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Seamless15 * *ISPRS Indoor-Outdoor Seamless Modelling, Mapping and Navigation
* 3D Reconstruction of Cultural Tourism Attractions from Indoor to Outdoor Based on Portable Four-Camera Stereo Vision System
* Adaptive Parameter Estimation of Person Recognition Model in a Stochastic Human Tracking Process
* Applications of Panoramic Images: FROM 720 Panorama to Interior 3D Models of Augmented Reality
* Approach for Indoor Wayfinding Replicating Main Principles of an Outdoor Navigation System for Cyclists, An
* automatic 3D Reconstruction Method Based on Multi-View Stereo Vision for the Mogao Grottoes, An
* Automatic Extraction of Road Surface and Curbstone Edges from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automatic Topology Derivation from IFC Building Model for In-Door Intelligent Navigation
* Camera Calibration for UAV Application Using Sensor of Mobile Camera
* Camera Calibration in 3D Modelling for UAV Application
* Creating Product Models from Point Cloud of Civil Structures Based on Geometric Similarity
* Data Fusion of Lidar into a Region Growing Stereo Algorithm
* Development of a Pedestrian Indoor Navigation System Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion and Fuzzy Logic Estimation Algorithms
* Development of Integration and Adjustment Method for Sequential Range Images
* Drawing and Landscape Simulation for Japanese Garden by Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Examination About Influence for Precision of 3D Image Measurement from the Ground Control Point Measurement and Surface Matching
* Feature Line Based Building Detection and Reconstruction from Oblique Airborne Imagery
* Framework for Comparing Segmentation Algorithms
* Framework of Cognitive Indoor Navigation Based on Characteristics of Indoor Spatial Environment, A
* Geometry and Texture Measures for Interactive Virtualized Reality Indoor Modeler
* Hierarchical Repetition Extraction for Building Facade Reconstruction from Oblique Aerial Images
* Image Selection for 3D Measurement Based on Network Design
* Image-Based Localization for Indoor Environment Using Mobile Phone
* Improvement of 3D Monte Carlo Localization Using a Depth Camera and Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Leveraging Spatial Model to Improve Indoor Tracking
* Merging Airborne Lidar Data and Satellite SAR Data for Building Classification
* Multi Sensor Data Integration for an Accurate 3D Model Generation
* Multi-Level Indoor Path Planning Method
* On Ground Surface Extraction Using Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanner for CIM
* Practical Implementation of Semi-Automated As-Built BIM Creation for Complex Indoor Environments
* Precise Indoor Localization for Mobile Laser Scanner
* Precisions Measurement for the Grasp of Welding Deformation Amount of Time Series for Large-Scale Industrial Products
* Qualification of Point Clouds Measured by SFM Software
* Reconstruction of Indoor Models Using Point Clouds Generated from Single-Lens Reflex Cameras and Depth Images
* Research on Extension of SPARQL Ontology Query Language Considering the Computation of Indoor Spatial Relations
* Research on the Hierarchy and Completeness of Roof Topology for Robust Building Reconstruction from Airborne Point Cloud, A
* Research on the Layering A* Algorithm for Real-Time Navigation
* Self-Localization Method by Integrating Sensors
* Statistical Anomaly Detection for Monitoring of Human Dynamics
* Topological 3D Modeling Using Indoor Mobile Lidar Data
* Triplet Measured by Aerial Camera Using Line Segments Line Matching-Based Relative Orientation Using Triplet Camera, The
* Use of Assisted Photogrammetry for Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Purposes
* Video-Based Point Cloud Generation Using Multiple Action Cameras
* Way-Finding Assistance System for Underground Facilities Using Augmented Reality
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