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9711 * Apparatus and technique for generating a screen reproduction of an image
* Area mapping employing reference clusters for high quality noninteger resolution conversion with enhancement
* Assessing the Radiometric Fidelity of High Resolution Satellite Image Mosaics
* Background recovery in monocular vision
* Circle-tangent interpolation of vertices for measurement value representation and shape approximation in object video coding
* Direct Self-calibration
* Dynaman: Recursive Modeling of Human Motion
* Edge Preservance and Block Effect Reduction by Block Coefficient Diffusion Method
* Estimating Optical Flow by Tracking Contours
* Extensions to Common Laplace and Fourier Transforms
* Fast Approach to the Detection and Correction of Skew Documents, A
* Fast Hough Transform on Multiprocessors: A Branch and Bound Approach
* General Image Quality Equation: GIQE
* Generalized Block Edge Impairment Metric for Video Coding, A
* Genetic Algorithm for Affine Invariant Recognition of Object Shapes from Broken Boundaries, A
* Image compression using permutative vector quantization
* Image processing apparatus and method for generating a third image from first and second images
* Invariant Error Metrics for Image Reconstruction
* Linear Systolic Array for Real Time Morphological Image Processing, A
* Local Deformations of Digital Curves
* local relaxation method for optical flow estimation, A
* Median Based Relaxation of Smoothness Constraints in Optic Flow Computation
* Method and apparatus for background determination and subtraction for a monocular vision system
* Method and apparatus for processing images of facial expressions
* Motion and Structure from Two Perspective Views: From Essential Parameters to Euclidean Motion Through the Fundamental Matrix
* Note on Hand Eye Calibration, A
* Object Recognition and Localization from Scanning Beam Sensors
* Online Signature Verification Based on Split and Merge Matching Mechanism
* Panorama image producing method and apparatus
* Photogrammetric Object Description with Projective Invariants
* Ranging apparatus and method implementing stereo vision system
* Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals by a Radial Basis Function Neural Network Classifier
* Regularized Shortest Path Extraction
* Segmented image coding: Techniques and experimental results
* Selective Partition Algorithm for Finding Regions of Maximum Pairwise Dissimilarity among Statistical Class Models
* System and method for performing video coding/decoding using motion compensation
* Two-Dimensional Template Based Encoding for Linear Quadtree Representation
* VBR rate control algorithm for MPEG-2 video coders with perceptually adaptive quantisation and traffic shaping, A
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