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AgriVision20 * *AgriVision: Agriculture-Vision: Challenges and Opportunities for Computer Vision in Agriculture
* 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* Climate Adaptation: Reliably Predicting from Imbalanced Satellite Data
* Cross-Regional Oil Palm Tree Detection
* Deep Learning based Corn Kernel Classification
* Deep Transfer Learning For Plant Center Localization
* Effective Data Fusion with Generalized Vegetation Index: Evidence from Land Cover Segmentation in Agriculture
* Farm Parcel Delineation Using Spatio-temporal Convolutional Networks
* Finding Berries: Segmentation and Counting of Cranberries using Point Supervision and Shape Priors
* Fine-Grained Recognition in High-throughput Phenotyping
* Improving In-field Cassava Whitefly Pest Surveillance with Machine Learning
* Leaf Spot Attention Network for Apple Leaf Disease Identification
* Multi-Stream CNN for Spatial Resource Allocation: a Crop Management Application
* Multi-view Self-Constructing Graph Convolutional Networks with Adaptive Class Weighting Loss for Semantic Segmentation
* Novel Technique Combining Image Processing, Plant Development Properties, and the Hungarian Algorithm, to Improve Leaf Detection in Maize, A
* Reducing the feature divergence of RGB and near-infrared images using Switchable Normalization
* Segmentation and detection from organised 3D point clouds: A case study in broccoli head detection
* Visual 3D Reconstruction and Dynamic Simulation of Fruit Trees for Robotic Manipulation
* Weakly Supervised Learning Guided by Activation Mapping Applied to a Novel Citrus Pest Benchmark
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