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Nobiki, A. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Overlapping Maps Made By Stereo Vision Using View Field Information

Noble, A. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration For 2.5-D X-Ray Metrology
* Object-Oriented Approach To Template-Guided Visual Inspection, An
* On Computing Aspect Graphs Of Smooth Shapes From Volumetric Data
* Toward Template-Based Tolerancing From A Bayesian Viewpoint

Noble, J.A. Co Author Listing * Constraint Processing Applied To Industrial Inspection And Continuous Product Improvement
* Effect Of Morphological Filters On Texture Boundary Localization, The
* Finding Corners
* Finding Half Boundaries And Junctions In Images
* Finding Two Dimensional Image Structure
* From Inspection To Process Understanding And Monitoring: A View On Computer Vision In Manufacturing
* High Precision X-Ray Stereo For Automated 3-D Cad-Based Inspection
* Images As Functions And Sets
* Morphological Feature Detection
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Noble, N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Tube Inspection System That Finds Cylinders In Range Data, An

Noble, P.B. Co Author Listing * Multiple Resolution Skeletons

Noborio, H. Co Author Listing * Construction Of The Octree Approximating Three-Dimensional Objects By Using Multiple Views
* Fast Algorithm For Building The Octree For A Three-Dimensional Object From Its Multiple Images, A

Noda, H. Co Author Listing * Mrf Model-Based Method For Unsupervised Textured Image Segmentation, An

Noda, T. Co Author Listing * High Speed And Continuous 3-D Measurement System
* High-Speed And Continuous 3d Measurement System, A

Nodes, T.A. Co Author Listing * Output Distribution Of Median Type Filters, The
* Output Distributions Of Two-Dimensional Median Filters
* Two-Dimensional Root Structures And Convergence Properties Of The Separable Median Filter

Noel, V. Co Author Listing * Efficient Line Detection Algorithm Based On A New Combinatorial Optimization Formulation, An

Noga, M. Co Author Listing * Lockheed Imaging Technology Research For Missiles And Space

Noga, M.T. Co Author Listing * L(1) Traveling Salesman Problem, The
* Some Performance Tests Of Convex Hull Algorithms
* Split-Merge-Merge: An Enhanced Segmentation Capability
* Use Of Compound Predicates In Split-And-Merge Segmentation

Nogly, D. Co Author Listing * Digital Topology On Graphs

Noguchi, M. Co Author Listing * Microscopic Shape From Focus Using Active Illumination
* Real-Time Focus Range Sensor
* Real-Time Focus Range Sensor

Noguchi, S. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Road Region Using Stereo Images
* Indecomposable Maps In Tessellation Structures Of Arbitrary Dimension

Noguchi, T. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Terrain Modeling And Display For Environmental Assessment

Noh, J.J. Co Author Listing * Tracking Non-Rigid Objects In Complex Scenes

Nohre, R. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision: Compress To Comprehend
* Deformed Template Matching By The Viterbi Algorithm

Noll, D. Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Networks In Real-Time Car Detection And Tracking Applications
* Contextual Feature Similarities For Model-Based Object Recognition
* Object Recognition By Determinstic Annealing

Noll, J. Co Author Listing * Discrimination Properties Of Invariants Using The Line Moments Of Vectorized Contours

Noll, P. Co Author Listing * Digital Coding Of Waveforms: Principles And Applications To Speech And Video, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs

Nolle, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis And Solutions Of The Three Point Perspective Pose Estimation Problem
* Data Distribution Concepts For Parallel Image Processing
* Review And Analysis Of Solutions Of The Three Point Perspective Pose Estimation Problem

Nolte, L.W. Co Author Listing * Hough Transform And Signal Detection Theory Performance For Images With Additive Noise
* Performance Of The Hough Transform And Its Relationship To Statistical Signal Detection Theory
* Signal Detection Theory Approach To The Multiple Parallel Moving Targets Problem

Noltemeier, H. Co Author Listing * Clustering Methods For Geometric Objects And Applications To Design Problems
* Computational Geometry And Its Applications, Springer
* Computational Geometry Approach To Clustering Problems, A
* Geometric Modeling, Springer
* Intelligent Robots|Sensing, Modeling, And Planning, World Scientific
* Modelling And Planning For Sensor Based Intelligent Robot Systems, World Scientific

Noma, T. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Representations Of 2d/3d Gray Scale Images And Their 2d/3d Two-Way Conversion

Nomoto, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Visual Inspection System For Lsi Photomasks, An

Nomura, A. Co Author Listing * Determining Motion Fields Under Non-Uniform Illumination
* Field Theory Approach For Determining Optical Flow

