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Black, M. Co Author Listing * Parameterized Modeling And Recognition Of Activities
* Playbot | A Visually-Guided Robot For Physically Disabled Children
* Tracking And Recognizing Rigid And Non-Rigid Facial Motions Using Local Parametric Models Of Image Motion

Black, M.J. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Gesture And Actionin Technical Talks For Video Indexing
* Combining Intensity And Motion For Incremental Segmentation And Tracking Over Long Image Sequences
* Dialogue: A Computational And Evolutionary Perspective On The Role Of Representation In Vision
* Eigentracking: Robust Matching And Tracking Of Articulated Objects Using A View-Based Representation
* Eigentracking: Robust Matching And Tracking Of Articulated Objects Using A View-Based Representation
* Estimating Optical Flow In Segmented Images Using Variable-Order Parametric Models With Local Deformations
* Framework For Modeling Appearance Change In Image Sequences, A
* Framework For The Robust Estimation Of Optical Flow, A
* Learning Parameterized Models Of Image Motion
* Mixture Models For Optical Flow Computation
* Model For The Detection Of Motion Over Time, A
* Motion Feature Detection Using Steerable Flow Fields
* On The Unification Of Line Processes, Outlier Rejection, And Robust Statistics With Applications In Early Vision
* Outlier Process: Unifying Line Processes And Robust Statistics, The
* Probabilistic Framework For Matching Temporal Trajectories: Condensation-Based Recognition Of Gestures And Expressions, A
* Recognizing Facial Expressions In Image Sequences Using Local Parameterized Models Of Image Motion
* Recursive Non-Linear Estimation Of Discontinuous Flow Fields
* Robust Anisotropic Diffusion
* Robust Dynamic Motion Estimation Over Time
* Robust Estimation Of Multiple Motions: Parametric And Piecewise-Smooth Flow Fields, The
* Robust Estimation Of Multiple Surface Shapes From Occluded Textures
* Skin And Bones: Multi-Layer, Locally Affine, Optical Flow And Regularization With Transparency
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Blackburn, M.R. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Visual Control Of A Mobile Robot
* Learning In Robot Vision Directed Reaching: A Comparison Of Methods
* Robotic Sensor-Motor Transformations

Blackledge, J.M. Co Author Listing * Ed. Image Processing: Mathematical Methods And Applications Cranfield, England, September 1994, Clarendon Press, Oxford
* Quantitative Coherent Imaging, Academic Press

Blackmore, D. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Swept Volumes Via Lie Groups And Differential Equations

Blackwell, K.T. Co Author Listing * Identification Of Faces Obscured By Noise: Comparison Of An Artificial Neural Network With Human Observers
* Multi-Scale Edge Detection And Feature Binding: An Integrated Approach

Blahut, R.E. Co Author Listing * Information-Theoretic Image Formation

Blaine, G.J. Co Author Listing * Medical Imaging 1998: Pacs Design And Evaluation: Engineering And Clinical Issues (San Diego, Ca, February 24-26

Blais, F. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Depth And Orientation Discontinuities In Range Images Using Mathematical Morphology
* Model-Based Calibration Of A Range Camera
* Range Imaging Sensors Development At Nrc Laboratories
* Sensors And Algorithms For The Construction Of Digital 3-D Colour Models Of Real Objects

Blais, G. Co Author Listing * Registering Multiview Range Data To Create 3d Computer Objects

