rule-Based Structural Analysis of Web Pages

Vitali, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling Between Ideation, Geometry, and Surveyed Architecture: The Case of The Vaulted System of appartamento Di Mezzanotte in Palazzo Carignano
* Augmented Turin Baroque Atria: AR Experiences for Enhancing Cultural Heritage
* Baroque Banded Vaults: Surveying and Modeling. the Case Study of A Noble Palace In Turin
* Computing Morse Decompositions for Triangulated Terrains: An Analysis and an Experimental Evaluation
* From Survey to 3d Modelling to Digital Fabrication. a Workflow Aimed at Documenting and Transmitting Built Heritage
* Modeling and Generalization of Discrete Morse Terrain Decompositions
* Multi-resolution Morse-Smale Complexes for Terrain Modeling
* Recognizing the Design Patterns of Complex Vaults: Drawing, Survey and Modeling. Experiments on Palazzo Mazzonis' Atrium in Turin
Includes: Vitali, M. Vitali, M.[Maria]
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Vitalis, S. Co Author Listing * Impact of Level of Detail In 3d City Models for Cfd-based Wind Flow Simulations, The
* Incorporating Topological Representation in 3D City Models
* Quality Assessment of a Nationwide Data Set Containing Automatically Reconstructed 3d Building Models
Includes: Vitalis, S. Vitalis, S.[Stelios]

Vitanovski, D.[Dime] Co Author Listing * Accurate Regression-Based 4D Mitral Valve Surface Reconstruction from 2D+t MRI Slices

Vitanyi, P.M.B.[Paul M.B.] Co Author Listing * Cluster Structure Function, The
* Fast Quartet tree heuristic for hierarchical clustering, A
* Normalized Compression Distance of Multisets with Applications
Includes: Vitanyi, P.M.B.[Paul M.B.] Vitányi, P.M.B.[Paul M.B.]

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