Nomura, Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Pose Estimation Based On Iterative Image Matching: Shading And Edge Data Fusion
* 3-D Object Pose Estimation By Shading And Edge Data Fusion--Simulating Virtual Manipulation On Mental Images
* Reduction Of Obscuration Noise Using Multiple Images
* Simple Calibration Algorithm For High-Distortion-Lens Camera

Noordmans, H.J. Co Author Listing * Detection And Characterization Of Isolated And Overlapping Spots
* High Accuracy Tracking Of 2d/3d Curved Line-Structures By Consecutive Cross-Section Matching

Nordberg, K. Co Author Listing * Equivariance And Invariance--An Approach Based On Lie Groups

Nordheim, T. Co Author Listing * Shape Preserving Histopolation Using Rational Quadratic Splines

Nordin, B. Co Author Listing * Boundary Approach For Fast Neighborhood Operations On Three-Dimensional Binary Data, A
* New Three-Dimensional Connected Components Labeling Algorithm With Simultaneous Object Feature Extraction Capability, A

Nordlund, P. Co Author Listing * Closing The Loop: Detection And Pursuit Of A Moving Object By A Moving Observer
* Computational Model Of Depth-Based Attention, A
* Towards An Active Visual Observer

Nordstrom, K.N. Co Author Listing * Biased Anisotropic Diffusion: A Unified Regularization And Diffusion Approach To Edge Detection

Nordstrom, N. Co Author Listing * Biased Anisotropic Diffusion-A Unified Regularization And Diffusion Approach To Edge Detection

Nordstrom, T. Co Author Listing * Execution Of Neural Network Algorithms On An Array Of Bit-Serial Processors

Noreils, F.R. Co Author Listing * Toward A Robot Architecture Integrating Cooperation Between Mobile Robots: Application To Indoor Environment

Norkin, K.B. Co Author Listing * Conversion Via Software Of A Simd Processor Into A Mimd Processor. Ps-2000, An Array Processor, Becomes Ahr, A General Purpose Lisp Machine., The

Normand, N. Co Author Listing * Recursive Morphological Operators For Gray Image Processing: Application In Granulometry Analysis

Normann, R.A. Co Author Listing * Cortical Implants For The Blind
* Photoreceptor Contributions To Contrast Sensitivity: Applications In Radiological Diagnosis

Nornoha, S. Co Author Listing * User Assisted Modeling Of Buildings

Noronha, S. Co Author Listing * Detection And Description Of Buildings From Multiple Aerial Images
* Detection And Description Of Buildings From Multiple Aerial Images
* Detection And Description Of Buildings From Multiple Aerial Images

North, B. Co Author Listing * Learning Dynamical Models Using Expectation-Maximisation

North, S.C. Co Author Listing * Method For Drawing Graphs, A

Norton Wayne, L. Co Author Listing * Pattern Analysis For Point-Of-Sale Automation
* Vision And Information Processing For Automation, Plenum Press
Includes: Norton Wayne, L. Norton-Wayne, L.

Norton, M.C. Co Author Listing * Airborne Reconnaissance Xxii (San Diego, Ca, July 21-22

Norvig, P. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River

Noser, H. Co Author Listing * Virtual Human Representation And Communication In Vlnet, Cg&A 172

Nosi, P. Co Author Listing * Tracking And Synthesizing Facial Motions With Dynamic Contours

Nourbakhsh, I.R. Co Author Listing * Obstacle Avoidance Via Depth From Focus

Novacek, A. Co Author Listing * Using Time Stamps For Storing And Addressing Extendible Arrays

Novak, C. Co Author Listing * Facial Feature Extraction From Color Images

Novak, C.L. Co Author Listing * Anatomy Of A Color Histogram
* Estimating Scene Properties From Color Histograms

Novak, L.M. Co Author Listing * Radar Target Identification Using Spatial Matched Filters

Novak, M. Co Author Listing * Curve-Drawing Algorithms For Raster Displays
* Neural Network World
* Theoretical Aspects Of Neurocomputing (Selected Papers From Neuronet '90, Symposium On Neural Networks And Neurocomputing, Prague, Czechoslovakia, September 10-14, 1990), World Scientific

Novianto, S. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Region-Growing Segmentation Of Natural Images Using Local Fractal Dimension

Novozhilov, I.V. Co Author Listing * Fractional Analysis|Methods Of Motion Decomposition, Birkhauser

Nowak, A. Co Author Listing * Edge Tracing In A Priori Known Direction

Nozaki, S. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Time-Spatial Size Of Motion Image For Localization By Using The Spotting Method

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