Blake, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Position, Attitude And Shape Input Using Video Tracking Of Hands And Lips
* Aaai-90 Workshop On Qualitative Vision (Boston, Ma, July 29, 1990), Ai Magazine 12(
* Accurate, Real-Time, Unadorned Lip Tracking
* Active Vision (Rank Prize Workshop, Grasmere, England, 1991), Mit Press, Cambridge
* Affine-Invariant Contour Tracking With Automatic Control Of Spatiotemporal Scale
* Ai And The Eye, Wiley, Chichester
* Boundary Conditions For Lightness Computation In Mondrian World
* Comparison Of The Efficiency Of Deterministic And Stochastic Algorithms For Visual Reconstruction
* Computing Lightness
* Condensation | Conditional Density Propagation For Visual Tracking
* Contour Tracking By Stochastic Propagation Of Conditional Density
* Design For A Visual Motion Transducer, A
* Design For A Visual Motion Transducer, A
* Detecting Specular Reflections Using Lambertian Constraints
* Determining Facial Expressions In Real Time
* Dynamic Analysis Of Apparent Contours, The
* Eliciting Qualitative Structure From Image Curve Deformations
* Framework For Spatiotemporal Control In The Tracking Of Visual Contours, A
* Geometry From Specularities
* Grasping The Apparent Contour
* Grasping Visual Symmetry
* Icondensation: Unifying Low-Level And High-Level Tracking In A Stochastic Framework
* Information Available To A Moving Observer From Specularities, The
* Invariant Surface Reconstruction Using Weak Continuity Constraints
* Isoperimetric Normalization Of Planar Curves
* Knowledge Source For Describing Stereoscopically Viewed Textured Surfaces
* Learning Dynamical Models Using Expectation-Maximisation
* Learning Dynamics Of Complex Motions From Image Sequences
* Learning To Track The Visual Motion Of Contours
* Localizing Discontinuities Using Weak Continuity Constraints
* Mixed-State Condensation Tracker With Automatic Model-Switching, A
* Planar Region Detection And Motion Recovery
* Probabilistic Contour Discriminant For Object Localisation, A
* Quantitative Planar Region Detection
* Real-Time Lip Tracking For Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Applications
* Real-Time Tracking Of Surfaces With Structured Light
* Real-Time Visual Tracking For Surveillance And Path Planning
* Reconstructing A Visible Surface
* Robust Estimation Of Egomotion From Normal Flow
* Robust Estimation Of Surface Curvature From Deformation Of Apparent Contours
* Robust Estimation Of Surface Curvature From Deformation Of Apparent Contours
* Separability Of Pose And Expression In Facial Tracking And Animation
* Shape From Texture: The Homogeneity Hypothesis
* Shape From Texture: Estimation, Isotropy And Moments
* Smoothing Filter For Condensation, A
* Some Properties Of Weak Continuity Constraints And The Gnc Algorithm
* Spatial Dependence In The Observation Of Visual Contours
* Specular Stereo
* Statistical Feature Modelling For Active Contours
* Statistical Mosaics For Tracking
* Surface Descriptions From Stereo And Shading
* Surface Orientation And Time To Contact From Image Divergence And Deformation
* Surface Shape From Deformation Of Apparent Contours
* Trinocular Active Range-Sensing
* Visual Reconstruction, Mit Press, Cambridge
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Blake, R.E. Co Author Listing * Development Of An Incremental Graph Matching Device
* Partitioning Graph Matching With Constraints
* Scheme For Incremental Labelling Of Graphs From An Image Sequence, A

Blakemore, C. Co Author Listing * Images And Understanding, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Vision: Coding And Efficiency, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Blanc Feraud, L. Co Author Listing * Deterministic Edge-Preserving Regularization In Computed Imaging
* Motion-Based Segmentation By Means Of Active Contours
* Nonlinear Image Processing: Modeling And Fast Algorithm For Regularization With Edge Detection
* Variational Approach For Edge-Preserving Regularization Using Coupled Pde'S
Includes: Blanc Feraud, L. Blanc-Feraud, L.

Blanc, C. Co Author Listing * Ratioquadrics: An Alternative Model For Superquadrics

Blandford, R.P. Co Author Listing * Dynamically Quantized Pyramids For Hough Vote Collection

Blanford, R.P. Co Author Listing * Bright-Spot Detection In Pyramids
* Bright-Spot Detection In Pyramids
* Pyramid Machine Simulator For The Symbolics 3600, A

Blanz, V. Co Author Listing * Estimating Coloured 3d Face Models From Single Images: An Example-Based Approach

Blanz, W.E. Co Author Listing * Combined Decision Theoretic And Syntactic Approach To Image Segmentation
* Connectionist Classifier Architecture Applied To Image Segmentation, A
* Control Free, Low-Level Image Segmentation: Theory, Architecture; And Experimentation
* Design And Implementation Of A Low-Level Image Segmentation Architecture-Lisa
* Design And Implementation Of A Low-Level Segmentation Architecture-Lisa
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Industrial Machine Vision Applications, Mva 4(1)
* Image Analysis Methods For Solder-Ball Inspection In Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
* Machine Vision Applications In Character Recognition And Industrial Inspection (San Jose, Ca, February 10-12
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Blaszka, T. Co Author Listing * Recovering And Characterizing Image Features Using An Efficient Model Based Approach

Blatt, N. Co Author Listing * Canonical Coordinates Method For Pattern Recognition-Ii. Isomorphisms With Affine Transformations, The

Blau, R. Co Author Listing * Approximate And Probabilistic Algorithms For Shading And Rendering Structured Particle Systems

Bleau, A. Co Author Listing * New Set Of Fast Algorithms For Mathematical Morphology I: Idempotent Geodesic Transforms, A
* New Set Of Fast Algorithms For Mathematical Morphology Ii: Identification Of Topographic Features On Grayscale Images, A

Blelloch, G. Co Author Listing * How To Program The Connection Machine For Computer Vision
* Parallel Algorithms For Computer Vision On The Connection Machine
* Parallel Algorithms For Computer Vision On The Connection Machine
* Parallel Solutions To Geometric Problems In The Scan Model Of Computation

Blelloch, G.E. Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Techniques For Computer Vision On A Fine-Grained Parallel Machine
* Cis: A Massively Concurrent Rule-Based System
* Scans As Primitive Parallel Operations
* Vector Models For Data-Parallel Computing, Mit Press, Cambridge

Blesser, B. Co Author Listing * Interactive Recognition Of Handprinted Characters For Computer Input

Bley, H. Co Author Listing * Segmentation And Preprocessing Of Electrical Schematics Using Picture Graphs

Blicher, A.P. Co Author Listing * Edge Localization In Both Theta And X
* Shape Representation Based On Geometric Topology: Bumps, Gaussian Curvature, And The Topological Zodiac, A
* Unique Recovery Of Motion And Optic Flow Via Lie Algebras

