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EvoIASP07 * *European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing
* Comparison Between Genetic Algorithms and the Baum-Welch Algorithm in Learning HMMs for Human Activity Classification
* Euclidean Distance Fit of Ellipses with a Genetic Algorithm
* Evolutionary Approaches for Automatic 3D Modeling of Skulls in Forensic Identification
* Evolutionary Brain Computer Interfaces
* Evolving Texture Features by Genetic Programming
* Fast Genetic Scan Matching Using Corresponding Point Measurements in Mobile Robotics
* Genetic Programming Approach to Feature Selection and Classification of Instantaneous Cognitive States, A
* Genetic Programming for Image Recognition: An LGP Approach
* Harmonic Estimation Using a Global Search Optimiser
* Human Mosaic Creation Through Agents and Interactive Genetic Algorithms Applied to Videogames Movements
* Interactive Graphics Rendering Optimizer Based on Immune Algorithm, An
* Learning and Recognition of Hand-Drawn Shapes Using Generative Genetic Programming
* Memetic Differential Evolution in Filter Design for Defect Detection in Paper Production, A
* Multiclass Object Recognition Based on Texture Linear Genetic Programming
* Online EHW Pattern Recognition System Applied to Face Image Recognition, An
* Optimal Triangulation in 3D Computer Vision Using a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm
* Overcompressing JPEG Images with Evolution Algorithms
* Particle Swarm Optimization for Object Detection and Segmentation
* Particle Swarm Optimizer Applied to Soft Morphological Filters for Periodic Noise Reduction, A
* Satellite Image Registration by Distributed Differential Evolution
* Scale Invariance for Evolved Interest Operators
* Towards Dynamic Fitness Based Partitioning for Intra-Vascular Ultra-Sound Image Analysis
* Unsupervised Evolutionary Segmentation Algorithm Based on Texture Analysis
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EvoIASP08 * *European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing
* Artificial Creatures for Object Tracking and Segmentation
* Automatic Recognition of Hand Gestures with Differential Evolution
* Classification of Seafloor Habitats Using Genetic Programming
* Direct 3D Metric Reconstruction from Multiple Views Using Differential Evolution
* Discrete Tomography Reconstruction through a New Memetic Algorithm
* Evolutionary Approach for Ontology Driven Image Interpretation, An
* Evolutionary Framework for Colorimetric Characterization of Scanners, An
* Evolutionary Object Detection by Means of Na´ve Bayes Models Estimation
* Evolutionary Pointillist Modules: Evolving Assemblages of 3D Objects
* Fast Multi-template Matching Using a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for PCB Inspection
* Fuzzy Hybrid Method for Image Decomposition Problem, A
* GA-Based Feature Selection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Images, A
* Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Based on Gene Fragment Competition for Polyphonic Music Transcription
* Object Detection Using Neural Networks and Genetic Programming
* Optimizing Computed Tomographic Angiography Image Segmentation Using Fitness Based Partitioning
* Selecting Local Region Descriptors with a Genetic Algorithm for Real-World Place Recognition
* Triangulation Using Differential Evolution
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EvoIASP09 * *European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing
* Evolutionary Optimization for Plasmon-Assisted Lithography
* Evolving Local Descriptor Operators through Genetic Programming
* Flies Open a Door to SLAM
* Genetic Image Network for Image Classification
* Improved Multi-objective Technique for Fuzzy Clustering with Application to IRS Image Segmentation, An
* Multiple Network CGP for the Classification of Mammograms
* Novel GP Approach to Synthesize Vegetation Indices for Soil Erosion Assessment, A
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EvoIASP11 * *European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing
* Advanced Metaheuristic Approaches and Population Doping for a Novel Modeling-Based Method of Positron Emission Tomography Data Analysis
* Automatic Selection of Pareto-Optimal Topologies of Hidden Markov Models Using Multicriteria Evolutionary Algorithms
* Evolutionary Synthesis of a Trajectory Integrator for an Analogue Brain-Computer Interface Mouse
* Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimisation with Differential Evolution Approach to Image Segmentation, A
* Segmentation of Ultrasound Breast Images: Optimization of Algorithm Parameters
* Tracking Multiple Targets with Adaptive Swarm Optimization
* Transparent, Online Image Pattern Classification Using a Learning Classifier System
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EvoIASP12 * *European Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Image Analysis and Signal Processing
* Electrocardiographic Signal Classification with Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks
* Evolutionary Purposive or Behavioral Vision for Camera Trajectory Estimation
* Evolutionary Regression Machines for Precision Agriculture
* Evolving Visual Attention Programs through EVO Features
* Genetic Fuzzy Rules Learning Approach for Unseeded Segmentation in Echography, A
* Object Recognition with an Optimized Ventral Stream Model Using Genetic Programming
* On Evolutionary Approaches to Unsupervised Nearest Neighbor Regression
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