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Edahiro, M. Co Author Listing * Bucketing Algorithm For The Orthogonal Segment Intersection Search Pattern And Its Practical Efficiency, A
* New Point-Location Algorithm And Its Practical Efficiency -Comparison With Existing Algorithms, A
* Practical Use Of Bucketing Techniques In Computational Geometry

Edan, Y. Co Author Listing * Near-Minimum-Time Task Planning For Fruit-Picking Robots

Edelin, C. Co Author Listing * Plant Models Faithful To Botanical Structure And Development

Edelman, S. Co Author Listing * Bringing The Grandmother Back Into The Picture: A Memory-Based View Of Pattern Recognition
* Learning Of Visual Modules From Examples: A Framework For Understanding Adaptive Visual Performance
* Learning To Recognize Faces From Examples
* Learning Visually Guided Grasping: A Test Case In Sensorimotor Learning
* Line Connectivity Algorithms For An Asynchronous Pyramid Computer
* New Approach To Qualitative Stereo, A
* On Learning To Recognize 3-D Objects From Examples
* Representations In High-Level Vision: Reassessing The Inverse Optics Paradigm
* Similarity, Connectedness, And The Problem Of Representation In Vision
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Edelsbrunner, H. Co Author Listing * Algorithms In Combinatorial Geometry, Springer
* Batched Dynamic Solutions To Decomposable Searching Problems
* Complexity Of Many Faces In Arrangements Of Lines And Of Segments, The
* Computing The Extreme Distances Between Two Convex Polygons
* Constructing Arrangements Of Lines And Hyperplanes With Applications
* Constructing Belts In Two-Dimensional Arrangements With Applications
* Edge-Skeletons In Arrangements With Applications
* Finding Extreme Points In Three Dimensions And Solving The Post-Office Problem In The Plane
* Finding Transversals For Sets Of Simple Geometric Figures
* Guest Ed., Special Issue-Acm Symposium On Computational Geometry (North Conway, Nh, June 10-12, 1991)
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Computational Geometry
* Halfplanar Range Search In Linear Space And O(N0.695) Query Time
* Implicitly Representing Arrangements Of Lines Or Segments
* Improved Algorithm For Constructing Kth-Order Voronoi Diagrams, An
* Improved Algorithm For Constructing Kth-Order Voronoi Diagrams, An
* Linear Space Data Structures For Two Types Of Range Search
* Linear Space Data Structures For Two Types Of Range Search
* Minimal Polygonal Separation
* On Arrangements Of Jordan Arcs With Three Intersections Per Pair
* Optimal Algorithm For Constructing The Weighted Voronoi Diagram In The Plane, An
* Optimal Point Location In A Monotone Subdivision
* Probing Convex Polygons With X-Rays
* Probing Convex Polytopes
* Searching For Empty Convex Polygons
* Simulation Of Simplicity: A Technique To Cope With Degenerate Cases In Geometric Algorithms
* Simulation Of Simplicity: A Technique To Cope With Degenerate Cases In Geometric Algorithms
* Some Methods Of Computational Geometry Applied To Computer Graphics
* Space Searching For Intersecting Objects
* Space Searching For Intersecting Objects
* Stationing Guards In Rectilinear Art Galleries
* Three-Dimensional Alpha Shapes
* Tight Lower Bound On The Size Of Visibility Graphs, A
* Topologically Sweeping An Arrangment
* Voronoi Diagrams And Arrangements
* Voronoi Diagrams And Arrangements
* Zooming By Repeated Range Detection
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Eden, M. Co Author Listing * Enlargement Or Reduction Of Digital Images With Minimum Loss Of Information
* Fast B-Spline Transforms For Continuous Image Representation And Interpolation
* Fundamentals Of Digital Optics, Birkhauser
* High-Quality Image Resizing Using Oblique Projection Operators
* L28 Polyunomial Spline Pyramid, The
* Multi-Resolution Feature Reduction Technique For Image Segmentation With Multiple Components, A
* Multiresolution Feature Extraction And Selection For Texture Segmentation
* Nonlinear Operators For Improving Texture Segmentation Based On Features Extracted By Spatial Filtering
* On The Performance Of A Contour Coding Algorithm In The Context Of Image Coding. Part I: Contour Segment Coding
* Polynomial Representation Of Pictures
* Recursive Regularization Filters: Design, Properties, And Applications
* Unwarping Of Slightly Distorted Periodic Structures Using Bidimensional Polynomial Representations
* Weighted Averaging Of A Set Of Noisy Images For Maximum Signal-To-Noise Ratio
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Eder, K. Co Author Listing * Isprs Symposium On Spatial Information From Digital Photogrammetry And Computer Vision (Munich, Germany, September 5-9

Edgar, G.A. Co Author Listing * Classics On Fractals, Addison-Wesley

Edholm, P. Co Author Listing * Presentation And Perception Of 3d Images

Edwards, G.J. Co Author Listing * Active Appearance Models
* Face Recognition Using Active Appearance Models
* Learning To Identify And Track Faces In Image Sequences
* Statistical Models Of Face Images | Improving Specificity

Edwards, J. Co Author Listing * Appearance Matching Of Occluded Objects Using Coarse-To-Fine Adaptive Masks
* Generalized Hough Transform For Natural Shapes
* Radius: Research And Development For Image Understanding Systems Phase 1

Edwards, J.L. Co Author Listing * Coarse-Fine Adaptive Masks For Appearance Matching Of Occluded Scenes

Edwards, M.D. Co Author Listing * Review Of Mimd Architectures For Image Processing, A

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