Blidberg, D.R. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Vehicles

Blinn, J. Co Author Listing * Fractional Invisibility

Blinn, J.F. Co Author Listing * How Many Ways Can You Draw A Circle?
* Truth About Texture Mapping, The

Blinov, A. Co Author Listing * Variational Methods In Signal And Image Analysis

Blinov, A.B. Co Author Listing * Hidden Tree-Like Quasi-Markov Model And Generalized Technique For A Class Of Image Analysis Problems

Bliss, J.G. Co Author Listing * Velocity-Tuned Filters For Spatio-Temporal Interpolation

Blissett, R. Co Author Listing * Surface Reconstruction From Outdoor Image Sequences

Blissett, R.J. Co Author Listing * Outdoor Vehicle Navigation Using Passive 3d Vision

Bloch, I. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Class Membershipfunctions For Grey-Level Based Image Fusion
* Fuzzy Classification For Multi-Modality Image Fusion
* Fuzzy Connectivity And Mathematical Morphology
* Fuzzy Mathematical Morphologies: A Comparative Study
* Fuzzy Relative Position Between Objects In Images: A Morphological Approach
* Information Combination Operators For Data Fusion: A Comparative Review With Classification
* Introduction Of Neighborhood Information In Evidence Theory And Application To Data Fusion Of Radar And Optical Images With Partial Cloud Cover
* Segmenting Internal Structures In 3d Mr Images Of The Brain By Markovian Relaxation On A Watershed Based Adjacency Graph
* Spatial Entropy: A Tool For Controlling Contextual Classification Convergence
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Bloedorn, E. Co Author Listing * Mist Methodology And Its Application To Natural Scene Interpretation, The

Blohm, W. Co Author Listing * Lightness Determination At Curved Surfaces With Application To Dynamicrange Compression And Model-Based Coding Of Facial Images

Blom, J. Co Author Listing * Spatial Derivatives And The Propagation Of Noise In Gaussian Scale Space

Blomberg, L. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Text And Image Processing, A

Blomer, A. Co Author Listing * Architecture Of The Knowledge Based Configuration System For Image Analysis ``Conny''

Blommaert, F.J.J. Co Author Listing * Object-Oriented Model For Brightness Perception, An

Bloomberg, S.H. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Shape Description Via The Multiresolution Symmetric Axis Transform

Bloomenthal, J. Co Author Listing * Convolution Surfaces
* Modeling The Mighty Maple

Blostein, D. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Region Detector, A
* Representation And Three-Dimensional Interpretation Of Image Texture: An Integrated Approach
* Shape From Texture: Integrating Texture-Element Extraction And Surface Estimation
* Survey Of Graph Grammars: Theory And Applications, A

Blostein, S.D. Co Author Listing * Application Of The Minimum Description Length Principle To Object-Oriented Video Image Compression
* Detecting Small, Moving Objects In Image Sequences Using Sequential Hypothesis Testing
* Error Analysis In Stereo Determination Of 3-D Point Positions
* Error Analysis Of Camera Translation Direction Estimation From Optical Flow Using Linear Constraints, An
* Error-Weighted Regularization Algorithm For Image Motion Field Estimation, An
* Estimating 3-D Motion From Range Data
* Implementation Of An Mht-Based Object Detection Algorithm On A 2-D Processor Mesh
* Least Squares Fitting Of Two 3-D Point Sets
* Motion Estimation From 3-D Point Sets With And Without Correspondences
* Motion-Based Object Segmentation And Estimation Using The Mdl Principle
* Performance Of Camera Translation Direction Estimators From Optical Flow: Analysis, Comparison, And Theoretical Limits
* Quantization Errors In Stereo Triangulation
* Robust Algorithms For Motion Estimation Based On Two Sequential Stereo Image Pairs
* Sar Image Processing Using Probabilistic Winner-Take-All Learning And Artificial Neural Networks
* Sequential Detection Framework For Feature Tracking Within Computational Constraints, A
* Tree Search Algorithm For Target Detection In Image Sequences, A
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Blum, A. Co Author Listing * Navigating In Unfamiliar Geometric Terrain

Blum, C. Co Author Listing * Basic Concepts For Iso/Iec'S Image Interchange Format (Iif), The
* Requirements For The First International Imaging Standard

Blum, N. Co Author Listing * Area-Maximum Edge Length Tradeoff For Vlsi Layout, An

Blum, R. Co Author Listing * Advanced Visual Sensor Systems
* Visual Sensor Systems: Making Them Smaller, Faster, Smarter

Blum, R.S. Co Author Listing * Advanced Visual Sensor Systems
* Multisensor Image Fusion Using A Region-Based Wavelet Transform Approach

Blume, W.M. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing A Network Of Three-Dimensional Curves From A Small Number Of Projections

Blumenkrans, A. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Object Recognition Using A Two-Dimensional Polar Transform

Blumer, A. Co Author Listing * Classifying Learnable Geometric Concepts With The Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension

Blusson, A. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Applications For Geologic Mapping

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